A/N. This fanfic is in response to MathiasNightlord01's Pokémon Master Quest Challenge. I hope you guys enjoy this.

Challenge: What if Ash befriends a powerful and Rare Pokémon 4 years before he gets Pikachu and it goes with him on his Journey? What if Ash studied more about the Pokémon world before going on his Journey and knew more about Pokémon training than he did in cannon because of it? This challenge was inspired by a story of the same name by sojoukou senkuo. The requirements are that Ash is smarter, catches more Pokémon then in Cannon and rotates them out to train them, and that he must befriend one Pokémon from a given list supplied by MathiasNightlord01 before he meets Pikachu that is captured in a special Master Ball in the colors of the Pokémon given to him by Prof. Oak. He must also catch some of the Pokémon from the movies, and Pikachu must evolve either during or after the Battle Frontier or Sinnoh Saga after learning all of its electric attacks.

I will be changing one thing though, instead of Ash being a guy, he will be a girl. I have MathiasNightlord01's permission for this, so please don't yell at me about it.

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"Human Talking"

'Human Thinking'

"Pokémon Talking"

(Trans. Pokémon Talking)

Pokédex Talking

A Friend of Unbelievable Proportions…

The sound of running feet could be heard as a little girl; barely seven years old now, ran through the heavily wooded forest, ducking and weaving through the trees as she tried not to lose sight of her target.

"Wait!" she called as she once again ducked under another tree branch that was a bit too low for comfort. Whatever it was that she was chasing, it was fast, and used to the type of terrain they were running through, she was at least sure that it was a Pokémon, but still, it wasn't one that she knew to live in this area normally, that wasn't about to detour her though. She jumped over a tree root that was protruding out of the dirt below their feet, hitting the ground with a thud as she kept up to the best of her ability. She wasn't about to lose it that easily.

"I said wait! Please!" the young girl called out again. It gave no hint of stopping though, instead gaining speed. It had to be exhausted by now, with all the running, and the obvious limp it was sporting couldn't have been making this easy. It was injured, and she was determined to help, but she had to get it to stop first.

"Please stop, I'm not going to hurt you, I just want to help!" she called again, becoming frustrated with the constant running. It wasn't listening though and kept rushing onward. She sighed, not about to give up though, and picked up speed as well. Her eyes had been shut tight, trying to ignore the painful burning that came with running long distances without a break, when she heard the Pokémon she was chasing give a screech. It had just tripped over a badly placed tree limb and was now limping even worse than before. She gasped as she picked up speed, "Please, don't move, you do and it'll hurt worse!" she pleaded as she finally got close enough.

The Pokémon paused, giving her a wary look, before turning back to face its injured leg.

"If-If you'll let me, I can help." She said carefully, trying hard to not give it any sort of impression that it needed to run again. The Pokémon seemed to look at her for a moment, as if trying to figure out what to make of her. Finally it gave a grunt placing its head on the ground in silent permission. The girl sighed in relief and carefully made her way over to the injured limb.

Bandaging the injury had taken longer than was originally thought, as she had had to go back home to get the first aid kit before she could really do anything helpful. After she was done she had moved back, giving the Pokémon its space as it rested. It really wasn't anything she had seen before though, and she doubted it was even from this region, let alone anywhere nearby.

The Pokémon was large, about the size of a human if it were to stand up; its fur was grayish-brown, with a black ruff, and a big, red mane with black ends. Its head was the shape of a fox, and its eyes were a very pretty blue that almost had the young child mesmerized. She really couldn't figure out what the species might be, she'd never really heard of a Pokémon that looked like the one before her now. Suddenly a voice drew her attention.

"You are kind, young child…" she looked around, confused as to the source of the speaker, but only saw the Pokémon, which was looking at her with some small amount of amusement. "Yes, I was the one who spoke." She looked downright shocked now, and she was sure of it. Last she had checked, it was impossible for a Pokémon to speak to a human, at least not in a way that a human could understand.

"Um…Thank you?" She wasn't entirely sure what to do as this was a first. The voice, feminine in nature, chuckled slightly, and the Pokémon's body shook with the silent laughter.

"You're welcome." The Pokémon seemed thoughtful for a moment before it spoke again, "Tell me child, what is your name."

"Oh, my name's Ashlyn, Ashlyn Ketchum, everybody calls me Ash though." She said, a broad smile on her face, "It's nice to meet you…um…"

"Zora." The Pokémon offered before continuing, "It is nice to meet you too."

"Can I ask you something?"


"What are you? And how'd you get here?"

"You must mean my species...Well, the humans of my homeland call my kind 'Zoroark'. As for how I got here, strange humans in black clothes with a strange symbol on their chest attacked my home and captured me. I escaped though, and now here I am." Ash thought for a moment. People wearing black clothes with a strange symbol, it didn't sound like anything that she knew of.

"So you were kidnapped…Well, I'm sorry but I don't know who it was that could have attacked you." She apologized. She felt kinda bad for the Pokémon, far from home with no clue of how to get back. It, no she, it was clear by her name that she was female, must've been awfully lonely.

"It is not your fault young one. Besides, though my home was most likely destroyed, I did manage to save someone besides myself. Though they probably won't realize it for a long time now." Ash looked slightly confused, she hadn't seen Zora carrying anything when she was trying to catch up to her, so who could it have been and where were they. Her answer came when Zora reached into her mane, pulling out an egg, causing Ash to gape in shock. How it hadn't fallen out was beyond Ash, but it hadn't, and it looked for the better part in one piece. "You can hold it if you want, be very careful though, they can be very fragile." Ash nodded slowly, nervous that she was going to drop it as she reached out to take the egg. She sighed once it was safely in her lap, a sort of calm warmth over coming her. She gently pat the egg, wondering what was inside.

"Um…Zora, I think it's about to hatch!" Ash said in slight panic, the egg had begun to shake. Zora's eyes widened, not having expected it to happen so soon. She was about to reach for the egg back, only to have to cover her eyes as it began to shine brightly. Finally the light receded, allowing both the young girl and Pokémon to see. Zora smiled gently at the sight of what lay in place of the egg in Ash's lap.

Ash herself was shocked, sitting, or rather laying in her lap, was a smaller, four-legged version of Zora, without the claws and huge mane.

"Wh-What is it?" She asked as she watched Zora gently guide the newborn out of Ash's lap and toward herself.

"This, Ash, is what the humans of my land call a Zorua. It's just a baby though…Cute, isn't it?" Ash merely nodded, still trying to get over the fact that she had just witnessed the birth of a baby Pokémon. Zora was right though, it was awfully cute.

"Oh it must be hungry!" she said as she jumped up from her seat. "Wait…what do Zorua eat?"

"This one's too young to eat anything solid…But we normally eat berries and foods such as that. I'll take over keeping it, or rather him, now that I take a closer look."

"Ok…But how do you know it's a boy?"

"Let's just call it women's intuition and leave it at that. Besides, it's getting late."

"Ah! You're right! I'll see you tomorrow Zora, ok? Bye!" Ash called, waving as she ran off.

"Yes, she is very kind." Zora nodded to herself as she nuzzled the Zorua, finding a comfortable spot before they both went to sleep. "Very kind indeed…"

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