"Strip for me, Cas."

Dean pushed Cas off his lap and Cas staggered upright, swaying slightly and licking his well-kissed lips, his eyes half-lidded so that only a sliver a blue was visible. He looked so beautiful like that. Dean supposed that that was why he had been satisfied for so long with just heavy make-outs in chairs, car seats, and sitting on the sides of beds. They had never lied down on those beds. They had never taken off their clothes. There had never been more than a dip of fingers under the collar of a shirt or through the waistband of someone's pants. And that had been enough for Dean while he took his time with Cas, ever-conscious that he was dating the purest of virgins.

But Dean thought they were both ready for something more. Not all the way, not yet. He just wanted to see what Cas looked like under that trench coat, to kiss the skin under that tie. And from the way Cas had been kissing him more and more insistently, gripping Dean's hair and grinding his erection into Dean's lap, it seemed that Cas would agree.

"Not like that!" Dean added quickly as he realized that Cas was about to mojo himself naked in the blink of an eye, "Take your clothes off with your hands."

Cas looked up at Dean curiously, then down at his hands. "I've never had a reason to do that before," he said dubiously.

"You've got one now," said Dean, settling back into the chair happily, "Don't do it too fast. I want to watch."

Dean soon realized that speed would not be a problem. Cas tugged at his tie for nearly a full minute before managing to tangle it into a mess of loops and knots. Finally he gave up and yanked it over his head. He shrugged out of his coats easily enough, but he forgot to loosen the cuffs and he had to struggle a bit to get the sleeves over his wrists.

Everything Cas did was ruthlessly goal-oriented. He really was trying to damndest to get his clothes off, and becoming more and more frustrated as he went. Dean was used to girls playing to his reactions as they got naked, smiling coyly as they removed layers, but Cas didn't even seem to remember that Dean was there. He just poked at the buttons on his shirt, trying to get them through the holes with fingers that had never learned the required muscle memory. It wasn't sexy, but it was very… Cas. Dean realized somewhat unexpectedly that he was enjoying this more than any striptease he had ever seen in his life.

Cas finally looked up to find Dean grinning at him. "Stop laughing at me," he huffed.

Feeling relieved that Cas hadn't recognized an embarrassingly dopey-in-love smile when he saw one, Dean stood and gathered Cas's hands up in his own. "Okay, okay," he laughed, "Let me do that for you." Cas's hands dropped to his sides as Dean began undoing the buttons one by one, opening the V of Cas's shirt deeper and deeper, exposing his chest inch by inch. Dean was used to warm skin turning into tepid fabric at the level of Cas's collar, but now that skin extended down and out - an expanse of gorgeous, pale flesh that had never known the touch of Dean's lips.

Unable to resist, Dean bent to trace the line of Cas's collarbone with his tongue. Cas leaned into it just a bit, shivering as Dean popped the last button open and pulled the shirt free.

Dean pressed his hands against the small of Cas's back and slowly dragged them upwards. Under his fingertips, he could feel the firmness of muscle, the bumps of vertebrae, the ridges of ribs, and finally the lowest points of shoulder blades. The skin under his palms was hot and alive in a way he had never been able to appreciate through all those layers of clothing.

"Your hands are cold," said Cas softly, even as he dipped his head to plant a kiss in Dean's hair.

"Sorry," Dean mumbled as he continued outlining the anatomy of Cas's neck with his mouth.

"Mmm," said Cas, his hands rising to steady himself against Dean's hips, "I don't mind."

Dean pulled himself away reluctantly to sit Cas down in the chair where Dean had just been. Cas stared up at him expectantly.

"Now you watch," said Dean as he shrugged his jacket off one shoulder, then the other, "I'll show you how it's done."