*peeks in* Are there people still with me on this ride? Before we ALL move on to the sequel - or maybe it's mostly I who needs to move on - I guess we should know the TURNING POINT of their story- *cough cough* love story. Some parts of this outtake will also give the other info needed in the sequel so I'm advising you guys to read this LOL






"Edward, wake the fuck up!" Bella shouts as she keeps on hitting me with a pillow.

I shift my body so I can look at her better. "Why the fuck do you have to do that?" I growl. This woman… I don't know what's with her. I've been living with her for six fucking weeks, and I still can't get used of her… spunk, yet I don't think I can return to my previous daily life before anymore. "You could've just awaken me in a much more normal way!"

She climbs off of the bed, and I see that she's only wearing a blue tank top and purple boyshorts. Fuck. I clear my dry throat, which is in contrast with my watering mouth. The fuck? I shouldn't react like this. I'm also a girl, for chrissakes! "I've tried that but it didn't work. And just be thankful that I woke you up, or else you'll be late for class."

I huff. Bitch has a point. With a huge ass yawn, I prepare my clothes and take a bath.

Soon, I am done and prepared to eat breakfast. Bella loves to cook and insists that she cooks the breakfast, even if it's only eggs, bacon, hotdogs, and coffee. Yeah, only.

I pad through the kitchen area and see her ready for school with her black Aerosmith t-shirt's ends tied behind, red checkered pants, and black Vans. I still don't understand her fashion style. She looks like a trying-hard-to-be-lesbian wannabe. Blech.

"Just eat here," she tells me, placing the plates of food on the breakfast island. I shrug. Whatever.

She sips her coffee as she gets a plate for herself. "Do you know what you want to use for the finals project?"

"Minimalist art. What about you? I don't see you trying to make any," I mutter as I devour the omelet she made me. Have I mentioned that she's a great cook like Mom?

Bella shrugs. "I'm not sure yet. I'm thinking of Cartooning or making manips and quick pages," she informs me. "I can't think of other more creative things."

"Well, they're alright. You can use them. I think it's even better if you use all of those ideas in one project."

She hums thoughtfully, nodding. "Nice thinking." She stands up after we're done eating and takes our greasy plates to the sink. I quickly head to the bathroom to do some final grooming.

She peeks in our bedroom. "Aren't you done yet? We're gonna be late, you know," she says anxiously.

I put my beanie in place and throw my backpack on my shoulder. I leave the apartment first since I'm the driver, so she's in charge of locking the door.

After a long and dreadful elevator ride, we finally arrive at the parking lot. On our way to the car, Bella whines, "Why did you have to pick an apartment on the tenth floor?"

I get in the Volvo and start the engine. "Like yours was any better. And what's the rush all about?"

She closes the door of the passenger side and turns to me. "I'm just excited for this afternoon. I'm taking a Creative Writing class."

"You are? Since when?" I pry as I speed off to the street.

"It's my major, dumbass. I only take this class for three months every school year though, so… yeah."


"Mhmm… I'm thinking that if my plan of pursuing the movie or advertising industry backfires, I'd have another background. Like, being an editor or a columnist." Wow. In this generation, many young adults don't think so much of their future as much as Bella does. She's really ready to take on life after college. Again, I wish I was like her. Cue the mental sigh.

"Columnist of what, newspapers or magazines?" I am suddenly very interested to hear her plans. Sometimes I try to envision myself paying for my own apartment with my own salary, living my life, maybe with a partner, but there's still something missing. You know? Like a spark or a piece or something.

"Either of the two." She shrugs. "But I'd still look for open jobs for graphic designers."

"Hmm… yeah, I think that's good, too." I nod in agreement. Were we just discussing her future and sort of deciding about it together? Wanting my inner questions to disappear, I vaguely shake my head and stare at the road. No more Bella.

Thirty minutes before class, we enter the U-Dub campus premises. She blames my driving speed. Whathefuckever, man.

She opens her door to get out of the car, but I inexplicably grab her hand and pull her back inside. She looks at me like I'm out of my mind and gapes.

"Just stay here for a while. It's too early," I reason. She slowly sits back and looks down at our holding hands. I quickly remove my hand from hers.




