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Rain poured steadily from the gray sky above Ikebukuro, drenching the streets, buildings, and people to the core. Umbrellas could be seen anywhere you looked, the sea of people all hurrying faster than they normally would in an attempt to escape the downpour. A single form however, was the exception to this.

The informant didn't bother with an umbrella, merely pulling his hood over his head and let the rain be reflected off the waterproof material- Though the fur was less lucky.

He hummed to himself as he skipped down the puddled sidewalks, splashing his precious humans now and then when he purposesly landinged flat footed into the puddles lining the cement. He snickered at their glares, simply doing it again.

It was a nice day, for him. It might not give him a chance to thoroughly study his humans when they were all in a hurry, but it allowed for him to see some expressions that wouldn't have happened in any other sort of weather.

A womans shocked expression when a car sped through a puddle, soaking her through. A teenager groaning in exasperation when he accidently dropped his phone into a flooded pothole when his shoulder was bumped while crossing the road. A mother's annoyance when her child hopped through every puddle it came across, soaking its sneakers.

It was all so interesting! So fun to observe!

The informant laughed to himself, gaining a couple of strange looks- though not caring- as he thought watched more and more people's bad luck occur right in front of him- as if it were a movie of sorts. A comedy, surely.

The only thing that could make the day better was i-


'Ah, right on time.' He smirked, neatly dodging the metal trashcan that was thrown at him from across the street; The crash of the metal hitting the ground drowning out the screams of his precious humans when they realized what was going on. He looked towards the source of the flying trashcan, carmine locking with amber.

"Ah~! Hello, Shizu-chan~" Izaya greeted cheerfully, even going as far as to raise a hand towards the enraged blonde currently stalking across the nearly empty street. Izaya's smirk grew, and he slipped his hand back into his pocket; Touching the cool metal case of his flickblade.

"Izaayyaaaa-kunnn, I thought I told you to stay the fuck outta 'Bukuro, eh?" The brute- the one and only Shizuo Heiwajima- roared, clenching his fists as he drew closer.

"And I believe I have told you in response to such a demand that your name isn't written on the district, Shizu-chan~" Izaya taunted, "There is no law saying I can't be here~"

"I'm going to kill you, you fucking flea! Stay the fuck out of Ikebukuro!"

Izaya was ready when the punch was thrown, easily ducking under it and swiping at the blonde's chest as he danced around him.

Prepared for the blade, the blonde merely moved slightly; However the blade still sliced a lovely little slit in the ex-bartender's white, soaked through sleeve.

The response was immediate.


And the informant spun and fled, laughing freely as he heard the tell tale sounds of some sort of street sign being ripped from the cement. Sure enough, he heard the whistling of air right behind him and jumped an inch or two to the side; Allowing a bent yeild sign to whizz past his head and crash noisily to the ground.

Without slowing down, the informant jumped over it. He half noticed as their chase continued that his hood had flopped off his head entirely, rain pletting his face like icy daggers.

He moved to cut through an alleyway, and perhaps he should have expected it, maybe he should have seen it coming: He slipped.

He cried out in shock when his feet rushed out from beneath him, the again when he hit the ground; Hard.

He rolled slightly with his momentum, hitting the side of the nearest building with jarring clearity before he tried to scramble back up- He had to escape, he had to-

It was too late, obviously. Just as he got his footing back he felt something that could probably replace any piece of steel in Tokyo slam into his throat.

He choked as he was shoved against the cold wall, his small hands moving up to claw desperately at the iron grip around his neck.

"Izaaaayaaa-kuunnn~ Looks like I finally caught you, eh?" Shizuo growled, his smirk growing an animalistic edge to it as the man pressed harder on Izaya's throat.

Izaya was panicking mentally, though his face showed nothing past his initial desperation when he was first thrown against the wall. He didn't have a lot of oxygen left in his lungs, and already he could feel the organs protesting.

"Eh, Shizu-chan~" Izaya choked out, smirking at the man despite the breathless sound in his voice. "Why don't you let me off, ne~?"

