Chapter 19 it's all or nothing

''Oh Niall I love you '' I sighed happily he took my hand and pick petal up we all went back inside we sat on the sofa watching TV Niall and I texted everyone to tell them to meet up in the rock café like normal see the rock café is our place I mean me and the girls have our Friday hang out there we meet up with everyone if we want to go out or tell them something and can't forget that were my little princess petal was born we all arrived but something was wrong not with me and Niall but with Kat

Kat P.O.V

I have been up all night (ha see what I did) because of harry snoring great normally I don't have a problem but when you have your manger in your ear 24/7 and you get home late and need to sleep and harry snoring I love him but I want to hold a pillow over his face right now and as it is he been awkward with me for no reason well it about 12ish and Laura texted me saying meet us at the rock café Niall texted the some to harry as his phone went off and harry didn't hear it cus he still asleep I was looking at harry phone I knew I shouldn't but if kinder tempted me was looking through his messages till I saw one my heart stopped I swear I was going to die right there and then

Caroline please I need to know .I'm still in love with you –harry

Harry face facts I don't love you and what about Kat –Caroline

I don't love her I love you –harry

….. dead my heart just stopped I don't think I ever felt so small in my life now me looking at harry sleep peacefully I fill the tears full down my face ''hey bbz what's up '' I hear harry say to me I didn't realise the amount of tears that were falling and there were millions of them ''nothing but we need to meet the guys at the café '' I snapped I grabbed my things and slammed the door behind me

Harry P.O.V

I woke up to find Kat cry god what up with her I asked her if she was ok she just said I'm fine and said to meet the guys at the café she snapped at me what her freaking problem she grabbed her thing and went I looked around for my phone it was on the bed I reached for it then realized what her problem was


Fuck when the hell did I send that shit it must have been last night I had about 10 shots of tranquiller and 4 beers SHIT she thinks I don't love her fuck I need to tell her first things first

Soz Caroline I don't really love you I was pissed as fuck last night must have been out of my mind don't take it serious –me

DW I didn't but you should be careful what if Kat saw that –Caroline

She did and I am fucked now –me

Good luck trying to get her back you're screwed –Caroline

Thank Caroline your nice –me so I headed off to the café I really need to tell her doubt she believe me but I need to I really need to tell that I do love her

Laura's P.O.V

We were in the rock café when everyone had arrived apart from Kat and harry so we were waiting for about 5 minutes till Kat came in red and blotchy faced and just seem so upset I got up and hugged her she just sulked in my arms she couldn't stop cry

''ok be right back I taking her to calm herself down'' I dragged Kat with me to the toilets so she could clean herself up

''Kat what's wrong tell me '' she sighed heavily and took a deep breath ''well I woke up and I know I shouldn't but I did ok and I wish I hadn't ''

''whoa Kat you making not since what so ever '' she took another deep breath '' harry phone went off I knew it was Niall but I looked though his messages and I saw ''she started harrying tears in her eyes ''a text message to Caroline saying he didn't .. He didn't love me but he loved…. He loved HER! '' I stared at her who now was in floods of tears I grabbed her pulled her in to a hug ''oh Kat last night harry was pissed as a bloody fart I sure he did mean it ''

''i don't think so Laura remember when he kissed that girl he was DRUNK THEN and when he sleep with FUCKING ELEANOR! Did you know that Sam is HIS! ''

''No he can't be ''

''well he bloody well is she told me cus she didn't want it to come between me and harry but she thought I should FUCKING KNOW! ''

''Kat honey calm down '' yet again she was crying her eyes out I just stood there and hugged her till the tears died down

Niall P.O.V

Laura had just went off with Kat to calm her down so I was sat with guys talking and playing with petal

''What do you think is wrong '' Zayn asked me ''I don't have a clue ''

'' if harry has upset her again I going to kill him '' Louis announced just has harry walked he was out of breath everyone looked at him ''guy where is Kat''

''she with Laura in the toilet '' Liam said

''Harry sit down '' Louis told him harry looked at him a little worried ''harry what going on and tell the truth why id Kat crying her bloody eyes out ''

''oh god I don't something bloody stupide last night I text Caroline I told her I love but I fucking don't Kat found the text messages and no she thing I don't love her but I do I really ''

''First things first harry you w bloody twat '' Louis said to him with no expression on his face

