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Hitsugaya Kasumi was beautiful.

In every sense of the word. She was a mixture of both her mother and father. Her hair was a snow white, and eyes a deep purple. She was short, like both her parents, and dainty like her mother. She was mature, like her father and had an unusual obsession with chappy, like her mother.

There have only been a handful of pregnancies amongst Shinigami in the past, and only three of those babies actually survived, Kasumi was one of the three. Even so, a captain and a lieutenant having a child together was completely unheard of.

Nobody said a word about it though, for fear of getting frozen to the ground by Captain Hitsugaya's Hyourinmaru and Lieutenant Hitsugaya's Sode no Shirayuki. Everyone in Soul Society was apprehensive about this child, but excited at the same.

And when Hitsugaya Kasumi was born, every fear, every doubt and every worry just flew out the window as soon as they caught a look at her wide innocent face. And all was well, for now.

First the parents celebrated privately. Both taking time off from work to care for the child, Toushiro was rather cautious about leaving Matsumoto to look after the division but after some needed persuasion from—surprisingly—Kurosaki Ichigo, he grudgingly let her take charge for the time being.

Kasumi was, no exaggeration, a terror child. Cried constantly, hungry all the time, and when she's constantly eating, the diaper change was a nightmare. Long story short, Rukia had to be in charge of diaper duty. Bute even through all that, the little family couldn't have been happier.

Until one night, July 26, when Kasumi was only two years old, Hitsugaya Rukia was killed. She died trying to protect Kasumi from a Menos Grande but was unable to defend herself. Toushiro came too late to save his wife, but Kasumi lived.

Ask anyone, they would say that it was the darkest day they have ever witnessed. Captain Abarai Renji of the ninth squad locked himself up in his private quarters and didn't resurface until a month after her death. Captain Kurosaki Ichigo of the fifth squad buried himself in his work and didn't talk to anybody but his lieutenant, Hinamori Momo.

Captain Kuchiki Byakuya of the sixth squad seemed the same, but to anyone even slightly observant he was very different. His dry humour—if it could be called humour—died along with his sister, his eyes lost their glow, and they became dull and lifeless. He was a walking zombie.

But no one came close to the amount of grieving that Toushiro was doing. Two weeks after her death, Matsumoto visited to see if he was okay, since no one had seen him since she died. Matsumoto only mentioned her name once and that sent Toushiro into a flying rage. He screamed and yelled, destroyed every piece of furniture, crashed down a wall, and broke down sobbing on the couch, cursing his lieutenant. Matsumoto didn't speak, only cradled her captain while he cried on her shoulder. That was the first time she ever saw anything akin to sadness on his face, and she let slip a few sobs and tears as well.

But eventually the world started turning again. Nobody was the same but they tried, for Toushiro and Kasumi's sake.

When Kasumi was seven, she asked Toushiro about her mother. He didn't say anything; he just barred himself up in his room for the rest of the night. When she was nine she asked again, but he only said, "She died a long time ago, Sumi. But she loved you more than anything." She noticed how much she was hurting her father, so she never asked him again.

Instead, she asked her uncle Byakuya. His response was, "She was a noble and prideful woman, and she loved you very much."

Unsatisfied, she asked her uncle Ichi. He chuckled and said, "She was a brat, that Rukia. Had a nasty habit of kicking me in the face. And she loved you a lot."

Eventually she asked her uncle Renji. He smiled slightly and said, "Give your father time. Eventually he'll tell you everything you want to know."

Now Kasumi is 13, and she is determined to find out about her mother. She was currently sprawled out on the couch, waiting for her father to get home from the office. Ever since she was born he never spent so much time there, before Rukia was pregnant he stayed at the office until 10pm at night, but now he arrives home at 5 o'clock every night.

Kasumi heard door slide open and she sprang up instantly, nervousness seeping out of her every pore. No doubt her father could sense it because he gave her a suspicious look when he walked in.

"Should I be worried?" Was his greeting. Kasumi scowled.

"My day was fine, thanks for asking." She grumbled and walked towards the kitchen, suddenly hungry. A finger snagged her sleeve and she was enveloped in a warm embrace.

"Sorry." He chuckled and kissed her head. She sighed and hugged him back. He pulled away first and went straight for the fridge.

"You forgot to have lunch again, didn't you?" She growled.

"Matsumoto decided to go out drinking with Kyoraku-taichou, so I was dumped with the paperwork again." He sighed, suddenly looking old. While Toushiro was roughly about a hundred years old, he only looked to be in his early twenties, maybe even late teens. Kasumi chuckled and sat down at the table, her momentary hunger forgotten. Toushiro sat down across from his daughter and started nibbling on an apple, a little put out that there was nothing else to eat.

"Dad…" Kasumi started uncertainly. Toushiro's eyes flashed with alarm.

"What's wrong?" He demanded. Kasumi rolled her eyes, he was such a worrier.

"Nothing life threatening so calm down." Toushiro relaxed slightly, but only slightly.

"Um…" She started off again, unsure of how to go on. Toushiro's left eye twitched, irritation evident on his features.

"Go on then, spit it out before we both get old." Kasumi scowled again.

"I was wondering if you could tell me about my mother." She said in a rush. Toushiro's eyes widened comically and if it was any other situation Kasumi would've laughed. After a few seconds Toushiro sighed.

"I should've known you would ask me that." He said quietly. Kasumi bit her lip.

"I just want to know about my mother. Everyone tells me that she loved me and also to wait until you're ready, but I just can't stand not knowing any longer!" She burst out. Toushiro watched her silently, his eyes betraying his uncertainty.

"Alright." He sighed eventually.

"But-but-dad! Wait…what?"

"I will tell you about your mother. You deserve to know anyway." He said and stood up. Kasumi followed him to his room, a room she was all too familiar with.

Toushiro opened his closet and started rummaging through it, pushing aside clothes and boxes of paperwork, until he pulled out a book and blew the dust off it. The book was leather bound, and had intricate patterns that covered the entire front. Toushiro looked at it and made an expression that looked like a crossover between a smile and a grimace. He sat on his bed and patted the spot next to him; Kasumi was all too willing to cuddle up next to him.

"A few years before you were born, Matsumoto came back from a mission in the world of the living with this. She said that we needed to capture all the little moments in our life so that we could cherish them forever, Rukia was all too willing to agree." He smiled slightly, already lost in the memories of the past.

And with that he flipped open the cover and onto the first page.

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