Amber :I can't believe Nina and Fabian kissed!

(Fabina look at each other, embarrassed)

Fabian: Well, It was the best moment I had! (holds Nina's hand)

Jerome: Oh yuck, I think I'm gonna puke!

Patricia:(bumps Jerome with her shoulder)

Jerome: Ow! What was that for?

Patricia: For ruining the moment?

Jerome: At least I didn't ruin my moment with you...

Amber: Oooh! Looks like there's a new couple in town!

Joy: BOO!

(Nina, Patricia, Amber, and Mara get scared and they all trip over the stairs)

Fabian: Nina!

Alfie: Amber!

Mick: Mara!

Jerome: Patricia!

(Everyone stares at Jerome except Fabian and Nina)

Jerome: What? She was the only one who wasn't mentioned!

Fabian: Guys look! Nina won't wake up!(He shakes her)NINA!

Nina: (waking up) Fabian..?

Fabian: Thank god you're awake! (Hugs her and holds her

in his arms)

Patricia: Joy! You're back!

Everyone: Welcome back Joy!

Joy: Um hi Fabian..

Fabian: (let's go of Nina) Uh..Hi Joy.. (Gets shy)

Nina: Oof! Ow! (Looks at Fabian and Joy and gets jealous)

Joy: So uh, you must be Nina...Nina Martin! I'm sorry I scared you!

Nina: (tries to get up but falls down)Ouch! Oh, it's okay! Nice to meet you!

Joy: You too.

Alfie: Hey Why don't we all go and bake some cookies and brownies and leave Fabina together!

Mara: Fabina?

Alfie: Yeah, like Fabian and Nina mixed together..

Amber: Great idea Alfie! I'll add that to my scrapbook!

Fabian: Ugh..Way to go Alfie!

Alfie: What? It was just an idea!

Mick: C'mon guys, let's baked those cookies and brownies!

(They all leave)

Nina: F-fabian?

Fabian: Yeah?

Nina: Can you like, carry me to my bed? My right ankle is broken...

Fabian: Sure! (He picks her up and carries her to her bed, bridal style)

Nina: (Yawns)

Fabian: Get some sleep while I put you on your bed okay?

Nina: (yawns) okay...

Fabian: (opens the door to Nina's room and lays her on her bed)

(Fabian puts Nina's broken ankle on a soft pillow, then covers her with a blanket)

(Nina starts to wake up)

Nina: Fabian?

Fabian: Nina?

Nina: Thanks for carrying me upstairs

Fabian: No prob! (Starts to leave) Bye..

Nina: Woah woah wait! You're leaving?

Fabian: Yeah, I have to the others with the baking...

Nina: Please stay with me until I fall asleep! (Pouts)

Fabian: Well...

Nina: Please...for me? (Starts to pout and cry)

Fabian: Oh alright! (Jumps on the bed)

Nina: Ow! My ankle! Geez, watch where you're jumping!

Fabian: Sorry! I'll get some ice for your ankle.

(Fabian leaves)


Amber: Alfie! Stop eating the sugar!

Alfie: I can't help it!

Mara: Ah! MICK!Stop throwing icing on me!

Mick: Not if you won't apologize!

Joy: Guys! You'll make a mess!

(Everyone freezes then they all grab some icing and starts throwing it at Joy)

Everyone: How do you like THAT?

(Jerome and Patricia are on the sofa)

Jerome: Patricia?

Patricia: Yeah?

Jerome: I love yo-

(The others dumps flour on Patricia and Jerome)

Joy: Gotcha!


Nina: (sleeping and dreaming about being kidnapped)


Nina: Go away!FABIAN!FABIAN!

?: Nice to see you again...Chosen One.

(Nina starts screaming in her sleep)



(Walks in the kitchen)

Fabian: Guys!What happened in here!

Amber: Nothing...Why aren't you with Nina?

Fabian: I'm getting some ice for her ankle...hears Nina shouting for him)

(Fabian rushes to Nina)

Fabian: (sees Nina struggling in her sleep) Nina!

Nina: Fabian!FABIAN!(Wakes up)Oh Fabian!(Hugs him tightly)

Fabian: Oh Nina!(hugs her)Why were you shouting for me?