And there goes what was left of the air in his lungs.

The blonde snarled in response, pulling Izaya away from the wall only to slam him back against it. Izaya saw stars momentarily when the back of his head hit the rough bricks, feeling as blood started to drip from the spot.

"Let you off? Fuck that, flea! I finally caught you and I'm going to use this opportunity to finally smoosh you like the insect you are!" The brute laughed, eyes clearly portraying his excitement with the concept.

Fuck, fuck, fuck. Think of something, Orihara. You need to get out of this somehow.

Thinking quickly, Izaya raised his leg and pressed it to Shizuo's groin; Rubbing it slightly. What he wasn't prepared for, however, was the hard on that he felt. His eyes widened slightly in shock before they concentrated on Shizuo's face once again, mouth gaping slightly at what he saw there.

Anger, embarrassment, lust, anger again, and then finally just lust all flickered through those amber eyes. Just as Izaya's brain identified all these emotions at once, he was suddenly dropped onto the soaked cement with a grunt of pain.

"Fucking flea!" Shizuo shouted, dropping to his own knees to hover over Izaya as the informant coughed; Greedily taking large gasps of air back into his lungs. He cried out quietly when he felt fingered thread through his hair before pulling it violently, dragging the raven-haired man up off the ground. "What the fuck do you think you're doin', eh?"

"Desperation attempt?" Izaya wheezed, raising a hand to claw uselessly at the brute's hand holding his hair as he winced at the pain. "Though I had no idea that you got aroused during our fights, Shizu-chan~ How naughty of you."

"Shut the fuck up!" The blonde snapped, pulling harshly on the informants hair. "It's not like that, okay?"

"Oh~? Then why are you turned on, Shizu-chan? Don't even try and say you aren't, by the way~ I fe~lt it." The informant snickered despite the pain in his scalp, raising his leg and rubbing the brute's arousal through his pants once again. "Ehhhh? Did you get even harder, Shizu-chan~? Are you a sadist~?"

"Flea!" Shizuo snapped, grabbing the informant's calf with his free hand and pulling it away from his obvious erection. "It's none of your fucking business!"

"Do you want to fuck me?" Izaya asked outright, amused by the blush that suddenly enveloped the blonde's face; As well as his slight sputter.

Ah, how amusing~

"Eh~? So Shizu-chan wants to fuck me? Scary~" Izaya continued to taunt, smirking up at the ex-bartender with clear amusement written over his face.

"Maybe I do."

Wait. What?

Izaya froze, eyes widening in shock at the sudden smirk that flickered over the blonde's lips.

"And maybe I will right now. What's gonna stop me from fucking you into the ground right now, eh?" The blonde snickered as Izaya paled, eyes widening even more at the others words. "Perhaps I'll do it dry, just because you don't deserve any fucking preparation, Flea."

Shit, shit, shit, fuck. This was bad.

He felt Shizuo push his leg slightly, and suddenly found his one leg curled over the brute's shoulder and the other wrapped around the taller's hips. With an animalistic smirk, Shizuo rocked his hips into Izaya's.

Scratch that, very bad.

"W-wait, Shizu-chan!" Izaya cried out desperately, his arms flinging out to hit the 'monster's face ineffectively. "Wait, wait, wait!"

"Why the fuck should I?" Shizuo growled, dropping his hold on Izaya's hair to grab his wrists and hoist them above the informant's head with once hand before leaning down and nipping harshly at Izaya's ear. "What's gonna fucking stop me, eh?"

"Uhm.." Izaya squeaked, his heart going a thousand miles a minute in his fear of being ripped apart down there. "Y-you're not...actually going to fuck me dry right...?"

Please say no, please say n-



"On what, exactly?"

"If I feel like it."

You stupid fucking protozoan!

"B-but Shizu-chan that'll ruin me, you know that right? I've felt the size of your cock through your pants. You'll split me in two."


Asshole, asshole, asshole!