''And second thing go and fucking get her back before you lose her '' I said to him and with that he went off

Kat P.O.V

I am glad I have a good friend like Laura so whenever I need someone she always there and now what to do

''look Kat I don't now harry reasons for doing that but I bloody well now he loves you like mad and any minute now I bet he will try everything to get you back you watch '' as Laura said that harry came crashing in

''Kat oh god Kat you need to hear me o...'' I didn't let finished I didn't want him to

''harry I'm sorry but I don't want to hear it I had enough first the girl you kissed you promised you fucking promised you never hurt me like that but you have I can't take it anymore '' and I just walked out the room

Laura's P.O.V

''Kat…KAT '' Harry shouted as she left

''harry leave it ok for now and what the hell why was you texting HER!''

''look Laura I was pissed I don't remember anything I don't even remember sending the texts and you know everyone fucking knows I don't love Caroline I love Kat all I want is her '' harry seemed as if he was about to cry

''well go and get her you big fat idiot before you lose her '' I said to him and he ran out I went back to where everyone was siting I couldn't see Kat ''where is she '' harry asked

''she went out she be back in a min she said she needed to make a phone call '' zayn informed him

''Ok well before the whole thing kicks off again I like to bring a lighter note to the table '' Niall said and everyone looked at him ''me and Laura are now engaged ''

''Awww that's wonderful guys '' beth said

''yer now we have something to look forward to apart from beth having her little on of course'' Sammie said trying to lighter the mood harry just sat there staring at the door hoping and waiting for Kat to come back in

Then I had a phone call it was Kat '

''Hey you not coming back in ''

''no sorry Laura but congratulation to you and Niall I better be a bridesmaid ''

she was now crying her voice sounding suffocated ''Laura I'm going home for little while and I 'going tomorrow '' now I thought I was going to cry I felt Niall hands wrap around me into a hug

''Kat don't do this and of course you going to be a bridesmaid ''

''I'm sorry Laura I can't take any more heart break I won't be gone for long I just need to get away just for now ..Promise '' she also now in full tears

Now with me in tears ''promise me one thing take care of yourself and at least let all go out for a drink all of us just so we can say goodbye please ''

''ok but at about 8 and where'' Kat sighed

''where do you think''

''Nando's '' she chuckled slightly

''Too right '' not long after she went because she wanted to pack I told the guys she leaving and were going out for a meal so we can say good bye everyone didn't want her to leave but they respected her decision harry didn't like it at all he didn't want her to go not one bit

so as the day drew in to night i was just about ready to go to nando's when niall cam out holding petal ''urmm laura i think petal i think petal left something for you in her nappy ''

''niall cant you do it ''

''me add nappy =smelly niall and an even more smelly petal i dont think so ''

i laughed ''pass her here you woss ''

''i am not a woss i just dont like touching poop or even seeing it ''

'' whatever'' i laughed so after i changed petal nappy we headed of to nando's harry didnt turn up he couldnt face it kat did seemed botherd but he is the reason she leveing we hada wonderful night a good laugh and a great way to spend the last night with your best friend nothing could of changed it or made it better

Niall's P.O.V

we just finshed or meal and drink out to give Kat a send of but harry didnt turn up what is with him yes i know he was the one to hurt kat but if he loved her he would of been their so i now going to his to see what he is doing i arrived at his and the door was unlocked i shouted '' harry what the hell why didnt yo come to the meal ''

''leave me alone niall '' is all i got back he was sat on the sofa head in his hands

''no i wont cus you no what harry your an idiot '' he looked at me like he was going to bit my head of

''harry sort your life out really if i was you i would be chasing after her trying my eveything to get her back but you are just sat feeling sorry for yourself ''

he looked at me ''well what the fuck am i surposed to do niall''

''go and get her do everything you can to get her back run for the train lock her in the house show her you love her harry dont let her go cus harry you will regret it because if you dont tomorrow morning you will regret it when she on that train and your here cus you be missing the only girl who ever cared so much about you harry remember that time you kissed the other girl well she forgave you didnt she ,she didnt have to but she did i just proves so get of you fat ass and work out how you going to get her back '' harry didnt look at me he sat their with his head in his hands ''think about it harry you have in till 11 tmorrow other wise good bye to Kat '' i shouted as i walked out the door and back to my apartment

so wil harry get of his bum and get Kat back well you will have to wait ... :)

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