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The first day of school is always scary; especially when you don't know anybody, or think that will be the case. That was the main problem with high schools; you never thought you would know anybody. And of course if you were someone special, like the Prime's son, then you would definitely cause a stir.

"Who's those two?" This one was Praxian; it had door wings.

"They're apparently the Prime's kids, so they'll probably be stuck up brats." This one was a Seeker and seemed to be in charge of the rest.

"I'm not sure that I'll like it here; they're whispering…"

"Don't be such a coward Optimus, they are trying to psych us out, if you act scared you'll be a target for the rest of the school days."

"But Megatron… We don't know anyone and we can't just intrude in other people's friend groups."

"We'll know someone, stop worrying!" First day of school was always scary but especially if you were Optimus or Megatron.

"You guys aren't scared are you?" Optimus jumped, he didn't like people sneaking up behind him. Megatron however looked round, that voice sounded familiar.

"Shockwave, I didn't know you had transferred here too."

"All kids that were at the school in Iacon transferred here, remember?"

"Along with all the kids from Kaon, Vos and Praxis." Optimus then went off looking for Ironhide and Ratchet.

"Where are you going? You do know that the bullies of the school will be after us…" Optimus didn't seem to be listening. However his brother was right the bullies were looking for them.

"You're Sentinel's kid right?" A golden coloured mech walked up towards Optimus.

"Uh, Yeah. Who's asking?…"

"I'm Blitzwing and this is Astrotrain."

"I'm Optimus, are you guys first years too?"

"No. We're in third year, which means that we are much stronger than you." Optimus couldn't help wondering why Astrotrain sounded funny; his voice had a high pitched squeak even though it was quite low pitched.

"I hope you to aren't gonna be nasty to him. He's the Prime's son and that means you'll get in big trouble if you anger him." Optimus looked around to see a tall red mech and he seemed to be just as big as the two who he was speaking to.

"Nah, we were just asking him if he wanted to be our friend. Ain't that right Blitzwing?"

"Sure thing! We wouldn't hurt him Blaster." However they didn't seem convincing, they wandered off to find someone else to pick on.

"Blaster, you wouldn't know if there are any kids around called Ironhide or Ratchet would you?"

"I think I know who you mean. Come on I'll help you find them." Blaster began to walk away from where the trouble makers were heading. Optimus thought that the other two meant trouble so he followed Blaster.

A few minutes later…

"One of my friends that went to nursery with us is here! You guys remember Wheeljack?" Ratchet seemed to be in a better mood.

"Yeah, I do, we all got into trouble because anything he touched always ended up getting broken!"

"Do you think he'll remember us Ironhide?"

"Sometimes I ponder if yuh use your processor Optimus… He will, unless he erased the memory for some reason and I don't see why he would."

"He said his parents had found work in Kaon so they didn't have a choice but to move…" The three seemed to be happier now they had all realised they weren't the only ones in the school from their group.

"Hey, Optimus!" The group looked around and couldn't help wondering who that was. Optimus recognised the voice from earlier. What was that kid's name again…

"Hey Shockwave. What's happening?"

"Everyone else is gathering near the door; that means we probably should head over there. Your brother told me to mention it to you."

"If my brother is lying I'll have to…" Optimus trailed off unable to think of a good threat. They began to walk towards the main door. Once they had walked over they saw there was a pink coloured bat like robot that looked like he was in charge.

"I am Ratbat and I am your head teacher! Second and third years you need to get into your groups NOW!" The third years and second years looked scared and then scuffled around to find their place in the groups.

"Now first years make your way to the front so I can see all of you." Ratbat wasn't quite as harsh with them. They seemed to be scared of him.

"I'm not going to rip your heads off you know…" Ratbat spoke gently; he would be terrified if it was his first day at high school too. The first years reluctantly moved forward.

"Right now you are going to be put into groups. Listen out for your name, it won't be said twice." Ratbat now looked at them sternly as if to say 'I won't tolerate misbehaviour on the first day'. A blue coloured older looking robot walked forward. He looked friendlier than the other two.

"I'm Kup, and I'm in charge of the Iron group. There are two other groups, Cobalt and Nickel. Can any of you first years tell me the link between the group names?" A few hands shot up but most of them didn't seem to care about this. Kup pointed at a red coloured Seeker.

"They are all magnetic elements."

"Aren't there four magnetic elements, what about steel?"

"Ironhide be quiet! We don't want to be the centre of attention." Unfortunately for Optimus it seemed to be too late for that; everyone was already looking at them. The Seeker looked confusedly at the other red robot. Kup looked at them both and saw what might happen.

"The Seeker is right, there are only three magnetic elements and they are the names of the groups. What's your name?"