Izaya opened his mouth to argue more but suddenly found his mouth being invaded by Shizuo's tongue, feeling the hot muscle explore every corner of his hot cavern as he tugged at the grip on his hands- Trying to free himself.

The ex-bartender growled in warning as he bit harshly at the informants tongue, making Izaya freeze in place. His mind going in circles with thoughts of what kind of damage Shizuo could do with his teeth, or with his hands in general. He heard the blonde snicker to himself before he pulled away and carmine met amber once again, the pair staring at each other- One with a somewhat frightened expression, the other's unreadable.

"Shizu-mmph!" Izaya found himself cut off mid-word, Shizuo's lips once again pressed against his violently. He grunted quietly, trying to turn his face away in an attempt to get a full intake of breathe.

Having none of that, Shizuo's free hand gripped the informant's jaw- Forcefully turning it towards him as his tongue invaded Izaya's mouth once again. He snarled slightly as his tongue rubbed against the raven's, and Izaya took the hint- Hesitantly kissing him back.

Apparently approving, Shizuo let his iron grip loosen until he was gently cupping the informant's cheek- surprising Izaya with the tenderness behind the touch. Seeing an opening to derail the blonde's idea, he gasped and pulled back slightly. "S-Shizu-chan, c'mon just let me off this ti-"

"Fuck no." Shizuo growled, narrowing his eyes as he took ahold of the informant's jaw again. "You talk way too fucking much." He added as Izaya tried to speak again, and then a sudden smirk stretched over his lips. "Guess we have to find a way to muzzle you, eh?"

Izaya paled again as Shizuo sat up, his free hand going down towards his own fly. The informant's eyes widened and his hands shot out, scratch and slapping at the blonde in desperation to just get away from the brute.

Shizuo grunted as a punch knocked his sunglasses from his face then snarled, fingers digging harshly into Izaya's cheeks. His thumb slipped between the informants lips as he opened his mouth to yell at the blonde, pressing against Izaya's back teeth to keep his mouth propped open.

The sound of a zipper going down made Izaya's attempts for escape triple in desperation. He cursed Shizuo's strength as he bit down on the brute's thumb, not caring as blood began to drip into his mouth. Shizuo's eyes narrowed again and he jerked his hand back from the informants mouth, then-

Izaya cried out in pain as his head was smashed against the ground, his vision immediately blurring at the corners as he lay limp; Unable to move in his daze and simply stared up at the night sky. He absently felt hands tug at his hair, lifting him up so he was kneeling. Blinking heavily, he found himself face-to-face with what only could be Shizuo's cock. He gulped at the size of it, swaying in place as he felt Shizuo's fingers pry his mouth open again.

"Here, flea. Try not to choke." The blonde laughed as he suddenly thrusted into Izaya's mouth until the raven-haired man's nose was pressed into coarse, brown pubic hair. The informant promptly gagged, hands slapping the blonde's thighs in an attempt to get air into his complaining lung.

Shizuo pulled him off slightly, laughing freely as Izaya's eyes dripped with tear as he gulped in air, coughing slightly.

"Are you going to do it willingly, or am I going to have to fuck your mouth like you're a cheap whore?" Shizuo asked, hands tightening threateningly on Izaya's dark locks.

"I-I..!" Izaya stuttered, swallowing heavily before looking away. "Willingly..." He muttered, unwilling to choke on the man's cock again.

"Little slut." Shizuo scoffed, loosening his hold slightly. "Go on then, it's not going to suck itself."

Izaya swallowed again and nodded, shifting his weight slightly to get his barings before incircling Shizuo's length with one trembling hand. He hesitantly lapped at it with his tongue, nose scrunching up slightly at the taste before forcing himself to continue his administrations. He heard Shizuo groan quietly and figured he was doing something right, though he wasn't positive.

"I hear you're a whore that sleeps with people for information." The blonde suddenly said, smirking. "You certainly suck cock like you've done it before." He snickered, bending slightly to trail a hand down the informant's back. He yanked up the back of the raven's jacket, flipping it to the side as his fingers slipped under the band of Izaya's jean. "Is it true?" The blonde continued, and Izaya flinched as he felt a finger rub against his entrance. "Are you a dirty little whore, Izaya?"