"When will you pass your thesis, Emmett?" Jasper inquires. The two are –again – waiting for their girlfriends to arrive for their fifth meeting… or is it sixth? Eh, nevermind.

"I think I want to wait some more after the ten weeks. You know? To see the real effect to their lives," Emmett answers. "What about you, Jazz? What's in your thesis?"

"Uh, the Elizabethan to Victorian century mentality versus the Twentieth century to Twenty-first century mentality." He leans on his chair and crosses his arms. "I passed it already. Like, three months ago now."

"Nice, man. That's real deep," Em comments.

"Have you read Tanya's? Fuck, it's mind-blowing, let me tell you," he drawls.

"Oh, I've read it. It was hot."

Jasper nods and hums in agreement. That woman will be something if she pursues med school.

"Listen, Jazz," Em starts. "How long have you been with Alice?"

A lazy smile spreads across Jasper's face when Emmett mentioned his sweet darling's name. "Almost four years." He's wondering if he should tell Em about his plan to propose to Alice this spring break. It's all perfect in his mind. When they go back to Alice's hometown in Forks, he will bring her to the beach and ask her to have dinner with him on the cliff and then, bam, pop the question.

"You still here, Jazz?" Em chuckles. Jasper didn't notice him speaking until Em called his attention and waved his big hand at his face. "As I've been saying, how did you end up with their bunch? You're a Southerner, right?"

"You betcha," Jazz drawls, waggling his eyebrows. "Well, it's actually because of Tanya. She set me and my Alice up on a date. And then we dated some more until she introduced me to her friends; that's when we became official."

Em nods, listening intently. "Bella and Edward have been cat and dog ever since?"

"Yep," Jasper answers, "they have. I didn't understand it at first, but, well, I just rode with it and then finally got it after a year." He shrugs nonchalantly.

Emmett chuckles, shaking his head in amusement. His new group sure is different. Until now, he still hasn't wrapped his head around the fact that the two weren't so fond of each other even though they are both homosexuals and in the same group of friends.

They continue talking until their beauties show up; breathing becomes hard.

"Hey you," Rose points at Em. "How's life going?"

"Oh, please. Like you two don't live together," Alice retorts after her own pleasantries with her Jasper. "How do you think E and B are doing?"

Rose hums, wondering the same thing. "Well, we can visit them tonight."

"In surprise," Jazz suggests evilly.

"Dude, that's perfect! That way we can actually see what's going on inside their apartment," Em exclaims and fist pumps Jasper. "But, what do you think is really happening between the two of them?"

"I've always thought they like each other deep down. There's like, a charge of sexual tension in the air when they try to bite each other's heads off," Rose responds, chuckling. She loves her Edward and Bella so much she agreed to this freaking plan.

"Yeah, true dat."

"Do you really think this will work, Em? I mean the fluidity of their homosexuality?" Jasper asks anxiously.

"Well, yeah, sure, that depends." Em rambles, scratching the back of his head in uncertainty. "I bet three hundred bucks the two of them are just confused." He looks at them mischievously.

Alice and Rose looks at him with skeptic expressions. "I dunno."

"I call," Jasper announces and shakes Em's hand exaggeratedly.

Alice huffs. "Fine. I'm with Jasper on this." She only agrees for the sake of her Jasper not feeling left alone if he loses.

Rose leans back on the chair and takes a sip of her Sprite. "I bet with Emmett."

Em then rubs his hands smugly. "Okay, people. Let's see who wins."

Uh oh.



"Edward, you sure that I can come get it any time?" Jake asks.

I nod. "Yeah. It's all cool. You just ask for the spare key in the lobby reception."

He giggles. So girly, he is. "Perfect. Bye." He blows a kiss and walks away to get in his car. I wave him goodbye.

Sighing, I go back inside our college building. I slap my face, thinking what an idiot I am for returning inside to look for Bella instead of going home and relaxing on my couch, drinking beer, maybe some play Guitar Hero before I cook our dinner. I just can't shake this nagging feeling that I can't leave without Bella. Why I feel responsible for her, I'll never know.