"I'm Skywarp."

"Let's see which group you're in… You are in Cobalt, that group receives five points. The group that has the most points at the end of the year will win the house cup." All of the older students in that group cheered, they mostly didn't get the smart students.

"Quiet! Or I'll deduct those points and then we'll see what happens." The group quickly quietened down.

"Right let's see who should be in my group." Kup read down the list and then noticed one name. I've got one of the Prime's kids in my group. I hope that he is well behaved. He should be but you never know…

"Jazz!" A white and blue Praxian stepped forward. "Yeah, sir." Why does he seem too laid back? "Join the group on the left." Jazz didn't seem scared of any of them in the group.

"Bumblebee!" A small yellow and black robot stepped forward. "Yes sir…" He seems to be nervous. "Join the group on the left."

"Ratchet!" Optimus could tell his friend was scared. "Go on." Ratchet nervously walked forward "Yes…sir…" I wonder why he's so scared. "Join the rest of the group."

"Wheeljack!" Wheeljack seemed just as nervous as Ratchet. "Yes sir…" Why are all of my group members the scaredy cats…? "Join the others."

"Arcee!" The others seemed to wonder why this robot was pink. "Yes sir?" He seemed to have a high pitched voice too. "Go and join the others." The other first years pondered why he skipped over to join the others.

"Megatron!" Megatron didn't seem to be scared. "What is it?" Megatron seemed to be in a bad mood for some reason. "Be more polite! Join the others." Kup seemed annoyed now. If that kid is our future Prime; I'm moving somewhere else!

"Shockwave!" The purple robot that was helping Optimus earlier stepped forward. "Yes?" "Look if you're all going to be rude you can spend the day in the unit! Go and join the others."

"Rumble!" A small red mech walked out to join the others. "Yes sir." Finally one that's confident! "Join the rest of the group." The group all seemed confused about one robot in particular.

"Why do you act funny? You're a mech, so act like one!" The rest of the group sniggered.

"I thought the Primes had smart kids!" A robot that looked like an oversized insect spoke.

"Guess not." A green and purple one seemed to be sceptical of him.

"HOW COULD YOU CALL ME A MECH? SINCE WHEN ARE MECHS PINK? I'M A FEMME!" Arcee shouted angrily. All the others looked around to see that.

"That's enough all of you before I take points off the group!" Ratbat shouted at them and they all quickly shut up. Another teacher stepped forward, this time it was orangey in colour.

"I'm Flameburst and I'm in charge of Nickel." When Flameburst spoke the group on the right cheered. Let's see who we have in here…

"Prowl!" The Praxian from earlier stepped forward. "Yes sir." "If you didn't realise the group on the right is Nickel. Go and join them." Prowl wandered over to them but didn't seem to like them much.

"Sideswipe!" A yellow mech stood up and walked to the front. "Yes sir?" He's one of the two twins. We'll have to watch them… "Go and join the group on the right."

"Sunstreaker!" A red mech who looked similar to Sideswipe walked forward. "Yes?" I wonder why he's not the yellow twin… "Go and join your brother."

"Firestar!" A red and orange femme stepped forward. "Yes sir." Why is it that all the girls always seem to end up in Cobalt? "Join the rest of the group."

"Moonracer!" A green coloured femme stepped forward. "Yeah?" She seems too laid back as well… "Join the group on the right."

"Starcatcher!" A blue coloured Seeker stepped forward. "Yes sir…" Why are so many of the kids nervous? "There's no need for any of you to be scared; the older kids aren't going to hurt you." The three teachers looked sternly at certain individuals, who they knew liked to pick fights. While all that was happening Starcatcher ran over to join the group.

"Skyfire!" A slightly taller white Seeker responded and looked over at the red Seeker. "Shouldn't you be with the others?" He asked. "Skyfire, if your friends are in other groups you shouldn't be standing talking to them; you can speak to them at break. Go and join the others."

"Ravage!" A black coloured mech similar to Rumble stepped forward. "Yes?" I wonder why he looks different to the other two. "Go and join the others." It seemed now that there were only a few left at the front they knew where they were. They were in Cobalt. A grey coloured mech stepped forward near to Flameburst and Kup."

"I am Valium. I am in charge of Cobalt. Those of you left at the front are in my group but I need to learn who is who." Valium had a monotone voice which seemed to fit with his colour. Who is in my group… Skywarp and the other son of the Prime. I seem to have got the best group this year.

"Optimus." He nervously stepped forward, clearly aware that everyone was now looking at him. But he remembered what his brother had said. "Yes sir." He seems to be trying to prove himself. He seems to be too nervous; he can't be the Prime's son. "The group in the middle is Cobalt. Join it."

