Title: Through the Woods

Penname: texasbella

Rating: M

Pairing: eventually E/B

Disclaimer/AN: Stephenie Meyer wrote the Cullen's as Vampires. I've used the characters to write a fairy tale.

This piece serves two purposes. First, I agreed to write it to say thank you to those in the fandom that came together to help out a friend in need with A Flight For Bobby when she needed to get to her son who had been in an awful car wreck. She graciously agreed to share the compilation with anyone who was willing to make a donation in any amount to Autism Speaks. The second purpose is that this short story is dedicated to my dear friend and Twi-Sister, Holly A. Knowing how busy I am, she agreed to let her birthday piece get donated as long as she chose the "prompt," which in this case was Bella and either Edward, Jasper, Carlisle or Emmett...OR any combination of all of them. Yeah, she's a perv like me...lol.

Happy Birthday, Holly...I love you!

Without further ado, enjoy your adult fairytale...you may never look at Disney the same.


"He's dying, Sissy," Alice whimpered against my shoulder before she broke out in soft sobs.

"I know, Sprite," I soothed against her cheek as I rubbed her back.

"If Father dies, we'll have to live with the priestesses. Forbidden to ever marry," she hiccupped, sniffed her nose and carried on, "and that doesn't happen to me…" she lowered her voice, "I've seen my husband."

"Really?" I fronted sincere curiosity and she nodded, looking at me with her large, wet, brown eyes. Alice had a knack for knowing things. She claimed she could 'see' events. According to Father, Mother'd had the gift as well. He said she must've passed it on to Alice as she died in childbirth.

"He's kind and will calm me. He's beautiful," she breathed out in a whisper.

I hugged her close, kissing the top of her head as I made my decision. We really had no other choice.

"Alice, I need you to trust me to leave you here while I go for help. I don't know how long I'll be gone, but I WILL make it back…in time."

"Where are you going?" she questioned me in a dry sob. She was going to start crying again.

"To see Zafrina," I said, avoiding her eyes.

She gasped. "The witch."

She started sobbing.

A/N: Thank you to Mid Night Cougar for betaing this and to reyes139, Nocturnal Emissions, nmydreamz, TrueEnglishRose, JA Mash and WitchyVampireGirl for pre-reading. Special thanks to JA Mash for the banner and accompanying character posters for this story. Once all 10 chapters have posted in full, the PDF (with pictures) will be available for download on my blog at www . toserveisdivine . blogspot . com