Title: Dreamscape

Summary: Waking up only to realize everything is exactly the way it's not supposed to be, can be a very strange and enlightening experience.

Disclaimer: Kim Harrison owns all!

A/N: Warning. This story is strange. If you're looking for something that makes sense you should look elsewhere! Also I promise I will finish it and not leave you hanging. It might get strange but it will get done!

Part: 1 of 5 (I think)

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As Light Filters Through A Rain Drop All The Colors Of The World Exist In Its Reflection -

I stared at the ceiling. Something was very wrong, I knew this because the ceiling was moving.

"Don't you dare die on me. Not now. You hear me! Just hold on a little bit longer."

I blinked and the world became too blurry to make out, but someone had started to shake me.

Then there were lots of low buzzing sounds. Voices?

A piercing sound. Like a banshee's cry. Or an ambulance.

"Rachel," someone shook me more firmly. "Rachel, wake up." I opened my eyes but didn't move. Stared at an unfamiliar ceiling. What a strange dream."You will have to get up sooner or later." The distinctly male voice told me.

I turned and looked up into a face I didn't recognize and felt a surge of panic. Then I realized it was just Josh. Josh with his brown puppy dog eyes and charming smile. And hot bod.

Josh, who I had met on a run for the I.S. three months ago.

Something about that seemed wrong.

I didn't work for the I.S. anymore.

I closed my eyes and leaned back into the pillows with a sigh.

Of course I worked for the I.S.

I had signed a contract. And nobody broke a contract with the I.S., unless they were Ivy Tamwood and had the cash to pay their way out of it. Ivy had always played by her own rules. I remembered that about her from the time we had worked together all those years ago. I wondered why she left. Why she left without me…which was insane. Ivy had probably forgotten all about me years ago.

"I was thinking of making pancakes," Josh said as he tied a horrible pink and orange tie around his neck. Fashion was not one of his strong suit. "You got time before your meeting? It's something with Piscary's PML inspection, right?"

"Piscary has been closed for ages," I said and Josh turned to me with a raised eyebrow. "Ever since Skimmer killed him and Rynn took over the camarilla…" I stopped myself. What was I talking about? Josh and I had been to Piscary for pizza on our fourth date, just a few weeks ago. Piscary wasn't dead. Or at least not any more dead than usual.

"What are you on, and where can I get some," Josh grinned and leaned forward and kissed me. "Yes or no to pancakes?" He asked as he pulled back.

"Yes," I looked at the clock. "Or actually no. Sorry. I have to go home and change." I scrambled out of the bed. Where had I put my clothes? Last night seemed so fussy and far away.

"You know, I wouldn't object if you wanted to keep more than a toothbrush here," Josh said from the door as I found one sock and my bra.

"Yeah? I'll think about it," I mumbled. I had only been going out with him for three months. Granted that was longer than most of my relationships but still…

"Maybe you could do more than just think about it," Josh still hadn't left the doorway. "I was hoping you would move in with me?" Josh smiled and looked at me with those puppy dog eyes.

I swallowed. Just what I needed to make my morning complete.

"This is embarrassing; I can't believe I'm down to witnessing MPL:s being handed out," I complained to Glenn as we stood outside Piscary waiting to be let in. Glenn was the guy the F.I.B. had sent to consent to Piscary's MPL being reinstated. I smiled and remembered how freaked out Glenn was by tomatoes, then after he started to love them, how I use to be able to bribe him with them to get him to give me silver zip-strips. Only I hadn't met Glenn before today so I must be confusing him with someone else.

"I'm the boss's son," Glenn rolled his eyes. "I always get stuck with these things. It's like no one else wants to chitchat with the freaks." He said the last part with humor so I didn't take offence. But he should be careful; some might not be as forgiving as little old me.

"That gotta suck," I blew a bubble with my gum and looked out over the river. Kisten's boat was docked a little bit down the river and the sun glittered beautifully over both it, and the water. I turned slightly to my left, towards the parking lot because I thought I saw movement.

There was a really tall man in a black cloak standing there. He stood there, completely still his cloak covering his face but I would have betted my life's savings (which granted wasn't much but still) he was staring at me. I blinked and he was gone. I hadn't felt anyone tug on a ley-line as to jump the lines so… maybe it had been a hallucination? My subconscious feeling bad about breaking up with Josh. But really? He wanted me to move in after three months? Who was he kidding. No matter what the apparition stood for it had made the hairs on my arms stand up straight and my skin feel like someone was poking me with needles. A feeling I remembered a little too well for my own liking.

Just as I was about to ask Glen if he had seen the thing in the black cloak, I heard the click of a lock bolt turning. A blond living vampire I recognized opened the door to Piscary's. I frowned-What was Skimmer doing here? How did I know Skimmer again? I couldn't remember. There seemed to be a lot of things I couldn't remember today.

"Hi," Skimmer said and smiled at us, showing her slightly pointed teeth. She was dressed more for a courtroom than for a pizza place and looked totally out of place in her very fancy business suit. "Come with me." She turned and disappeared into the restaurant. Glenn held the door open for me, not entering himself.

"Don't you think we should wait for the inspector?" he looked slightly worried about walking into the Cincinnati's master vampire's lair. Or maybe it was the thought of the tomatoes.

"Nee, he's probably late. They always are." I walked into the restaurant before him following Skimmer. The restaurant smelled of pizza and vampire, two very pleasant but both dangerous smells. Granted the worst the pizza could do was give you cellulites…"And don't worry. Piscary will probably be asleep. It's day time. We'll be dealing with his Scion..."

"Why does that not make me feel better," Glenn muttered as he fell in after me. We walked into the open part of the restaurant and I froze as I saw just who Piscary's Scion was.


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