He immediately shook his head, though he didn't stop what he was doing. The blonde laughed, yanking on the back of his head. Izaya cried out quietly as he was flung to the ground, feeling hands grip his legs tightly before his hips were grasped and pulled up against the blonde's erection. He trembled slightly as Shizuo rubbed himself against the rough fabric of his jeans, tears freely falling from his eyes now in a mixture of fear and humiliation.

"I think you're lying, flea. I think you talk up those 'clients' of your's and let them fuck you in exchange for whatever you want to know." Shizuo growled, rocking his hips against Izaya's again.

"I'm not lying!" Izaya spat, his hand snapping out and slapping the blonde. The sound echoed around them for a long moment before there was only the sound of Izaya's shaky breathing as he stared in horror at the red spot that bloomed on the brutes face, which had snapped to the side with the force of the blow. Shizuo slowly turned to face his, his fingers curling into the flesh of Izaya's thighs hard enough to make the man cry out in pain.

There was a sudden tearing sound and Izaya gasped at the sudden gust of cold wind that mixed with the rain still pouring over them as it touched his now bare legs. He gasped against as Shizuo's hand clenched at the informant's red boxers, "Stop, stop, stop! Please!" Izaya pleaded, but it was too late- His boxers were torn from his body before he could finish his pleading, and he gasped against from the cold as it hit his half-hard length.

"Shizuo, please stop!" Izaya begged, tears mixing with the rain on his face as the blonde yanked him closer. "PLEASE STO-"

"You're too fucking loud!" Shizuo snapped, his head jerking up to glare down at the trembling 'flea' beneath him. Izaya froze when he felt something prod at his entrance, eyes widening in horror as he watched Shizuo's muscles flex.

"NO! STO-!" Izaya cut himself off mid-word as he suddenly screamed in agony, his back arching as his body automaticly tried to get away from the source of the pain. His screams slowly trailed off into quiet whimpers as he lay there on the cold, wet cement; feeling rocks and other trash digging into his back as his lower half as ingulfed in flickering flames. He was absently aware of something hot dripping down his back, concluding it to probably be blood from the sudden intrusion.

"Shit, flea. You're so fucking tight...!" Shizuo growled, to which Izaya didn't say anything. For once, he was silent.

He stared up at the sky above him as the rain fell on the pair of them, getting in his eyes- Though he didn't really care.


Izaya slowly looked back at the blonde blankly, tears falling silently from his eyes before he looked away. "...Just...finish." He murmured, feeling the urge to break down sobbing rush through him; Though he refrained. He wasn't going to allow himself to break down, not infront of this monster. "Just...do what you want."

He watched the blonde's brow furrow at his words before the man shrugged and suddenly pulled back until just his tip was inside Izaya's body. Izaya clenched his teeth at the pain that rippled through him, eyes squeezing shut as his hands curled into fists.

He could tell he was fairly damaged down there, and as Shizuo started thrusting he whistfully realized that he would have to go see Shinra about the damage.

He distantly heard Shizuo's grunts, distantly felt as rocks dug into the skin of his back. The pain never left, though. It was still there, always rippling through him even as Shizuo's thrusts became hurried and sloppy; The brutes breathing becoming heavier with every movement.

He felt Shizuo stiffen and turned his face away as the blonde's cum filled him with fire, the salty substance burning him worse than the friction did. He whimpered as Shizuo pulled out, feeling the disgusting mix of cum and blood drip freely from his body as his legs were released. He heard a zipper being done up from above him, but didn't look- All thoughts absent as he stared at the dirty ground next to his face.

Without a word being said, he heard Shizuo walk away- The blonde's steps slowly fading into silence as Izaya just laid there, ashamed and humiliated by what had occurred; Sickened by the brute's actions.

He hesitantly sat up after what felt like at least an hour, though could have been ten minutes for all he knew. He slowly pulled his phone from his pocket, thankful that it hadn't been smashed during the fight or what happened after.