Bella said that her Creative Writing class is in the English classroom. Glancing at my watch, I gather that it's already four thirty in the afternoon. Sheesh. Does she really have to stay this long? I go inside the supposed classroom only to find no one in there. Where the hell did that person go?

I scan the other classrooms of that area and eventually hear voices in a room to the right. I read the sign that says it's the fashion design lab. I place my ear on the door, straining to hear the voices on the other side.

"Bella, look at me. You look hot like this!" a familiar chirpy voice says.

I try as quietly as I can to open the door and take a peek inside. I surprisingly see Alice, Rose, and Bella's heads inside. They're making Bella try on a few clothes, I think. Just then, Bella strips off in front of the two, and I realize that the both of them are only wearing underwear.

Bella's shoulders slump a bit in boredom of what they're doing - whatever this is. Wait, shouldn't she be enjoying this instead of the other way around? I mean, two half-naked girls willingly stripping in front of you. Why would a guy, or in this case, a lesbo like Bella not enjoy this kind of sight?

"Bella, stop hunching! It makes your tits look saggy," Rose tells her. I can feel my mouth become dry; a stirring in my pants makes me shudder. "Okay," she goes behind Bella and cups her-

I silently gape at the three of them. Rose just simply cupped p-p-puss-s-sy… and brushed the c-curly… I instinctively cup my balls. Bella, of course, seems to be enjoying it but feigning indifference. Knew it. What do you expect from a lesbian? But, more importantly, how can they do this here?

"We should wax in the spa on Saturday. Your hair's grown too long already."

I bite my lip to control my whimper.

"Can you dance for me, Bella?" Alice requests. "Drop it low, maybe?"

Bella and Rose laugh and do that 'drop it low' thing. Fuck, the three of them really do this? They look at each other's vaginas? Shit.

Double shit. I just saw the lips of B-Bella's…

Bella's face scowls while Rose snickers at her. "Aw, Alice, you made Bella wet," she teases. Fuuuuuucckk… wet? Bella's wet?

"Shucks. Well, you can aid that in front of us, Bella. It's okay," Alice teases.

"Fuck you, Alice," Bella hisses. My hand tightens my hold on the door knob. Bella then touches her own pussy. "Tease me again, and I will."

Fuck, I'm outta here!

I successfully close the door without a squeak and almost run for the car. My whole body shaking, I burn rubber and speed off back to the apartment. I need a fucking shower. Pun is sooooo intended.

Miraculously, in five minutes, I'm already parking the Volvo. I hastily escape the car and enter the building briskly. I'm no runner, but because of the adrenaline rush, I've successfully run up the stairs, which I've never used before, from the lobby, up to the tenth floor. Panting heavily from the running, and I'm very sure, also because I'm more aroused than ever, I search for my keys in my pockets.

After I've finally opened the door, I run straight to the bedroom and throw all of my clothes on the floor, dying to have a veeeerrrryy long shower. I turn the lights on, the faucet on, not even bothering to shut the door tightly. I spread the shower curtain instead and position myself under the shower. Cold water… I like it - suits the moment. I shudder intensely and am finally able to grab my body wash. I put some on my hand and mean for it to be lathered on my body, but it involuntarily drives straight to my pointing erection.

"Ahhhhh, fuuuuuuck," I whisper as my hand pumps up and down my cock as fast and hard as I can. I close my eyes and see in my vision a naked Bella, dropping it low in front of me. She then positions herself on all fours. I grab her hips and I… enter… her… from… behind. I thrust hard, my dick going in and out of her ass. A hand on the wall to support me, I grip her hips and pound inside her faster and faster. The vision changes; she's now kneeling below me, both her hands squeezing my ass cheeks. She licks my tip, and then sucks it whole, her head bobbing as she pumps and sucks. Another shudder escapes me as the vision shifts for the third time, with Bella lying on her back, buck naked under me. My mouth dries up as I see her spread her legs, her hand gripping the headboard hard. I enter her and she screams in pleasure.

"Oh, fuckkkkk." Feeling myself close, I thrust my hand faster. Tension builds up in my abdomen; my mouth forms an 'O' shape as I tremble and come undone.

