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This is the start of a multi-chapter story featuring Mitsuru and Akihiko. I've always pictured the two together, even amongst all obstacles, so I am going to unleash my imagination and tell their untold tale. :)

The Night to Remember

Chapter One:


The lights were dimmed and the air was warm as Mitsuru strolled over to her usual armchair, a thickly-bound book and a half-cooled cup of tea in her hands. Sighing lightly, she propped her book up against the crook of her arm as she began to sip her chamomile, her eyes quickly scanning the small, lengthy print. She had a strong aptitude for the subject of Calculus, but she was the first to admit that her attitude towards the complex branch of mathematics stood in the way of her achievements. She aced all the examinations, of course, but it was so... trivial. Her interest in the subject was frozen with the skill of her persona.

Rolling her eyes, she submerged herself into the advanced properties of multivariable differentiation. It'd only take her a quarter of an hour to master it.

"Hey," said a soft, low voice. Mitsuru didn't look up. She felt a fluttering sensation fill her stomach as she sensed the moving of a figure from the staircase to the sofa. Feeling those grey eyes scorch into her very soul, a slight chill erupted from her spine, ending at the tips of her fingers that held her book tightly. But she continued to read, and she continued to inwardly stir.

"I've always been interested in the subject of Calculus," Akihiko Sanada mused, leaning forward slightly. His arms hidden behind his lean, toned torso, he gazed at the quietly perched redhead and smiled at the side of her face, receiving no recognition. "Do you think you could give me a crash course? I promise that I'd pretend to understand for you."

There was that charm and that appealing sincerity. Mitsuru felt her face flush, and so she tore her eyes away from her text and over to the platinum haired boy sitting so smoothly on the red, ornate sofa. "How can I help you, Sanada? If you hadn't noticed, I am preoccupied with important matters."

Smiling at her brisk tone and snippy demeanor, Akihiko pulled his arms from behind his back to reveal a delicate arrangement of orange tiger lilies. Even under the dim lighting of the low-set lamp, it was impossible to miss the bright blush that entered Mitsuru's face.

"Tiger Lilies?"

"Yeah. They're your favorite, aren't they?" Glancing at them nervously, Akihiko grinned and then put them in the middle of the coffee table. "I saw them at the port, and I instantly thought of you."

"Well, I appreciate your thoughtfulness," Mitsuru remarked, turning back to her studies, "but I am afraid that you have caught me at the wrong time. Thank you for the flowers, and I will see you tomorrow." She let out a silent prayer that her feelings of warmth and embarrassment were nonexistent in her dismissal.

But as a light chuckle erupted from the boy's throat, Mitsuru feared the former. In her peripheral vision, she saw Akihiko slide over on the couch until he was sitting very close to her. She felt her face grow hot and her body stiffen at his proximity. It always happened to her. She was fighting a lost battle, it seemed.

"Come on, Mitsuru," he crooned, his grey eyes searching her expressionless amber-brown pits. "It took me all day to work up the courage to give those to you and ask you something."

Ask her something? Mitsuru risked a glance at his face, which beamed with an apprehensive sort of eagerness. He was unusually persistent and relaxed. Mitsuru contemplated a multitude of things. What was going on? Was it… finally happening? That moment she had dreamed about for as long as she could remember? No, it couldn't be…

"And what were you planning on asking me?" Ice flecked her voice, but it was only to mask her increasing hope and emotion. It wasn't prudent for a Kirijo to let on to their innermost desires, and so she struggled to hold it all inside and keep her infamous poker face.

"Well," said Akihiko, moving even closer and then fixing a fallen strand of Mitsuru's hair, which again sent chills down her tight-as-rope spine, "I was wondering…"

"Yes?" Mitsuru couldn't help but prompt him. It was taking everything in her power to keep her breathing regulated and calm.

Akihiko smiled and then looked directly into her eyes. "I know it's not really your thing, Mitsuru, and I completely respect your opinions and stances, but I would like to formally ask for the honor of accompanying you to prom."

Everything stood still. Mitsuru's voice was frozen in time as she stared at the slender, handsome boxing captain who had been her best friend and companion for years, but who had also taken a strong grip on her heart. Never before had anyone penetrated the deeply sheltered chambers of her affections, and never before had they reduced her to girlish, childish butterflies as they sat before her in the quiet late of night.

As Mitsuru opened her mouth to accept his offer, her heart hammering, he added "just as friends, of course. I wouldn't want you to get the wrong idea."

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