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Lovino was fucking pissed. He glared at this disk sitting innocently on the table in front of him. But, the disk was not innocent. In fact it was anything but because it was porn. And porn is not innocent, and the more innocent you try to make it, its still dirty. Really, if you try making it more innocent by throwing in a teddy bear and the color pink it because a fetish party. (Lovino made a mental note to look into trying to make sex more innocent than it is, because that sounded hot. (he made another note to blame his upbringing for his perverted mind, and was not sure if he should blame Antonio, Francis, his grandfather or all three)). Back to the porn, not only was it porn it was porn of him and his boyfriend.

Elizabeta said it was all the porn she had captured of them, all neatly edited. She said it was an early Christmas gift. (She mentioned something about the others getting one on Christmas, and wanting him to have it first, but he hoped he heard wrong.) He picked the disk up, it looked nice and professional... He supposed if he was going to have porn of him, it better be damn good porn.

Lovino bit his lip. He was curious. Pissed off, but curios. Was it good porn? Could he jack off to it when Antonio was away? Could he and Antonio watch it together...? Should he watch it? Should he wait until Antonio got home? Or say fuck the world and throw it in, and enjoy it because goddamn it was his porn of him and his boyfriend and if he wanted to masterbate to it then he had every goddamn right to.

Luckily the choice was made for him, because Antonio decided that was the time to walk into the house.

"Lovi!" He called "I'm home!"

"I noticed." Lovino said not looking away from the disk. Antonio came into the room and glanced at the disk and then looked to Lovino with a worried look.

"Passionate Cocks? The hell...? Is that porn?" Antonio asked.

"Yep. Of us." Lovino said in a dead sort of voice.

"Oh... Oh! It finally came in?" He asked picking up the disk. "Lets pop it in!"

"Just like that?" Lovino asked



"WOHOO!" Antonio said grabbing Lovino and dragging him into the living room, and putting the disk in. He pressed play, and watched with a grin as the screen lit up. Antonio blipped around finding a good one. The two sat in silence as they watched themselves on the screen.

"Ohhh! Ahhh~"

"Fuck Lovino!"

"Pretty hot." Antonio commented, turning to Lovino with a smirk. He grunted in response. He agreed though. He was hard. Lovino glanced at Antonio's cock and saw that he was too. "Watching me fuck you... Well as you can imagine it makes me want to fuck you. Hard." He said crawling over to Lovino. "What do you say we bang while watching us bang?"

"So like... Bangception?" Lovino asked not really thinking about what he was saying.

"Yes." Antonio responded, fighting a grin. "Now pucker up~" He said kissing Lovino's lips. Lovino moaned softly wrapping his fingers in the other's hair. Their kiss wasn't long, because before Lovino knew it, he was sitting in Antonio's lap, watching the tv (Antonio fucking Lovino as a cat). Lovino bit his lip as his clothes were torn off his body, a finger pulling on his nipple.

"Nahh... Toni... Stop teasing..." He moaned grinding down onto the other. Antonio groaned loudly, pulling out his cock. Lovino lifted himself up a bit, so Antonio could get it covered in lube (They kept it in the couch). Antonio grinned taking Lovino by the hips, and rubbed the head of his cock on the other's quivering entrance. "Nggh... Put it in..." He whined.

"Mmm, but you look so cute in my lap... begging for cock..." he glanced at the porn on the screen. Lovino just came with a shout. "Though I'd love to see that face in real life~" he said penetrating Lovino's ass with the head of his cock.

"Haahh..." Lovino breathed out, trying to get the entire cock inside him, but Antonio wouldn't let him have more then the head. Instead, he pulled the head out, and re penetrated him. "Ahh~..." Lovino moaned, rolling his hips. "Fuck me..~"

"Hmm~? What do you want?" Antonio asked with a grin.

"I want your big cock in my ahhh~ass..." He moaned as Antonio fucked him with the head of his cock. "Please... I want all of it..." He cried out as Antonio suddenly filled his ass with it. Lovino's eyes widened, and his head shot back as he moaned loudly.

"Such a cute little slut~" Antonio said before making Lovino bounce in his lap. Lovino groaned as his tight ass was fucked by Antonio's massive cock. "Mmm~ you like that?"

"S-s-si~" Lovino moaned out, his head nodding frantically. "M-more!" He begged lightly, his fingers pulling on his nipples, the porn forgotten. Antonio smirked and pushed him onto the coffee table on all fours, getting a better angle to pound his ass. "Nhaaahhh~ Yeaah~" Lovino moaned, rolling his hips onto the other, as he thrusted into him. Antonio gripped his hips hard enough to leave bruises.

"Fuuuck." Antonio moaned, as his stomach started to tighten up. Lovino's arms gave up, with a cry from his lips. Lovino fell forward, his face in the table, his ass still being roughly fucked.

"Toooni~ I'm gonna cum!" He cried out, before cumming hard. His stomach tightened up, the muscles in his legs spazzed and contracted, cum pouring onto the table below him. Lovino cumming on Antonio's dick, was heavenly. The tight, hot wet cavern tightened on him considerably and Antonio felt like he was melting on the inside as he came deep into Lovino's ass. "Nahhh..." Lovino moaned as he felt the warm liquid poured into him, feeling like it was filling his stomach.

Finally Antonio pulled out, and cum poured from Lovino's red, abused pucker. Lovino got up and moved to the couch, falling over with a grunt.

"Get me a blanket..." He mumbled. Antonio chuckled and stowed his cock before laying a blanket on his lover and turning off the porn and stashing it somewhere safe. "Don't you dare take that to work." Lovino said sleepily.


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