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Chapter 1

"Ethan...Ethan wake up" that voice...

I slowly open my eyes it was Emily. What is she doing her. She was the last person I want to see. Wait does this means I not dead, I was laying on my back. I look around it was still noon. Everything was silent maybe I really am die.

"You not dead stupid, thanks to me". Emily was on her kneels leaning over me. Her long brown hair was blocking the sun rays for hitting me face. She look different, something was off about her. She didn't look like the Emily I hated. She cock her head to the side and folded her arms.

"Your welcome " She stood and turn away from me. What.. Do you save me how. Even thought I just jump off of the water tower I felt, I sat up and stood.

"How did yo-" "ETHAN "I look over by the fields. I could see Amma running over to were I was. Mason was on his kness there just staring, not at me but at Emily.

"I should go". I turn by to Emily, she turn back facing me. She push her hair behind her ear. I didn't notice before but she look tired, exhaustion even

."Hey are you o-... . I didn't get chance ask her if she was ok, she was going to collapse, I caught before she hit the ground. Emily .. Emily, no response, I shook her.

"We need get back to the house".

I turn around, Amma was standing,behind me, trying to caught her breath. I didn't take long for us to reach the is house. Amma held opened the door as I carry Emily in. I walk past living room were my Aunts were playing scramble. When I reach the stairs my dad was coming down from his room with a coffee mug. I couldn't think of a good explanation why I was carrying my ex to my room. I seriously didn't think this through.

"hold you breath and move close to wall"


"Just do ethan" She was awake and bossy as every.

I held my breath. Dad was right infront of me. He didn't notice we were both here. He past us and went downstairs. I walk down in the hallway.

"You stop holding breath now"

" I open the door"

"What did you just do back there"

"I made your dad not see us"

"Ethan... Emily.


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