Fuck me; that was good.

And, yeah, I should not have done that!

I trudge out of the bedroom, dressed and showered, and utterly spent. I go sit on the long couch and slouch.

There are only rare moments when I just sit down and stare at nothing and just… think. I lean on my knees and cover my face with my hands. I am really beginning to believe that I am crazy. I mean what kind of gay would jack off because of a tomboy? The experience was nice, though. Her curves were defined in my memory, and her boobs, fuck, her boobs… OKAY! STOP! Do you get me now? Dammit.

A few minutes later, an exhausted Bella finally enters the apartment. What took this bitch so long? She notices my stance. "You okay there?" What do you think?

I exhale resoundingly and close my eyes. I pinch the bridge of nose. I guess she already went inside our bedroom considering the loud bang of the door.

"EDWARD! YOU BITCH!" Bella seethes. I just stay in my position, not bothering to look at her. What now? Can't you even sense that I'm having an internal debate here because of you? "Look at me!"

I sigh heavily. When I turn to h-

Shit. She's only wearing a lacy purple lingerie set. And she's really angry. "What the hell is wrong with you, Bella? Why are you just wearing underwear?" I ask her with a tired, pleading voice. With desperation, I close my eyes. I'm losing my mind here, you know.

"What's wrong with me? What's wrong with me? Well, I'll tell you what's wrong with me. I don't have anything to wear, that's what wrong with me!" She points at her lingerie-clad body. "You didn't fucking do your chores! It was your turn to do the laundry. What, you didn't even think of me?"

"Bella," I grit out, staring at the ground, preventing myself from looking at her, "I didn't wash our clothes because I know that we've done clothes shopping, so I know that you have plenty of clothes stocked." I force myself to look at her. Or rather, control myself from walking up to her and doing something very, very unnecessary. "You could just wear the dresses. Why walk around the apartment in just your underwear?"

"I don't wanna wear those! I want my jeans!"

I shrug dismissively. "Fine. Suit yourself," I mutter sarcastically.

"Ugh! You're such an idiot!" She stomps her way to the couch and sits next to me.

"What do you think you're doing?" I sneer.

She makes herself comfortable, lying on the couch and crossing her legs across my lap. "I've been thinking of last Saturday." She puts her arms behind her head, making her breasts protrude even more.

I pinch the bridge of my nose. "Who gives a shit?"

She ignores my comment. "You know? What Jake said? Like, don't you even wanna know what it feels like getting it on with girls? I mean, so what if you'll be 'lesbian'? You're already gay, if you look at things like that. No need to restrain yourself from stuff."

"What's that supposed to mean?" What are you up to now, Bella?

"I meant," she sits back up and leans closer to me, "don't you think it's better to be a guy like me than be a girl like Rose and Alice?" She waggles her eyebrows at me.

No way, Edward. Do not listen to her. Men should not be trusted, most especially her. "Uh," I breathe. I want to tell her that I don't want to know, but she's just… too… fucking… close. "I think I like it more to be a girl like Rose and Alice."

"You sure?" And then she leans closer to me, testing me. "'Cause I'm soooo wet right now," she whispers against my ear.

My breathing hitches. I gulp. Maybe I can test if girls kiss better than boys? SHUT UP, EDWARD! "I still believe guys kiss better than girls."

"Let's see." Bella straddles me and leans closer, her cleavage taunting me to lick it. I lick my lips and gaze up at her. She gives me a peck.

Okay, time for the epic fail. This is actually turning into a predicament. She awkwardly places her left hand in my hair while the other one curls around the back of my neck. She then bites her lip, unsure of what to do. I slightly tilt my head to the right so I can just lead the way, but Bella also angles her head on the same side. Because of that, I angle my head to the left, but then she tilts her head to my left. We do that again a couple of times, our heads wobbling like bobbleheads, and you'd think we're just imitating each other in a sort of dance. Eventually we both get tired of lolling our heads and let out awkward laughs.

And then I take over.

I throw you to the back of the couch and take your place. I bring my lips to yours, fisting your hair and gripping your hip tightly. Fuck, this is almost like one of my visions.