Nina: I had a..A nightmare...I really don't wanna talk about it...

Fabian: It's okay here, lay down while I nurse you...

Nina: Okay..(Lays down)

Fabian: (puts Nina's broken ankle on the pillow then lays ice on it)

Nina: Ah, ah!Cold, COLD!(Starts shivering)

Fabian: (lays a blanket on her) There..That's it...bye..

Nina: Woah! Just like that? I didn't even fall asleep yet!(Pouts)

Fabian: (Cuddles on the bed with Nina) Let's watch a movie!

(Then they watch

(They both asleep in each other's arms while Nina rested her head on Fabian's chest)

(The others fall asleep, covered with flour, sugar and icing, on the kitchen floor)


(Fabian slowly removes Nina's arms from him then sneaks down to make breakfast)

Fabian: Pfft!(Holding his laughter as he sees the others on the floor in a mess)

Amber: (snoring loudly)

Fabian: (makes breakfast for everyone and sets it on the table with a note then put his and Nina's breakfast on a tray and makes hot chocolate and brings them upstairs to Nina's room)

Nina: (talking in her sleep)

Fabian: (smiles)pst..Nina...Wake up!

Nina: Huh? Oh good morning Fabe!

Fabian: I made us some breakfast!(lays the tray and sits on the bed)

Nina: Mhmm..Thanks!(getting her hot chocolate)

(Fabian notices that Nina isn't looking well)

Fabian: Nina, are you okay?You don't look very good..

(Nina starts getting woozy)

Fabian: Nina?(starts feeling her throat if she has fever)

Nina: I don't feel so good...

Fabian: Nina?


(They all wake up to Amber's snoring)

Amber: (wakes up) Was I snoring too loud?

(Everyone pauses and look at each other)

Everyone: Uhhh no! Of course not!

Amber: Good I thought I did..

(They hear weird noises)

Joy: I wonder what's all that noise?

Patricia: Probably Fabian and Nina..(She said as she smirks)

Joy: I'll go and find out (she goes upstairs)


Fabian: (dabs Nina on her forehead with a wet cloth)

Joy: Hey Fabian, can I talk to you for a sec?

Fabian: (looks at Nina then lets her go) Sure...

(Joy kisses Fabian but Nina starts waking up and sees them kissing)

Nina: (she goes unconscious)

(Fabian pulls back)


Mick: What's that smell?

Jerome: I bet it's Alfie!

Patricia: I bet Jerome didn't shower…

Mick: No, it smells.. Like food?

(They all see breakfast for all of them on the table and they see a note)

"Morning bakers!

I made some breakfast for you guys since you guys spent all night trying to bake! Hope my cooking is delicious!


Mara: Wow, that was ...generous!

Alfie: C'mon, let's dig in!

(They all eat)


Fabian: Joy! I already have a girlfriend! Besides, I gave up liking you ever since Nina came..

Joy: (Gasps) You better not leave her alone by herself or else... (She disappears)

(Fabian turns around and realizes Nina passed out)

Fabian: Nina!


Amber: Mmm! That was delicious!

Mara: I wonder what's taking Joy so long

Patricia: I don't know...I'm starting to get worried..

Jerome: (puts his arm around Patricia) It's okay, I'm sure she's fine.

Mick: Why don't we go and see how's Fabian, Nina, and Joy?

Alfie: Yeah but let's go quietly so they can't hear us..

(They all sneak up to Nina's room)

(They all see Nina unconscious)

Amber: Fabian!What's wrong with Nina!

Fabian: I don't know!We were eating breakfast then I noticed she didn't look good then she just passed out!

Mara: What are we gonna do!

Fabian: I don't know!

Mick: Why don't we call an ambulance?

Fabian: We can't!

Alfie: Why?

Fabian: Nina hates going to the hospital!

Jerome: Why?

Patricia: Because she gets scared...wait..Where's Joy?

Fabian: She talked to me then she disappeared..

Amber: How about we play doctor and nurse Nina right here?

Jerome: Wow, you know for a blonde, you're not really that dumb...

Amber: I know right? Okay, Fabian's the doctor, Me, Mara, and Patricia are the nurses and Alfie, Mick, and Jerome are the servers or just extra people that will do what we tell them to do..Okay?