Swallowing heavily, he scrolled through the multiple contacts until he came upon the one person needed. He hesitated slightly before stabbing the 'Call' button and bringing the phone to his ear.

Ring... Ring... Ri-


"Shinra-san." Izaya murmured into the phone, flinching as he tried to adjust his weight more comfortably.

"Eh? Izaya-kun? What is it?"

"I need medical attention." Izaya sighed, grunting softly as he moved again.

"Ehhhh? Why didn't you just come over? I don't want to walk in this st-"

"I can't... move.. that's why." Izaya said hesitantly, though it was true. Everytime he tried to move he felt as if he was in agony.

"Shit. Okay. Where are you, I can get Celty to come get you."

"There's something you should inform her of before she gets here." Izaya started, his voice getting quieter the longer he spoke. "I don't want her to be too shocked. I... I was raped."


Izaya flinched, pulling his ear away from the phone at the underground doctor's shout.

"I'm just two blocks past Russia Sushi. On the left side, in the first alley. Just get her to hurry, okay? I'm bleeding pretty badly, I think." Izaya explained, then flipped his phone shut before Shinra could say anything.

He waited for a while, not giving a shit if he was soaked through and freezing. After a bit, he heard the telltale whinny of Celty's horse and looked up. He spotted her helmet coming down the alley and slowly pulled himself to his feet, groaning. She hurried to his side, putting an arm around him to stabilize him as he stumbled slightly. "Thanks." He murmured, leaning onto her as he felt his head grow fuzzy. "...I'm so dizzy..."

There was a tapping sound and suddenly a harsh light assaulted his eyes. He immediately squeezed them shut, turning his face away slightly to blinking past the sudden pain before looking at the LCD screen again.

[Who did this to you?]

He smiled bitterly and shook his head, "I'm not telling~" He taunted weakly, stumbling again as she started to pull him towards her horse. He nodded approvingly at the sidecar attached to the motorcycle, and let the Dullahan help him into it. He barely noticed when her shadows formed a helmet around his head as he curled up on his side, fainting.

The next thing he was aware of was a white room, and an annoying beeping in his ear. Thinking that it was his alarm in his confusion, he reached out to slam the snooze button- Only to be stopped when the tube of his IV pulled taut.

"Are you awake finally?"

He groaned, turning towards the familiar voice. "Shinra-san." He rasped, his throat feeling like a desert. He swallowed heavily and the brunette picked up a tall glass of water, offering the informant the end of the straw so he could drink. Izaya did so, taking small sips until he felt his throat was hydrated enough to let him speak properly. "So?" He asked, resting his head against the soft pillow under it.

"What do you want to know?"

"How bad is it, it start?" Izaya sighed, looking at the doctor.

"Pretty bad." Shinra admitted, grimacing slightly. "I had to give you stitches both inside and out to quench the bleeding, meaning you're not going to want to do anything too stenuous or they'll open again."

Izaya nodded, blinking slowly. "Anything else?"

"Two transfusions and you're currently on both an anitbioic drip and a nutrients one as well to help your body fight against infection." Shinra paused, looking at the informant seriously. "Who was it, Izaya-kun?"

"I'm not telling~"

"Why? I could have the man picked up and-"

"Because you wouldn't want to do that to the man who did this." Izaya said quietly, smiling sadly at the brunette. "Just drop it, ne?" When Shinra didn't say anything, he sighed. "When can I go home?"

"Not for another three nights at most." Shinra answered immediately. "I have to keep you on the IV's and I want to watch you to make sure you don't accidently open the stitches again."

Izaya groaned, cussing softly. "I hate this room." He muttered, glaring at Shinra pointedly.

Just as the doctor opened his mouth to say sommething, there was a heavy knocking from the other room. He perked up slightly and started towards the door, "I'll be back in a moment."

"Take your time~" Izaya sighed, pulling the blanket up tighter around himself. He shivered slightly and cursed again, rolling over with a slight groan.

He closed his eyes, listening to the slightly muffled conversation on the other side of the door.