Unfortunately, we have to part, gasping for air. I'm sure we have the same hooded eyes. Her brown eyes are almost black with lust.

"Uh, how do you, um..." she stutters, gesturing her tongue.

"Same as how you do it to women." I scratch the back of my neck, unsure if that's what she's talking about.

She nods, her fingers slipping inside her panties. I gasp as she pumps her fingers in and out. "Oh, okay. Let's continue."

I move closer and put her legs around my waist. I forcefully remove her juice-coated fingers and shove them inside my mouth to suck. Her eyes become another shade darker, if that's still possible. She moans, her chest heaving. I hold out the two fingers and give them one more lick.

She groans. "Ah, fuck. Let's fucking do it already!"

I chuckle and begin to devour her mouth again. I lick on her bottom lip twice, begging for entrance. She grants me the permission, and our tongues dance against each other, fighting for dominance. So in lust with me, she opens her mouth, and I see her looking right at me while we lick each other's tongues.

She then pushes me back to the couch and takes over. I grip the back of her thigh with one hand and the other one in her hair. She moans when I trace her name on her thigh downwards with my finger.



"Have you texted Em?" Alice checks with Jasper for the third time since leaving their apartment.

"Yeah. They're already inside, Alice," Jasper replies as their cab drops them off in front of Edward and Bella's apartment building. They both immediately head inside only to see Emmett and Rosalie making out – unsuccessfully trying to be as decent as they can be - on one of the couches in the lobby. He drops his jaw at the sight.

"Okaaaay?" Alice says a bit too loud for her taste since Rosalie obviously recognizes her voice, and gets off of Emmett's lap. The two clear their throats and try to fix their appearances. "Oh, gosh, did I interrupt something?"

Rose swallows and smiles slightly. "Nothing. Let's get up." She gives Em another chaste kiss.

"You guys brought the beer?" Jasper asks hesitantly, holding the boxes of pizza up.

Em nods, grinning from ear to ear. "Leggo."

Fortunately, the elevator ride isn't as awkward as they all thought it would be. Once they exit the elevator, Emmett turns to them. "So where's the wager?"

Jasper cocks an eyebrow. "This early? I thought you were gonna wait a few more weeks?"

Em shrugs. "Then you keep the money. Just want it to be settled once and for all." He waggles his eyebrows suggestively.

"I will," Alice volunteers, and all three of them give the money to her. "Knock on the door now, baby."

"Why knock if it's already open?" Jasper answers, pointing at the keyhole.

"How do you know?" Em whispers, mind boggled as ever.

"Eh. You won't understand, but I have studied a lot about picking locks."

In his hometown in Texas, Jasper was part of the "Junior Detectives of the Future Training". He became a part of that because as a kid, he was bullied and was put into lockers by the "big guys". Since he knew he was no match for them physically, considering he was only one-third of their bodies due to his lanky build, he began thinking of ideas how outsmart them. Fortunately, his father was a mechanic; therefore, he taught Jasper how to use screw drivers. That made him stay extra hours after school just to study the locks of the lockers his bullies usually put him into. He also studied his bedroom door knob and memorized the sounds and looks of an open and locked door. He was successful over time, opening the locker door with efficiency after waiting ten to fifteen minutes after the bullies left. That fact actually made him popular in their town.

Em snickers. "Then open it."

Jasper opens the door effortlessly, and for the second time today, he's beyond flabbergasted when he sees Bella, covered only in lingerie, on top of Edward, with his hand fisted against her hair, having a full-on make-out session. The three others peek at the space and gasp.

"What the fuck?" Rose exclaims. Bella quickly parts with Edward and sits beside him, eyes wide. Edward glances at Bella and covers her body using a couch pillow. "Oh my fuckin' God."

After a minute of stare-downs, Em breaks the silence. "Beer, anyone?"


Shit, shit, shit, fuckity shit. We're busted.

Currently, all six of us are sitting on the living room couches, our friends' eyes trained on me and Bella. I sigh in frustration and drink my beer. Frustration, because I can't hurt girls, let alone a lesbian, 'cause she's still a girl. Fuck!