Jerome: (snickers under his breath) Never mind, I take it back…..

Everyone: Okay...

(Amber tells everyone their duties)

Amber: Now scat!

(Everyone gets and do their duties)

Patricia: Here's the cloth!

(Fabian grabs it then lays it on Nina's forehead then sticks a thermometer in Nina's mouth)

Fabian: (takes out the thermometer)Uh...Amber? What's the normal temperature for a person?

Amber: I think 98.6

Fabian: Well, Nina's temperature is 101.9!

Mara: She has high fever!

Fabian: Patricia! Grab some pillows! Amber! Get some blankets!

Amber: There's no more!

Fabian: Then use mine! Mara! Get the chicken soup from the guys downstairs!

Mara: Got it! (Returns with a bowl of chicken soup)

(Fabian gets the soup from Mara and uses his spoon from breakfast)

Fabian: Hey guys, you can go out and rest while I stay with Nina

Everyone: Okay! Good luck! (They all leave)

(Fabian shakes Nina gently)

Fabian: psst..Nina...Wake up!

(Nina starts mumbling in her sleep but wakes up)

Nina: H-huh? Wha-what happened?

Fabian: You passed out so all of us took care of you but I let them go out and enjoy themselves while I watch you

Nina: Ugh...I feel so sweaty…

Fabian: Here, I'll feed you some chicken soup

Nina: Woah wait! Is it chicken noodle soup?

Fabian: Does it matter?

Nina: Yes?

(Fabian comes back with chicken noodle soup)

Fabian: (takes a spoonful of the soup) Here comes the airplane!

(Nina swallows)

Fabian: (puts pillows behind Nina so she can sit up) Here you feed yourself while I wrap some plaster bandage on your broken ankle...okay?

Nina: Okay! (Tries to feed herself)

(Fabian wraps the plaster bandage around Nina's ankle)

(Nina clutches the bowl then squeezes her eyes shut)

Nina: Agh!Ahh...

Fabian: What's wrong? (Stops wrapping)

Nina: You're wrapping the plaster to tight!

Fabian: Sorry! There.. All done!

Nina: Thanks!...Can you sign my ankle cast?

Fabian: What? Oh sure! (Signs on the cast)

My One and Only,

Nina Martin

Nina: Wow, nice handwriting! (Reads the sign) That's so sweet...Thanks...

Fabian: No problem...

Nina: Hey Fabian, why don't you eat some dinner?

Fabian: What about you?

Nina: I'll just eat my soup and get some sleep

Fabian: Okay, do want me to eat with you?

Nina: Yeah sure

(Fabian leaves and comes back with his dinner)

Nina: (sees Fabian with his dinner) Hey, I'm gonna shower and get ready for bed okay?

Fabian: Do you need some help?

Nina: It's okay, I'll manage...

(Nina leaves)

(Fabian sits down and eats his dinner)

(Nina comes in all wet and wrapped in Fabian's towel)

(Fabian looks up from chewing, as soon as he sees Nina in a towel he chokes on his food)

Fabian: Ack!Ack!

Nina: (slaps Fabian on his back)

(He spits out the food)

Nina: Sorry! I had to grab my pj's...

(Nina grabs her pj's and changes in the bathroom then comes back)

Nina:(she sees Fabian snoring on the bed) Awww...He looks so cute when he sleeps!

(Nina tries to lay down on the bed with Fabian but his body is covering the whole bed)

Nina: Wow, he's covering up the whole bed! I'll just make some breakfast for tomorrow...(she uses the wall and the railing of the stairs to walk to the kitchen because of her ankle)

(Nina curiously wonders where the others were at...)

*I wonder where the others are...maybe they decided to stay in a hotel to leave me and Fabian together for the night? Nah...*-Nina's POV


Alfie: Hey guys! How about we stay in a hotel so we can leave Fabian and Nina alone just for the night?

Patricia: Great idea Alfie!

(They all check out in a hotel)


(Nina prepares breakfast even thought it was only 12:32 but a flashback keeps haunting her)


Joy: Hey Fabian, can I talk to you for a sec?

Fabian: (looks at Nina then lets her go)Sure...