"-at do you need?"

"I need some stitches."

Izaya froze at the other person's voice, jerking slightly as his eyes widened in unmistakeable fear as he turned slowly and stared at the door.


"What happened?"

"Got cut, obviously."

There was a sigh. "Okay, go si- Uwah! No, Shizuo-kun! That rooms occup-"

The door swung open to reveal a certain monster, and carmine met amber. They both froze, staring wordlessly at each other; One with surprise and the other with horror.


"GET OUT!" Izaya screamed, shocking both Shinra and Shizuo into slence.

The doctor stared at the informant while the debt collector took a step forwards. "Flea, what the fu-"

"GET OUT, MONSTER! GET OUT! SHINRA-SAN, MAKE HIM LEAVE!" Izaya continued to yell, clenching the blankets tightly to himself.

Shizuo growled and stalked forwards, despite Shinra's attempts to stop him. "What the fuck did you call me ?"

Izaya scrambled back on the bed until his head smashed against the back wall as Shizuo neared him. "Get out, get out!"

"Izaya-kun! Your stitches!" Shinra suddenly yelled, pushing between the pair to grip Izaya's shoulders. "Stop moving so much or they'll tear!"

"Get him away, get him away from me!" Izaya gasped, trembling as his eyes flicked away from the shocked blonde and doctor to stare at the wall next to him.

"Izaya-kun, what's wron-" Shinra murmured, tightening his hold on Izaya's shoulders.

"Stitches?" Shizuo suddenly spoke up, and Izaya visibly flinched at the sound of his voice. "What did the flea need stitches for?"

"That's confiden-" Shinra started, only to be cut off by Izaya's bitter chuckle. He stopped, turning to stare at the informant. "Izaya-kun?"

The informant didn't say anything for a long moment, his usual smirk twisting into something with a bitter edge to it before his eyes met Shizuo's. "Like you don't know~"

Shizuo blinked, then looked away- Guilt playing over his face.


Izaya's smirk grew at Shinra's blank look, a humorless chuckle escaping his lips. "Shinra-san~ You and Celty-san were both wondering, ne? Who my rapistwas?" He asked, stressing the word 'rapist' as he looked back over to the blonde.

"Well there he is~" He tilted his head slightly, "Tell me, Rapist-san. How does it feel, ne? How does it feel to know that you're the reason I'm not able to move properly?"


"Shut up.." Shizuo hissed, hands curling to fists. "Just shut the fuck up, flea!"

Izaya laughed coldly, eyes glinting wickedly at the blonde. "What's wrong, Heiwajima Shizuo? Are you not able to come to terms with the crime that you did? Can you even look me in the eye now, knowing that I lost my virginity to a rapist? That you tore me up so much both inside and out that I nearly bled to death?" Izaya laughed again, "You're pathetic! Shizu-chan, you're pathetic!" He started laughing and couldn't stop, feeling the prickles of fresh pain running through his body as it shook with his laughter. "It's funny! So funny! You thought I was some whore that sold his body for information, whereas in reality I never even touched a cock besides my own! My first time having sex and now you ruined me forever! Ahahaha!"

"Shizuo-san, please leave and wait in the other room." Shinra suddenly stated under Izaya's edged laughter as the informant curled up into himself. "Please." He added, frowning sadly at the blonde.

Shizuo slowly nodded and turned away, stomping quickly from the room before the door snapped shut behind him. Izaya's laughter slowly pettered out, replaced by silence as tears dripped down his cheeks.

He absently noticed Shinra insert something into his IV from the corner of his eye before he was hit with a sense of drowsiness.

A sedative.

"Oh, Shizu-chan." Izaya whispered as his eyes closed. "You truly... are a monster, ne...?

He slowly let the medicine lull him into a deep sleep, and Shinra sighed with relief.

Slowly, the doctor started putting together what he needed to stitch up the wound on Shizuo's arm. He glanced over at the unconscious informant and sighed, rubbing his face.

What the fuck was he supposed to do now?


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