"I'll stand by my thoughts. Boys kiss better than girls," Idiot Me brings up. Bella snorts and rolls her eyes. The two pairs, though, are stupefied. Alice's mouth opens and closes.

When they finally come back to life, Rose scoffs. "Did you just imply that we girls kiss badly?"

"Sooo not true!" Alice argues and crosses her arms, bitchbrow intact.

Em rubs his face with his hands while Jasper runs his fingers through his hair. "Shit. I don't know what to say. Do we even have a say in anything?"

"Told you, Edward. Girls kiss better than boys," concludes Bella in a matter-of-fact tone. I turn around to see if Rose and Alice are weirded out by her comment, but instead they are nodding in agreement with her.

"So that's why you two were making out? Because both of you are proving to each other which sex is the better kisser?" Rose asks. I nod.

What? It's true. Shut up, bitches.

"But Bella has to wear lingerie while you two are doing that?" Em counters suggestively.

Bella sighs in annoyance. "I don't have clothes on because our homegay here," she says as she points at me, "did not do his chores."

"I'm sorry, but didn't it ever occur to the both of you that you can't really test that theory unless you both kiss straight girls and guys?" Rose prods. Ugh! Someday – hopefully as soon as possible – I'll one-up on you real good, Swan. You'll see…

"And you know the laws and steps of scientific experimentation because…?"

Rose shrugs. "Em and Jazz are Psychology students, remember?"

I want to say, "Rose, you're not making any sense here. Shouldn't you have just said that you're an Engineering student?" but refrain because I don't want her to notice that. Let Bella's wits corner the bitch.

"Uh huh, and what's that have to do with anything?" Bella asks dryly. Told ya.

Rose huffs. "Emmett is my boyfriend, so I kinda adapt his… stuff," Rose lamely reasons.

Alice and Jazz snicker, obviously knowing something we don't. "His stuff?" Alice repeats pointedly. Rose narrows her eyes at her.

"Why are you four even here?" Bella questions in annoyance. Uh, because they want to be? Not that I'd say that.

"We wanted to visit our best friends! Is that so wrong?" Alice pouts and crosses her arms.

I arch my brow. "You three just saw each other a couple hours ago!" Flashes of their… um, meeting come crashing through my mind. I'm such a fucked up person.

I catch Em and Jazz following Bella's movement – that is, the movement of her boobs- and I inexplicably glare at them for doing so. They see my look, causing them to glance away from her quickly. Why do I even feel possessive of her? She's not mine to keep! And never will be. I don't do lesbians.

The three girls all but narrow their eyes at me in suspicion. "What do you mean 'saw'? No one knew where we were a couple hours ago," Rose presses. Em sucks in a breath and looks at me in sympathy. Something tells me this has happened to him so many times already.

I gape. Why did I suddenly become the main character? I may be gay, but I'm not an attention-seeker type. "Why are you all turning against me? This is my apartment!"

"You're not answering the damn question, Edward," Alice shoots back curtly, a feat I rarely experience from my cousin. I have this huge urge to gulp, but I can't. I can't show them I'm about to shit my pants because of their stares. "What did you see?"

I cringe slightly. "Nothing," I lie.

"You're lying!" Bella spits. "How did you know we were there?"

I didn't notice I was already breathing hard. "I – Dammit, I looked for you."

"You looked for her?" Em pipes in, suddenly more interested than before.

"I wanted to go home, but I thought Bella wouldn't have a ride if I left, so I went to the classroom she told me. She wasn't there, so I looked for her," I whimper. I can't believe a woman a foot shorter than me can intimidate me like this.

"Aw," Jasper drawls, "Eddie's concerned about Bellie." I roll my eyes. I fucking hate you Whitlock. With a passion. Just discovered that.

"What did you see, Eddie?" Em asks, an intense expression on his face.

I shake my head in indignation. "Nothing!"

Alice cocks her brow tauntingly. "Did you enjoy the sight, Edward?"

I yelp and, again, shake my head furiously.

"Then what's that growing inside your jeans?" Rose points at my fly with her lips jutting out.

My eyes widen at the situation I am put in. Right now, I just have one question.

Fucking hell, of all people, WHY ME?

