Chapter One: Frozen

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"Where are we going, dad?" A boy with messy black hair and emerald green eyes asked as he peered up to see his father's face. It was very unusual that his father would take him out to go to the park since that privilege was always given to his twin, Tristan Charles Potter.

Harry always felt detached from his family, he was often neglected by his parents, they spent too much of their time showering his brother with love and affection. He always hoped that he could be special like his brother, had always prayed that his parents would just give him a glance and a small smile and he would die happily. His seven year old mind cannot comprehend the fact that his parents wouldn't even give him the same treatment.

James smiled sadly at his puny counterpart. He never wanted to bring Harry to the orphanage but he must follow Dumbledore's orders. Tristan's survival was crucial in order to win the war and a necessary sacrifice must have to be made in order to achieve victory. Harry was needed to be discarded away, the old headmaster said to him so that their saviour won't have any distractions while training to save their world.

He wanted to take Harry up to his arms and apparate into some unknown country. Try as he might he cannot fail his other mission to train his other son, whose life was in grave danger. As his footsteps were reaching the front doors of St. Cecilia's Orphanage every step took his breath away. The guilt and regret that he cannot keep his other child was weighing heavily on his chest. He knocked timidly on the door and a kind young nun opened it.

"I can't take care of him anymore, please take him." He said stoically as he pushed his son towards the nun's arms. He quickly turned around and left.

"Daddy, please don't leave me." The seven year old wailed at his father's retreating figure as Sister Clarence holds him tight into a comforting hug.

He knew that his parents didn't want him because he was nothing special. He was not like his twin who defeated the Dark Lord as an infant. He vowed that he is going to show his parents that he can be someone special, and one day they would look up at him. His hands were clenched into fists as he ingrained this promise into his mind. He would not waste his time moping about someone who didn't even care for him.

He calmly wipes his tears and gave Sister Clarence a smile and said "Please, kindly show me to my room."

"What is your name." the sister asked gently as she led him towards the spiral staircase.

"My name is Jeremiah Antiochus Jones."

He shed off his revolting Potter name and he was going to carve his own name without the prestige and influence of the ones who abandoned him. The hope that his parents really mattered dissolve into the abyss as his heart became cold as ice and his emotions were replaced by apathy. His once brilliant green eyes were now dull and devoid of life.

'Who would revive this boy back to life?' Sister Clarence thought as she gazed at the boy sadly. She vowed that she will do anything to help this poor child even if she had to give up her own life.


"How could you do that to our son, James!" Lily shouted as she started beating up his husband into a formless lump. Tears were running down her face as the thought of her other son alone and loveless in a cruel world fuelled her anger towards her husband.

"It is for the best, Lily. Dumbledore said that-" but he was cut off as his wife backhanded him.


James stunned her and gently laid her down on their bed.

'Forgive me, Lily. But this is the only way we can train Tristan without the distraction of his brother.' He thought as he silently left the room, tears streamed down at his face the guilt and sadness eating away his soul, tearing him up to tiny myriads of pieces.

The thought of losing another child scared him and he immediately went back to his senses and started training Tristan help him survive the impending war against the Dark.