Few years later…

Nina lives happily with her three little girls and lives with Trudy for help around the house

Amber and Zayn are becoming closer than ever. It is rumored that they are now dating. They are both in Paris, spending some time together

Louis has decided to stay in Chicago for a while with Eleanor

Niall is visiting his home state, Ireland for a while

Taylor is Camille and the boy's sister, NOT MOM. She is still the famous Taylor Swift and is now in America, making new songs, making albums, doing concerts, etc. She stays in touch with the brothers and Cam.

Fabian and Tay are nowhere to be heard or found. They have not been heard in a while…

As for Liam and Harry, the sisters, Taylor and Camille and the brothers decided they need a new home. They have taken everything and have now moved to a home they call, "One Direction's House".

One Direction boys have become much more famous, and they have bodyguards for Camille, since she is now also part of their band. Lives have been much easier for everyone, since the hospital incident. Camille is now perfectly in shape though she has a fractured skull. Her sickness is now gone and she has become a famous actress and singer.

Camille's POV

I'm on the stage, singing my band's song alone, Gotta Be You. I sang my heart out, and thousands of people were cheering and shouting for me. I never felt so happy. I just can't believe all those terrible things have happened 4 years ago. Fabian has disappeared, dad has disappeared, my sickness is gone…now look where I am now. As I sang the last words of the songs, I could see Liam and Harry in the audience with giant signs about me. I smiled. I was so lucky to have great brothers. My other family members have gone all over the world, but they'll be back. And before you know it, we'll all be a family again. The song ended and everyone was cheering for me. Guess my life for the past years wasn't so great. But hey, life isn't always sunshine and roses.