"Oh, thank God!" I hear Bella moan as she goes inside our room.

I let out a fucking deep sigh as I close the door and lean my forehead against it.

(Just moments ago…)

"Maybe making Bella stay with Edward is a wrong decision," Jasper mused. "I mean, we don't want her to live with a Peeping Tom."

Emmett nodded in agreement. "Yeah, I mean, we still respect her femininity as well as her lesbianism."

"What the hell are you two talking about?" I clenched my jaw. I knew I didn't want Bella from the start, but, you know, she sort of grew on me. I mean, we were discussing her future just this morning!

Everyone was stunned silent at my statement. Was it really that shocking? Sheesh.

Finally, Rose huffed. "You know what? Let's get things straight here. We all know you don't want Bella to stay here…"

"Who the fuck is 'we'? And why are you saying that I don't want her here?" I interrupted, my tongue driven by liquid courage.

She looked at me expectantly. "Didn't you?"

I stared at her with a scrunched up face, not knowing what to say.

"What, aren't I correct? You didn't want her here. You don't want your gay ass to be selfless for once and help a friend."

I heard multiple gasps, most importantly one from beside me. "Rose, you didn't just say that! How could you? Aren't you happy enough that he had let me stay here for what, six, seven weeks already?" Bella chided. Damn, she was defending me!

Rose put on an unconvincing concerned look. "Bella, look at you. You're barely dressed in front of us!" She gestured at her friend's body.

Bella cocked an eyebrow. "Where's this coming from, Rose? Why are you acting like a prude? Didn't the three of us discuss my pussy just this afternoon?"

This time, Alice scoffed. "Bella, that's different! We were all girls that time. There are men in this room now, and your bazookas are exposed for all of them to see!"

"Oh, that's my problem?" Bella shot back angrily. "Is it my fault that your boyfriends can't keep their eyes to themselves?" Ooooh, burn. She rolled her eyes and then turned to me. "Good thing with Edward, he's decent enough not to stare at my boobs."

Uh, wow. That was uncalled for… and obviously not true, but if you say so, then-

"Edward is decent?" Rose countered incredulously. "Bella, how can you say he's decent? The douche didn't even care to wash your clothes!"

Bella continued to avoid looking at them by staring at me. I suppressed a sigh. You could never win against this girl if she set her foot on not letting you. "It was my decision. I have tons of clothes in my closet, but I wanted to wear underwear for the night."

"Why would you want that?" Alice asked, trying to keep her emotions at bay.

"Simply because I wanted to!" Bella shouted back before Jasper cleared his throat.

"I think it's time we should call this a night," he said in a serious and leveled tone. No one could disagree whenever he used that kind of voice. It sounded so commanding and superior.

Alice hung her head and blew a deep gush of air. "Yeah, let's just leave."

And there they went.

I enter the bedroom and rub a hand on my face. There I see Bella lying sideways, fully wrapped in a comforter, her back facing the door. I don't know what she's thinking right now. She must be pissed at me or something.

I go straight to the bathroom to brush my teeth and do some final washing up before going to the closet to pick a t-shirt for Bella.

I then tap her twice, saying, "Hey, Bella." When she doesn't answer, I climb on the bed and try to turn her body. I notice she's trembling. I keep calling her, but she won't budge, so I forcefully pull the comforter away from her. Guess what I see. She's crying.

"Bella," I whisper as I hug her, "what the hell is happening? Why are you crying?" I think this is the second time I've seen her shedding her 'cover-up' and showing the scared little girl that she really is.

She shakes her head repeatedly. "Nothing. Just leave me alone. No one understands me. All of you always judge me."

"You know that's not true. I'm here for you. I know what you feel." Something in bared Bella makes me feel selfless and concerned and shit.

"You do?" She gazes up at me, her lashes wet with tears.

I lean in closer and hold her face. "Of course I do. We experience the same shit, remember?"

She snorts and shakes her head in slight disbelief, a smile slowly creeping up her face. I brush her wet cheek with my thumb, wiping a tear trail along the way. Caught up in the moment, I languidly plant a kiss on it. This is different, like I can feel a shift happening inside me.