"Ironhide." Ironhide however wasn't as nervous as his friend. "Yes?" He acts more like the Prime's kid, are they sure they have the information right? "Join your friend."

"Elita." Another pink femme stepped forward. "Yes sir?" My group always seems to get the femmes that are the prettiest in it… "Join the others and try not to get into trouble." Elita looked confusedly at Valium.

"Chromia." "Yes sir." A blue femme answered and then realised what Valium was going to say and went to join the middle group.

"Skybolt." A black coloured Seeker answered that name. "Yeah?" The laid back ones are supposed to be in the other groups. Skybolt had wandered over to where the girls were.

"Skywarp." The red Seeker stepped forward. "Yes sir." "Well done for earning us five points already. Join the others." The girls didn't seem to be paying attention to Skybolt. They were trying to get Skywarp's attention.

"Soundwave." A dark blue coloured mech stepped forward. "Yes sir." He's got a similar vocal processor to me. Valium then noticed there was only one mech left in the middle; a small purple one.

"You must be Frenzy." "Yes sir!" Answered the mech. Valium and the other teachers couldn't help wondering why some of the year group were sniggering.

"Now that you all know which group are in you can go to your dorm rooms. Follow the teacher in charge or you'll get lost and you don't want to be lost on your first day do you?" Ratbat waited for them to answer with 'no sir' and was surprised when none of them answered. The teachers began to walk on ahead and then the students began to follow them.

Iron dorm room…

"Since you first years don't know the rules yet you should probably be given a rule sheet." Kup handed a rule sheet to the first years. This is what it had on it:

School Rules

1. No Fighting

2. No arguing with your teachers

3. No playing pranks on other students or teachers

4. No skiving lessons

5. Be punctual to your lessons

6. If you get detention attend it; you will have been put on it for a reason

7. If you are put in the Unit go there instead of your lessons; you will have to catch up on any missed work.

8. High grade is not allowed on site.

9. First year students cannot have a boyfriend/girlfriend in any year group.

10. Those students who have a partner:

a. No kissing

b. No interfacing

Most of the students groaned when they read rule 9.

"How is that fair?" Arcee asked. Kup had the idea that she would ask that question.

"We've found in the past that first year students do better in their exams if they don't have the distractions of a boyfriend or girlfriend."

"What do we do with the rule list?"

"That's a good question Rumble…"

"Kup sir, I'm not Rumble, I'm Frenzy!" Kup looked shocked and then realised why the other students were giggling; some of them had purposely answered to the wrong name.

"I'll take you to join Cobalt, the rest of you better be who you said you are or I'm going to be annoyed when I get back." Kup stormed out, followed by Frenzy who clearly didn't realise how much trouble he was in.

"What do you think that Valium's gonna say to Frenzy?" Bumblebee actually sounded worried.

"He's gonna be just as annoyed when he realises Skywarp is actually Starcatcher and the one who said his name is Skybolt is Skywarp." Ratchet seemed to find this most amusing.

"I think that Flameburst is going to live up to that name when he realises that the other Twins have done the same thing." Wheeljack was the one to point this out.

Cobalt dorm room…

"What do we do with the rule list now?"

"Good question Skywarp." Valium still couldn't understand what the students thought was funny.

"I'm not Skywarp, I'm Starcatcher. That's Skywarp!" Starcatcher pointed at the black Seeker.

"We've never had two sets of Twins and a set of Triplets in one year so why did you purposely try to confuse us?" Valium wasn't going to like the answer.

"Because we could sir." Skywarp answered. At that point there was a knock on the door.

"Come in." Kup opened the door and walked in, in a bad mood. The other first years clearly realised why. He was followed by a small red mech.

"Why has Rumble come with you? I don't have any students in here that should be in Iron."

"You do actually. The mech with me is Frenzy which the purple mech in here is Rumble." Valium got really cross.

"Why did you all decide to mix your names up?"

"So it would confuse you, and it clearly worked." Starcatcher responded and Valium didn't know what to say to that.

"Kup you take Rumble with you while I take Starcatcher to Nickel."

"How can you? Starcatcher was that blue Seeker."

"These three mixed their names up too. The blue Seeker is Skybolt. The red one is Starcatcher and the black one is Skywarp."

"That means Valium, that Starcatcher got my question right so that means... Five points go to Nickel not Cobalt. I'll pass that on to the headteacher." Kup and Rumble walked out the door before Valium could shout at Kup.

"Come on Starcatcher. We are going to Nickel's dorm room."

Nickel dorm room…

"What do we do with the rule list sir?"

"Good question Starcatcher." Flameburst again seemed to be wondering what the students found so funny.

