Hello there, everyone! ILoveXB here! As you all can see, I've been just a lurker on FFn for a long time~ so this is obviously my first (my VERY FIRST) fanfic!

After reading the recent chapters of Pandora Hearts, lots of ideas that I can't comprehend into words came into my mind. Meaning to say the fanfics I'll be posting that are related to Pandora Hearts may contain hints of my theories, and most of all, SPOILERS. Therefore, if you're someone who can't contain reading spoilers, then don't go one with this story, by all means ^^.

Anyways, I shall thank in advance all the people who'll read this story. I hope you enjoy it (if you can). So sorry if it may lack a lot of things considered necessary in creating fan fiction, and for the possible OOC-ness (with that said, you may blame my 14-year old brain on this. LOL)

DISCLAIMER: I do not own Pandora Hearts or any of its characters. All of it belongs to Jun Mochizuki.

Shall we begin? *hides in a box just in case*


[Oz P.O.V.]

The moment I heard it, I just couldn't believe it.

It took me time to absorb his words… words he claimed to be the truth.

I was the B-Rabbit. The strongest chain in the Abyss.

I was that chain that killed people at a single order.

I was that chain that supposedly possessed Alice. Not me.

But for some reason, all of this was being revealed to me… at the worst possible moment.

Why? Why now? Right after everything seems to be fall out of place, when I was about to put it back little by little… now it fell out again.

Was this the prize? Prize for being submissive to what he said, to what JACK said…

But maybe… this serves me right. I am a worthless person after all, never given any expectations.

Yes. That's right.

So… if this is indeed the truth.




I'll just have to accept it.

After all, that's what I always do, right?

And there you have it, people! My first chapter~! Finally... *huffs* Sorry for it being too short. But the next chapters will be longer, promise!

Anyways, should I continue with this? No, I won't ask that anymore, since I've literally written almost half of the story anyway. (I started writing this on April 10 this week XD)

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