Inch by inch we're moving closer until the tips of our noses are touching. Using my hands, I pull her in for a searing kiss.

"Edward," she moans as she tightens her grip on the strands of my hair.

"I was actually about to give you a shirt but…" I trail off, finding that explanation is useless.

Feeling bold, I lift my head to look at her eyes. "Where did we leave off exactly?"

She smirks at me and pushes my head downwards. I started on her neck, nibbling on it, followed by her collarbone. Seriously, I don't know where the hell I've gotten this knowledge of doing these kinds of things. I just know when it comes to Bella. Oh, my God, I'm turning into a guy!

At the moment I don't care enough, though. I unclasp her bra while kissing the revealed skin. Oh, shit, my peen is alive again. Oh, my God, oh, my God, what the hell is happening to me? I'm, like, having a power struggle with myself. I feel like a part of me doesn't want to do it but the other one's enjoying itself – the guy part. I shudder intensely.

Now that her upper body's fully unclothed, my eyes automatically scan the sight before me. Damn, it's beautiful. Her boobs are to die for. I'd definitely want to have those tatas if only I was a girl.

The two genders are warring inside me, fighting for survival. I exhale sharply as my dick twitches painfully.

"Are you okay, Edward?" she asks the same time I wince. Wow. What a moment this is. Here's her boobies flashed in front of me, and here I am ogling at it like it's an alien or something. It's A. W. K. W. A. R. D. What's that word? AWKWARD!

"Er, yeah," I mumble, licking my lips.

Maybe this really isn't meant to be. I mean, if this is, then we'll be 'The Mannequin' theme song 'Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now', but just as I'm about to dip my head down to put one of her titties inside my mouth, a very familiar guy voice shrieks, "Oh, my God! What is happening here?" It's Jacob.

My jaw clenches. The intrusion brings me back to reality – the reality that I'm gay and Bella's a lesbian. We aren't for each other. That puts a sharp pang in my chest.

I sigh deeply to gather enough courage to face him. I don't even dare try to look at Bella. She's probably much more beyond pissed at me and Jacob.

"We're not doing anything," I claim. Well, we were about to do something until you fucking came and disturbed us!

"Yeah, we're not," Bella weakly adds. Anger and sadness is so evident in her voice, yet she manages to keep it level. It makes me want to curl up with her the whole night and soothe her. She doesn't deserve this night, at least, in my opinion.

"Uh huh?" Jake deadpans. "Whatever. I'm only here for my DVDs."

"What?" Bella exclaims. "What kind of DVDs?"

I gulp and direct my glare at him. He didn't have to tell her the truth!

"What is he talking about, Edward? Please tell me I'm thinking of the wrong kind of DVD."

I immediately look down, ashamed. She's right. "That was so long ago."

She scoffs. "You borrowed porn from Jake? That's gross!"

"I'm sorry, okay?" I told her, flinching in advance for the incoming round of rants. But instead, I'm met by silence, because she has stormed out of the room.

I scratch my head in annoyance. "Dammit."

"Eddie?" Jake calls me once more.

"Do not fucking call me that!" I scream, stomping out to the living room where I've kept the DVDs. I didn't even watch any of it. My class is far too high for it.

Shoving them towards him, I complain, "You should've fucking texted me or called me that you were coming."

"You told me I can come in anytime!" he replies.

I huff. "Whatthefuckever."

"Buh bye!" He opens the door and exits.

I rake my fingers through my hair in utter… Hell, I don't even know what I'm feeling anymore.

I tip toe to Bella's old room and see her the same way as I saw her in my bed earlier. She must be so disappointed in me.

"Bella," I start, not knowing how to continue. "Um, about those DVDs…"

"How fucking disgusting! I can't believe you watched those," she retaliates.

"I didn't, okay? I've thought of it, but never bothered to watch it."

"Like that helps." When will she ever believe me? This woman has trust issues.

"Fine, alright. I'm sorry. Just tell me what to do to make it up to you."

She turns toward me, glaring fiercely. "Nothing, alright? Leaving me alone would be so much better."

I lost my mind after this.

And, unknowingly, also my heart.

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