"I'm Skybolt sir. Starcatcher was the red Seeker who answered Kup's question." Flameburst face lit up realising what that meant.

"You two Twins are called Sunstreaker and Sideswipe. Sunstreaker is yellow and Sideswipe is red." The students looked shocked.

"How did you know?" Sunstreaker seemed to think that trick would work.

"I also knew from the records that you weren't Starcatcher, he answered Kup's question; he had the good grades to prove it. Me and my twin tried the same trick but hit the same flaw; a blue coloured mech doesn't suit the name Flameburst." At that point the door opened and Valium strode in followed by Starcatcher.

"Skybolt you are coming back with me to your dorm room." Skybolt reluctantly followed; he liked Flameburst.

"Since you all didn't know the rules I'll let you off, but don't get put in the Unit on your first day ok guys?"

"Yes Flameburst." The students all answered at once.

"Off you go now; you have a day to learn where every class is before lessons start." The students didn't need to be told twice. They were out the door in a few seconds!

In the quadrangle…

"I was struggling not to fall asleep in there!" Frenzy mentioned this which started the others off ranting too.

"Valium has gotta have the most boring voice in the universe!" Ironhide put in.

"I would say he sounds like Soundwave but that would insult Soundwave." Skywarp sniggered.

"Come on! We don't have all day!" Starcatcher shouted at the others.

"Actually, we do." Sideswipe quipped back.

"There is something in particular we need to find… Come on Sideswipe." Sunstreaker was walking off looking for the science labs. Sideswipe followed and since Rumble and Frenzy were looking for the same thing they went after the other two Twins.

At the science labs…

"The science store cupboard. Why isn't it actually in the labs?"

"No time for pondering that now Rumble, we have to see if the door is open…" Frenzy pushed the door and to his surprise it wasn't locked.

"Teachers should really learn to lock these things…" Sideswipe walked in first.

"Hey look! That capacitor is massive! Who thinks we should try and get it spark?"

"That's not a bad idea Sunstreaker but where are we going to find a power pack big enough to power that thing?" Rumble looked around but couldn't see any.

"What about this one?" Frenzy pointed to something that looked like it could generate a lot of energy.

"That would do. Now all we need are some wires and something to discharge the capacitor through." Sunstreaker began looking around to see if he could find a resistor.

"There are some wires over here!" Sideswipe collected enough wires to make up the circuit and then spotted what looked like a resistor and picked that up too.

"Now that we have all the components, let's make that capacitor spark!" Rumble seemed to be far too excited about this.

A few minutes later…

"Where's this things on switch?"

"Probably that big red switch on the top of it Sideswipe." Frenzy pointed to a red switch that looked rather threatening.

"Ok here goes nothing." Sideswipe pushed the switch. The four of them wondered what the strange noise was afterwards. They began to wish they didn't connect it up. This became more apparent when there was a loud bang that could be heard in the quad.

"What was that?" Blitzwing looked towards where the explosion came from.

"It sounded like someone just blew something up!" One of the green and purple mechs in the second year spoke next.

"Let's go see!" and after Megatron said that they all began to go towards the science labs.

When the group got there they saw debris littering the floor and a huge cloud of smoke coming out of the cupboard.

"Looks like someone or someones blew up a capacitor. There's wreckage of it all around here!" Starcatcher seemed to be the only one actually going near the door.

"It wasn't me! I'm right here!" Everyone realised who it was and then giggled. Wheeljack was the one who normally had experiments blow up on him.

"What happened here?" Valium looked at the mess on the floor in horror.

"Who's been going through my science cupboard?"

"They'll still be in there sir." Elita was right; just at that point Sideswipe, Sunstreaker, Rumble and Frenzy decided to crawl out of the cupboard.

"Explain yourselves." Valium did not seem happy.

"We was just trying to get the capacitor to spark sir." Rumble spoke first.

"We didn't mean for it to blow up like that." Sunstreaker seemed to be the one most covered in muck from the explosion.

"You could have been hurt. I think that capacitor probably shouldn't have been in there it was quite old so the insulator inside would have been worn down." Valium explained.

"Now you are all going to get yourselves cleaned up and then you will spend the rest of the day in the Unit. You shouldn't have been in the science cupboard." Valium wasn't going to tolerate any nonsense from anyone.

"AWWWWWWW!" The four of them reluctantly wandered off towards the showers, not looking forward to a day in the Unit.

AN: Valium and Flameburst are OC's and they are based on two of my teachers in real life. The teacher I based Valium on really does sound like Soundwave! Also the capacitor blowing up happened in one of my Physics lessons recently and it blew up for the same reason! The Unit is what the internal exclusion centre is called at my school. High grade is like alcohol. If you like the story Please Review.