(Joy kisses Fabian but Nina starts waking up and sees them kissing)

Fabian: Joy! I already have a girlfriend! Besides, I gave up liking you ever since Nina came..

Joy: I have one advice for you. You better not leave her alone by herself or else... (she disappears)

(Fabian turns around and realizes Nina passed out)

Fabian: (rushes to Nina and holds her in his arms)Nina!


(As Nina makes breakfast she starts rushing because Joy's advice keeps haunting her, making her very scared)

"You better not leave her alone by herself or else..." Then Nina remembers Joy and Fabian kissing then she accidentically drops the hot pan of pancakes on the floor which burned her broken ankle)

Nina: AGH!(She struggles then falls to the floor unconscious)



(Fabian wakes up due to the "clanging" noise)

*What was that? Maybe Nina dropped something in her sleep? (he looks next to him on the bed) Where's Nina?*-Fabian's POV


(Fabian covers his ears as he hears the fire alarm go on)

Fabian: Wait? Why is the fire alarm on downstairs? Unless...(he gasps) NINA!

(As he rushes down the stairs, he covers his nose because the kitchen is full of smoke)


(Fabian desperately looks for Nina and finally finds her on the kitchen floor unconscious)

*She's been cooking breakfast at 12:32 at night?*-Fabian's POV

(Then suddenly a flashback goes through his mind)


Fabian: Joy! I already have a girlfriend! Besides, I gave up liking you ever since Nina came..

Joy: Although, I have one advice for you. You better not leave her alone by herself or else... (she disappears)


Fabian: Oh no! She probably overheard and got scared over Joy's advice!

(Then firemen run to the kitchen)

(An ambulance puts Nina on a gurney and Fabian tags along with Nina to the hospital)

Fabian: (calling Amber on his cell phone) driiinng driiinnggg...


"So I drive home alone,

As I turn off the light I'll

Put his picture down and may-"(Amber's ringtone)

(Amber picks up her phone)

Amber: Hello?

"Amber? Are you guys fine? Where are you? I'm at the hospital, there's something wrong with Nina."

Amber: Fabian? Oh, we're all fine, we're all sharing a room in a hotel. Why are you at the hospital? Is Nina okay? (She starts getting worried and walks away from the others)

Mara: Amber? Is everything okay? What's wrong with Nina?

Amber: I don't know (Then she starts staring into space wondering about Nina)

"Nina kinda had an accident while I was sleeping. She was cooking breakfast at 12:32 at night. I don't know how she got to the kitchen with her broken ankle but she probably overheard me and Joy talking last time then she just passed out then when I woke up the fire alarm was on then fire men came. So I'm riding with Nina in the ambulance on the way to the hospital"

Amber: I'm sorry, what did you say? I wasn't listening...

"AMBER!Just meet us at the hospital okay? Bye!(hangs up)"

Amber: (hangs up then freezes with a shocked face)

Mick: Amber you okay?

Patricia: Are Fabian and Nina okay?

Amber: We need to get to the hospital, now!

(They all leave to the hospital)


(They arrive at the hospital)

(They nurses are putting Nina on a bed then they push her down to a long hallway)

Nina: (eyes opening a little bit)F..Fabian?

(She sees Fabian beside her also pushing her)

Fabian: It's okay Nina..You're gonna be fine..We're at the hospital...

Nina: (turning her head side to side) know I hate going to the unless you're there with me!

Fabian: I can't be with you in the emergency room until they are done with you!

Nurse: Here we are! Time to let go of her son.

Nina: No! Fabian! Don't leave me!

(She already disappears in the room)

(Fabian is waiting outside Nina's hospital room then the others arrive with gifts)

(once the others see Fabian, they run to him)

Amber: Where's Nina!

Mara: Is she okay!

Patricia: Is she hurt!

The guys: Tell us what happened!

(Fabian tells them everything)

Amber: So wait, when you spoke to me on the phone, what did you mean about Nina overhearing your chat with Joy?

(Fabian tells her but somehow he didn't tell them about Joy kissing him)

Patricia: I can't believe Joy would say something like that! She's been my best friend...

Alfie: But wait, Joy said "You better not leave her alone by herself or else..." right?

