Chapter Two: Empty Rhapsody

Three Years After

"Expecto Patronum." A small trembling voice said as a wisp of white smoke spurted out of his wand.

"Try again." James said as he pushed Tristan to his limits. He hated doing this to his son as if he was a new weapon to be tested, but he didn't have a choice. He needs to do this to ensure the survival of his only remaining son.

His weary mind saw Harry standing near his brother with his wand out and saying the same incantation, his other son flashed him a brief smile before disappearing into thin air. James slapped himself, to enable to free himself from the hallucinations. Stress, remorse and anger were never a perfect mixture to one's mind.

It amazes him at how a simple command from Lady Fate can change one's life or family. His family was torn apart by a prophecy that will change the tides of war. Lily did not forgive him for abandoning their son and it was tearing him apart. Lily's cold demeanor towards him was depressing to him; he can't bear to look at his wife's hateful gaze every day. He can't stomach the thought that instead of her loving gaze, his wife's gaze will eternally be hateful towards him.

He sighed deeply. What if he did not follow Dumbledore's orders? Maybe he was still a happy man with a loving family. Harry would still be with them, not in an orphanage. It took all of his willpower not to go back to St. Cecilia's Orphanage to get his son back. After the war maybe he could still get his son back and he will beg for his forgiveness and make him understand the situation at hand.

He knew it was wishful thinking; Harry might not forgive him, after all he was a lousy father to him.


A woman with brown waist length hair and cerulean eyes walked through the front gates of St. Cecilia's orphanage. She was following the notes of Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata as it resonated through the air. The player's emotion was reflected in each note; anger, hatred and resignation. The player succumbed to his/her fate that he cannot be saved from this lonely abode. Her feet finally stopped into the entrance of a sitting room with and upright piano, the last notes flickered steadily before dissolving into the air.

"Bravo." She said as she clapped her hands enthusiastically. The player swiveled in his seat and she was taken aback by the coldness in the eyes of a ten year old boy.

"Thank you." He said quietly as he stood up from his chair and went out of the sitting room.

"His name is Jeremiah Antiochus Jones." A voice said behind her back and she jumped from her sudden fright before turning to the source of the voice.

"His playing skills are quite good; by the way my name is Anna Leonora Smith." She said amiably to the motherly nun who told her the name of the aloof boy.

"I am Sister Clarence and I see that you had taken and interest to our young Mr. Jones."

She told the nun that she wanted to adopt the child. She wanted to transform the cold look in Jeremiah's eyes into a look of warmth. Coldness and emptiness did not suit the face of the young child. She signed the necessary papers and Sister Clarence told her that Mr. Jones father had left him in the orphanage three years ago with no explanations and that he was shoved into the nun's gentle arms.

"I told myself that I will do anything to save him; I tried everything to get into his cold exterior but all of my efforts are in vain. Ms. Smith you are my only hope, please save Mr. Jones from a miserable life." Sister Clarence pleaded to her. She took the nun's trembling hands and she looked straight into her mercury eyes.

"I promised."

After their conversation the nun lead him into Jeremiah's room. The child was reading a novel by Rudyard Kipling. She felt as if the child was separating himself from other children. She carefully approached him and Sister Clarence left them so that they can be acquainted to each other.

"My name is Anna Smith and I am going to be your new mother." She said softly to the child, who gave her a bored look before going back to his reading.

"My name is Jeremiah Jones. Maybe adopting me was just a spur of the moment whim of your and you'll decide to bring me back here when you tire of me." The child's monotonous voice said.

"I am not going to do that to you Jeremiah." She said as a solemn promise to the child. Jeremiah just nodded his head and he proceeded to pack his belongings.

It will be a long time before the child warmed up to her and she will do anything whatever it takes to make the child feel that he was loved and taken care of. She will undo the damage the child's father had inflicted into the poor, young soul of Jeremiah Jones.

She grasped his hands as she led him outside of the orphanage. She was going to lead this child to the light in order to make him see the world into a different light; that not all of the adults were like his father. She can feel that Lady Fate was smiling at the two of them. Finally, two lost souls had met and both of them will heal from their wounds in time.

The future for the former Harry James Potter was going to be a path of hardships but towards the end his future was brighter than the fate of his twin.