Sigh… So ever since "Just What You're Looking For" Ended, my viewers dropped drastically. This makes me sad. So, I've decided to make this. "Just What You're Looking For 2" Yep. Get excited. Flip the fuck out, and tell your friends. So, for a start I'll just do some club sex based off this head cannon that Spain wrote "Tonight I'm Fucking You" and sings it like a god. Anyway~ I hope this is just what you're looking for~~.

The club music was loud and heavy as Lovino drowned what must have been his 8 shot. His body like it was on fire, as he jumped off the bar stool and headed towards the dance floor. He danced, like the world was about to end. The 23 year old was a fantastic dancer and he knew it, as he felt green eyes pressing into his ass. Tan hands grabbed his waist and pulled him flush against a large hard body, and Lovino didn't mind.

The two bodies ground into each other with ease. Lovino felt a large bulge pressing into his ass, and he pressed into it. Lovino turned around to face his partner for the first time. He smirked. A handsome man with curly brown hair, tan skin and bright green eyes stood before him. Lovino was captivated. The man ground their hips together, earning a moan out of Lovino. The man leaned down to whisper into Lovino's ear.

"You're coming home with me tonight~" His voice was accented and hot, and nearly made Lovino's knees give out. All Lovino could do was nod, as the man reached down to grab and grope his ass. Lovino squeaked, and the man chuckled, groping his ass. The man used his middle finger to circle Lovino's hole, through his pants. Lovino groaned and leaned on the man, as he mercilessly played with him. "Me llamo Antonio~" The man whispered before licking the shell of his ear.

"Mmm~ Antonio" Lovino groaned hotly, and he bucked his hips into Antonio's. Antonio leaned down to capture Lovino's lips in a fiery kiss. Lovino wrapped a leg around Antonio's torso, as Antonio ground their hips together and groped Lovino. "Ahh~" Lovino moaned as Antonio kissed down his neck, sucking lightly. "Ah~ Antonio~" Lovino moaned.

"Let's ditch this place~ Si?" Antonio asked. Lovino nodded. Antonio grabbed his hand and dragged him outside, and got a taxi to his flat. Once they were inside the house their lips were connected in a hot kiss. Antonio pulled back and picked Lovino up princess style and carried him to his bed room. Lovino giggled when Antonio plopped him on the bed.

"Mmm~ Antonio~" Lovino moaned as he leaned up to stoke Antonio's broad chest. He slowly unbuttoned the shirt, revealing sun kissed skin to his eyes. Antonio smirked at the growing blush on Lovino's face. Lovino gently kissed up and down the chest, tracing the muscles with his tongue. Antonio petted his hair, as Lovino kissed lower to his pants. Lovino unbuttoned them, and pulled Antonio erect cock out. Lovino's jaw dropped.

"Te gusta?" Antonio asked. Antonio's cock must have been at least 9 inches, and it was dark, and smooth.

"Me gusta." Lovino replied "Me gusta mucho." He slowly licked the head, earning a groan from Antonio. Lovino brought the top of the cock into his mouth, sucking lightly. Antonio moaned, tangling his fingers in Lovino's hair. Lovino slowly started to bob his head, and sucking harder.

"Ahh~ Lovino~" Antonio groaned as Lovino bobbed his head faster. It wasn't long until Antonio came into Lovino's mouth. Lovino tried to swallow it all, but failed and pulled back getting a shot of it in his face. Antonio chuckled "That's a good look for you~" Lovino pouted. "So cute~" Lovino rolled his eyes, and pulled Antonio down on the bed. Lovino stood up and faced Antonio. "Oh~?"

Lovino licked his lips and started to unbutton his shirt, ever so slowly. Antonio watched him with a look of interest. Once the shirt was undone, Lovino let the shirt slide down his arms until it joined Antonio's on the floor. Lovino then set to his pants pulling them down, and then his underwear. Antonio chuckled and pulled Lovino close.

"Your cock is cute~" He said grabbing a hold of it.

"Mm~ Shut up~" Lovino said climbing into his lap, sliding down on Antonio's cock. Lovino bit his lip in pain, but got over it.

"Mm~ You're tight." Antonio said bucking his hips up. Lovino rolled his eyes as he began to ride Antonio. Antonio pumped Lovino's cock in time with their thrusts. "Ahh fuck~"

"Mmm~ Toni~ Fuck me~~ Fuck me~" Lovino said aiming himself to hit his prostate.

"Ahh~ Lovi! Fuck~" Antonio called out "Fuck~"

"Ah! Toni I'm gonna~" Lovino called before cumming onto Antonio with a scream.

"Fuck~" Antonio called out before filling Lovino up with cum. They both panted for a moment before getting settled into bed. "MM Lovi… Pretending we don't know each other during sex is fun~"

"Shut up and go to bed…"




…. After they fell asleep…..

"Wow. They must have been really drunk not to notice us~" Elizabeta said stopping her camera.

"Hai, I agree." Kiku said passing her a box of tissues.

Yeah yeah. It's back. Freak out, and tell everyone. Mhmm, I'll just be here. I don't have any ideas for this one, so leave me a review with a request si?