Fabian: Yeah, why?

Alfie: Well, did you tell her something insulting?

*Should I tell the truth? Nah..*-Fabian's POV

Fabian: No…

Alfie: Think about it! It sounds like a warning..Like..

Jerome: If Nina is alone, Joy or somebody might do something bad to her!

Fabian: Oh no you're right!

(Then Nina's doctor comes out)

Doctor: Mr. Rutter?

Fabian: (stands up) That's me! (He looks at the doctor's name tag: Dr. Zeno and he sees the doctor's face covered in scars)

Doctor: Come in here please

(Fabian follows the doctor then they talk about Nina)

Doctor: She burned her broken ankle so we gave her a pair of crutches and a wheel chair in case. Before she passed out, she probably was thinking of something horrifying to her. She may be a little traumatized but she'll manage.

Fabian: Will she be okay?

Doctor: She has been in too many accidents and she's been hurt many times so please don't put her under too much stress. And please make sure your boarding school is secured and safe.. I must go now..Bye

(The doctor leaves)

(Fabian runs inside the room and he sees Nina all strapped up and has a strap in her nose and sees her in a hospital dress)

*This is all my fault! If I never fell asleep while she was changing, this would've never happened!*-Fabian's POV

Fabian: Nina, even though you can't hear me, I just wanna say, I love you. I love you for who you are because you're the only person on earth that makes me feel happy. I'm sorry about the bad things that happened to you. It's all my fault that you're in the hospital. I'm sorry that I had to bring you here even though you hate being in the hospital. I did it because I love you. I did it because I want you to be better. You're the only reason that I'm still alive. I promised I will never hurt you. You're the key to my heart and you're the only key allowed in my heart. I will never cheat or leave you.

(Fabian holds Nina's right hand between his hands and bows his head)

Nina: (opens eyes weakly and half-opened and turns her head to Fabian) That was a beautiful speech...

(Fabian jerks his head up surprisingly)

Fabian: Nina? Your alive! (he hugs her tightly)

Nina: Oh Fabian! (Hugs him)

Fabian: (he explains everything the doctor said to him to Nina)

Nina: What? (Starts getting stressed)

Fabian: Please don't get stressed!


Amber: Ugh! What could possibly be taking Fabian and Nina so long! (She paces back and forth)

Mara: Patience Amber!

Jerome: I'm gonna go to the cafeteria downstairs and grab some food, who wants to come?

Patricia: Of course me!

Alfie and Amber: Us too!

Mick and Mara: We'll stay here

Alfie: We'll grab you guys some food while we're there..

(they leave)


Nina: Fine I won't...

Fabian: So, what do you think of my speech?

Nina: Well, it was grea-(then she remembers about the part when he said he would never cheat or leave and HURT her, then she remembers when Joy and Fabian kissed then Nina turns to the other side, broken-hearted)

Nina: Go away.

Fabian: What?

Nina: I said GO AWAY! (Shouting)

(Fabian gets shocked and goes out of the room all depressed)

(Mick sees Fabian upset)

Mick: Hey man, what's up?

(Mick, Mara, and Fabian hear Nina sobbing inside)

Mick: Hey Mara, why don't you and Nina have a little girl talk while me and Fabian have a guy talk?

Mara: Sure! (She goes inside)

(When Mara goes inside she sees Nina's back on her and she hears Nina quietly sobbing)

Mara: Nina? Are you okay? What happened? (Sits on the sofa next to Nina)

(Nina slowly turns to Mara but once Mara sees Nina's face, her face was a mess)

Mara: (smiles at Nina) So, how did things go with Fabian?(she said, trying to cheer Nina up)

Nina: (bursts into tears as soon as Mara says, "Fabian")


(They sit down on the chairs outside Nina's room)

Mick: I just don't understand why she just said "Go away", just like that!

Fabian: Me too! But I think it has to do with the speech I said to her..

Mick: Woah, woah, woah! You made a speech?

Fabian: Not really. I thought she unconscious but she was listening the whole time...Anyways, everything I said in that speech was true...

Mick: What makes you think your speech was a lie?

Fabian: I don't know.. (Thinks of a funny moment long ago then he starts chuckling)

Mick: What's so funny man?

