So I came upon this section of and realized it needed a lot of attention. I really enjoy playing Surviving High School and this is my attempt to level with one of the most widely disliked characters. Personally I've always found her interesting. When I look at Jessica I don't really see a brat, just a victim of high school mind games.

This is just a glance at her life the day after the Spartan Games I almost covered more, like Ben's speech in the cafeteria and her thoughts on Zoe helping her in the Games, but I found it best to leave the drabble where it was.

Disclaimer: BTW I don't own Surviving High School.

Jessica Blare sat cross legged at the head of her bed, twirling her dirty blond hair to waste time. She rested her head gently on the back board and listened to the low rumble of her downstairs washing machine. It turns out paint stains are a lot harder to get out then one would think, Jessica's favorite shirt was on its third cycle.

The teen twiddled her thumbs at the millions of ways she could get back at Taylor. That was the way popular girls played the game right? That was the way all people played the game, really, constant revenge. They could deny it all they wanted, but Jessica knew everyone had their own angle and self-interest in mind, she was no different. It was a shame. Taylor used to be a friend, maybe not a trusted friend, but then again Jessica didn't really have any of those. At least that's how she felt with her finger on the paint gun trigger the day before; like she was double crossing an old friend, and it hurt, not that Jessica would ever admit to it. In the end though, she had to shoot her. She couldn't let Taylor get away with taking her chance at the game. Taylor could almost swear she still saw paint ball bursting into the air.

The Spartan Games had only enforced what she had already deducted. It was a dog eat dog world, even Sam and Nick were ready to turn on each other for the prize. But Ben wouldn't. God, just thinking about him made her sick. Ben was ready to drop at paint bomb on himself just to give the remaining Centerscorers a chance. He had always been that way. Jessica recalled hearing about his first few weeks in school; he went the extra mile to keep his lab partners happy. And with the state of Colt, Sam, and Denni's relationship at the time it must have been one heck of a job. Ben was even willing to give that dirty hipster the space she needed when she was going through that whole Colt fiasco, before, and during his relationship with her.

Ben and Denni would have made the perfect couple if Jessica hadn't been so controlling. Sometimes she wondered if it was really all about getting back those president's girlfriend perks. Sometimes Jessica liked to pretend that she truly liked Ben from the start. It would have made her feel so much better, but she was getting the backlash of her lies now. Sure, he was still completely blindsided to the fact that Jessica was only using him, but that was the worst part. She had taken the sweet, smart, charming boy that in hindsight Jessica adored and changed him almost completely, even physically. Ben probably didn't notice the transformation; at least she was sure he didn't notice until they watched the game recap. It had taken his friends blunt rejection to point it out.

It was extremely sad that the closest thing Jessica had to an honest relationship was the one she had with Ben. But that didn't matter, because in the end she would win the game.

I could have gone on forever, but I wanted to make this a drabble. I might continue at one point, but for now this is it.

To be clear "the game" isn't life it's more like a popularity thing. R&R!

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