Fabian: Nothing..

Mick: Aw, c'mon tell me man!

Fabian: Alright! Remember when both of us were practicing to slow dance for the prom in the living room ..a couple of days before the prom?

Mick: (chuckles) Yeah...

Fabian: When I accidentally bumped into you, you corrected me by slow dancing with me..

Mick: (laughs) Yeah that was embarrassing!

Fabian: Then Nina, Patricia, Amber, Alfie were spying on us through the wooden window in the kitchen...then they applauded at was normal..but when me and Nina slowed dance because we were Prom King and Queen, it felt...magical...


(Mara gets up and sits on the bed next too Nina)

Mara: (covers her mouth with both of her hands) Oh, I'm so sorry Nina!

(Nina sits up next to Mara)

Nina: He lied to me! (She buries her face into Mara's neck and wraps her arms around her neck)

Mara: (puts her arms around Nina)'s okay..who lied to you?

Nina: Fabian! (Then she tells the story to Mara) Then he said he would cheat, lie, leave or hurt me but he did! He kissed Joy! But please don't talk about it!

(Just then Amber and Patricia comes inside Nina's room)

(Patricia mouths "What's wrong with Nina?")

(Mara mouths "Boy problems")

Amber: Nina, are you okay?

(Nina puts up her knees, covers her head in her knees then wraps her arms around it, sobbing)

Mara:(whispers the whole story) But don't talk about it!

Amber: He kissed Joy?

Nina:(cries even harder)

Patricia: Amber! Look what you did!

Amber: Sorry..


Mick: I know how you feel man...

(Just then, Jerome and Alfie come back)

Alfie: Hey, why so depressed?

(Mick whispers "Girl problems")

(then Mick explains everything)

Jerome: "Go away"? Just like that?

Fabian: Yeah..

Alfie: I bet Nina still hates you..

Mick: Alfie! The plan was to cheer him up! Not make him feel bad! God, you're so like Amber!

Alfie: Sorry...

(Then it turns dark so the others go home and sleep while Nina is still in the hospital and Fabian is sleeping in the corner on the sofa)

Nina: (rolling around in her sleep)! NO!

(Nina jumps up from her sleep and sees Fabian sleeping then she hears something)

Nina: W-who's there?

(The lights turn off)

Nina: What do you want from me?


Nina: Go away!FABIAN!FABIAN!

?:Nice to see you again...Chosen One.



(Fabian slowly wakes up)

Fabian: Nina? (he looks at her bed but all he sees is a note and the blankets are on the floor) NINA? (he reads the note)

" I told you not to leave her alone! After I realized you didn't really gave me the real elixir, I had kidnapped you precious Nina! If none of you give me the elixir in 2 days, I will kill the precious Chosen One! But don't worry, I'll keep her company"

(Fabian rushes home and reads the back of the note)

"I'm warning you ,you better hurry or you'll find Nina dead!"

(Fabian throws the note down and shouts in frustration)

Fabian: AGH!

(the others go to Fabian)

Mick: Dude, what's wrong?

Fabian: Nina's been kidnapped last night and I found this note but I don't know who they came from!

Jerome: Let me see..(Reads the note) I bet it's from Rufus because it says we didn't give him the elixir which we actually didn't!

Alfie: But wait! It says, "I told you not to leave her alone" It sounds like Joy's warning!

Mick and Mara: Who's Rufus?

(Patricia explains)

Mara: Oh..

Amber: I wonder where's she's at!


(Nina's arms are tied behind her back, her legs are tied together, a piece of cloth is tied around her mouth)

Nina: Mppff!Mgfff!

?: Hello..Nina

Nina: Ofus? Eh shlodeve newn it wash ou!

(translation: Rufus? I should've known it was you!)

Rufus: Yeah? Well, if your friends don't return to me the real elixir in 2 days, bye-bye Nina!

(Nina gasps)

Nina: Het ee gho! Wat ou ant om ee?

(translation: Let me go!What do you want from me?)

Rufus: When your friends give me the elixir, I need the Chosen One!

Nina: Ull eed ee en or renking uh ehlicter? Eyh?

(translation: You'll need me when you're drinking the elixir? Why?)

Rufus: Remember the "scales of life"?Each plate of the scales have all of you and your friends' names. When the scales are weighted, the lowest plate that is weighted is the one whose life will be taken when a person drinks the elixir to gain immortality.

Nina: Oh, eyh id ou idaped ee eyh?

(Translation: So, why did you kidnapped me? I might not be the lowest plate!)

Rufus: Because you're the lowest one weighted.


(Fabian is pacing back and forth)

Mara: Fabian, it's okay! We'll find her

(They see Jerome busy thinking)

Fabian: Hey man, what's up?

Patricia: I got it all figured out! Rufus probably kidnapped Nina for a reason! He probably found out we didn't give him to real elixir!

Jerome: DUH! We didn't!

Patricia: (glares at Jerome) Watch your mouth slime ball..

Amber: And if we do give him the real elixir, whose life will be taken?

Patricia: He probably weighted the scales of life and it chose Nina!

Mara: So that's must be the reason why he kidnapped Nina!

Amber: Wow, we could use you in Sibuna!

Mara: Huh?

(Amber explains)

Mara: Oh...

Fabian: But we can't let Nina die!

Mick: But wait, how does Rufus knows that Nina's in the hospital?

Mara: And how does he know which hospital?

Jerome: And why does he need Nina to be there when he drinks the elixir?

Fabian: Aha! When Nina was unconscious, the doctor came to see me. His name tag says his name was Dr. Zeno and his face was covered in scars!

Jerome: There's only one Dr. Zeno in the hospital !

Alfie: The doctor's name is Gustav Zeno

Amber: Wait a minute..Fabian, Alfie, Patricia, remember when Sarah died? Nina was going through a box of Sarah's stuff then Nina leaned against Fabian while he comforts her...

Fabian: (starts tearing up)

Mick: Get on with it Amber! You're making him cry!

Amber: Then Fabian saw a certificate that stated that Gustav and Isabel Zeno (Rufus's parents) were made Sarah's guardians after her parent's death .It included a birth record of their son, Rufus, was born in 1915 which meant he did took the elixir!

Fabian: Rufus probably knew that Nina was in the hospital, so he used his father's name so it was easier for him to kidnapped Nina! The doctor is actually Rufus! The "doctor's" face was covered in scars, which were the scars that he got when I threw the hourglass across the room on the day of the prom! And he and Joy must be working together!


Rufus: I'm gonna go and buy some food, stay here and shut up! (he leaves)

(Nina writes something on a piece of paper then she attaches it to a bird then the bird flies to the others)


(Fabian opens the letter from the bird)

Dear Fabian,

I'm locked up somewhere. Rufus kidnapped me because if you guys return him the real elixir in 2 days, I'm gonna die. Rufus went out to get some food...Please come and save me!I'm scared! I think it's best if I let Rufus take away my life, so everything will be normal just like it used to be. But he's going to use some kind machine to take away life before he receives the elixir. And Fabian, please don't worry too much about me!

Forever and Ever,


Fabian: (buries his head in his hands and starts crying)


(Nina looks at her cast and sees Fabian's sign)

My One and Only,

Nina Martin

Nina: (starts to tear up, then falls asleep)


(They all sleep)


(They're all at the dining table, eating)

Amber: We need a plan!

Fabian: Alright, here's the plan (he tells everyone)


Rufus: Wake up!(Kicks Nina in the stomach)

Nina: Mghh!

(Rufus removes the cloth and the ropes on Nina)

Rufus: Here's your food (tosses it at Nina) We'll start using the machine on you tomorrow night before I receive the elixir.

Nina: Jerk.

Rufus: What did you say?

Nina: I called you a jerk!

Rufus: Take that back!

Nina: NO! (Hits Rufus with a piece of wood)

(Rufus falls down then he slaps Nina so hard on the cheek, she falls down)

Nina: Ah! (Holding her cheek)

(then Rufus starts kicking and punching Nina then hits her on her head, stomach and leg with an empty glass bottle)

(Nina has glass on her head, stomach and her left leg)


Rufus: Shut up and eat your food! I need to go prepare for the machine (then he leaves AGAIN)

(Nina writes another letter then calls the bird then she attaches the letter and it flies away)


Fabian: (reads the letter)

Dear Fabian,

Rufus told me to eat. I hit him with a piece of wood but he slapped me so hard that I fell! Then he started kicking and punching me while I laid down helplessly. Where are you? Please hurry before he hurts me more! I can't stand it here! But if you guys come to save me, Rufus will hurt you guys! I don't want you guys to get hurt so please be careful!

Truly Yours,


Fabian: That's it! I'm going to find Nina!

(they hear a small shouting voice " HELP! SOMEBODY HELP ME!)

Amber: Do you hear that? It's Nina!

Patricia: She's probably hidden in the small storage where Rufus kidnapped me!

(Fabian rushes out, goes into the forest and opens the storage room)

(he sees Nina all bruised, bleeding and covered in glass. Nina is sleeping in the corner)

Fabian: Nina!

Nina: (wakes up) Fabian!

(Fabian rushes to Nina and holds her in his arms)

Fabian: Oh Nina! You're bruised and bleeding!

Nina: Fabian! Behind you!

Rufus: (grabs Fabian away from Nina then he holds a knife to Fabian's neck) I told you Nina, I'll hurt your precious boyfriend if he tries to help you! (he ties Nina up)

Nina: NO! FABIAN! PLEASE! Don't hurt him!

Rufus: Very well then.(ties up Fabian and straps Nina to a metal table and turns on the machine) I'll be back in 2 hours to turn off the machine. Which mean Nina has two hours to live! (he leaves again)

Fabian: Nina! Don't do this!

Nina: I have too...after this, everything will be just like I never existed... Rufus wouldn't bother you guys anymore...

Fabian: No! You exist in my world! Please!

(the others arrive and they see Nina's life is being taken away by the machine)

(Nina gets weak and then her eyes close then the machine turns off)

Fabian: Nina!

(then a ghostly figure appears)

Ghost: It's okay Fabian...(she gives Fabian a letter)

Amber: The ghost is Nina's spirit!

Alfie: Ah!

Nina's spirit: Shh! Don't be scared! Now that I'm dead, it will be as if I never exist...

Patricia:'re our friend! You sacrificed so much for us! Don't go!

(Nina's ghost disappears)

(Mick and Jerome untie Fabian)

(Fabian rushes to the metal table and removes the straps then he holds Nina)

Fabian: Nina! (holds her body like a baby and buries his head in her neck) Nina...don't leave me please...

Amber: (sits next to Fabian and hugs Nina and starts to cry)

(Alfie holds Amber in his hands)

(Patricia starts crying too and Jerome hugs and comforts her)

(Mara's eyes swell up with tears and Mick hugs her)


Mick: Fabian? Dude, are you ready?

Fabian: Yeah..I'm just gonna take a walk..

(He walks to the school's stage and sits down on one of the two chairs on the stage and has a flashback on what happened in the stage)


(he and Nina are Prom King and Queen and he and Nina are slow dancing)

Nina: Well, that was very embarrassing..

Fabian: Yeah very, Nina you-

Nina: Look ridiculous

Fabian: I was going to say beautiful….Do you want to tell me what happened?

Nina: Did you just call me beautiful?

Fabian: Yeah, so why did you go back down the cellar?

Nina: All that can wait, but this can't...



(Fabian opens the letter that Nina gave him and the Eye of Horus falls out of the letter. Fabian looks at the picture inside then reads the letter)

Dear Fabian,

This will be my last letter to you. I hope your new life is awesome! I bet your new world is better without me. I remember the great times we had together, especially the prom. I need you to be strong for me and the others. I'm going to miss your smartness, your laugh, your smile, your face, and the way you care for me. I need you to watch and protect the Eye of Horus locket for me, because I trust you. I'll appear out of nowhere if you need help. I'll stand by you always! Even though you can't see me, doesn't mean I'm not there for you. But please don't cry. Always remember that I love you and nothing can ever change that.

Always and Forever,


(Amber walks in)

Amber: Hey, It's time...

What does Amber mean by "It's time"? Does she mean it's time for Nina's funeral? It's time to bury Nina? Better yet, Is Nina dead or is she alive? Please tell me if my story is bad, good, or needs changes! Tell me some ideas for the next part of the story!