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The Beginning of a Journey…

3 years later-

A young girl walked through the forest with an ease that came from constant journeys into the rough terrain that lay near her hometown, the cool air refreshing when compared to the heat that lay outside the heavily wooded area. She loved that about the forest, with its lush greenery and peaceful atmosphere which was only accentuated by the constant buzz of the wild Pokémon that dwelled inside, despite how early it was; it was definitely one of the many ways of how her hometown had earned its name, Pallet Town, a blank slate that could be painted any color one pleased, untainted by the pollution that the big cities and towns carried. It made for a good habitat for the wildlife that lived nearby.

The young girl shook her head, not wanting to get lost in thought again; she had a reason for being here earlier than she normally was after all, and she couldn't waste her whole day inside the forest as she had done the past three years until now, though the urge was there. She had come to visit a friend, two to be specific, she'd be leaving today after all, and she had to say goodbye before she left, she doubted that her friends would want to come with her, but then again they had always had a way of surprising her.

Finally she reached a familiar clearing, coming to a stop in the center of it before she looked around. She sighed as she realized that they were hiding again, she took a deep breath before calling out as loudly as she could,

"Zora, Kitto! Where are you? It's me, Ash!" Ash sighed when she received no response; she was slightly worried, but also miffed. If this was one of their games again, she was going to be very upset. For one thing, if this was another game, they were going to make her late in getting her starter Pokémon, and two, making her worry for nothing. She was about to call out again when something, or rather someone, was yelling. She only had a second to turn around before she found herself face-planting into the ground, feeling a small weight on her back. She grumbled slightly before pulling her face from the dirt, blowing a stray strand of jet-black hair as she did. "Hey Kitto." She said calmly, spitting some dirt out of her mouth while she waited for a reply.

"G'morning Sis." Came the chipper reply from the small fox creature on her back.

"Having fun there?" she asked, her only reply being a couple of chuckles at her own expense. Finally the small fox Pokémon got off of her, allowing her to stand up without having to worry about knocking him over. "Thanks, so where's Zora?" she asked as she looked in the direction she guessed that he had come swinging from.

"Right behind you." Ash squeaked in surprise as she turned to face the speaker. Zora stood there, a mischievous expression on her furry face, quite proud of her ability to startle Ash like she had. It further encouraged her likeness to the foxes from the folktales Ash had heard from the old women in town. Ash laughed, not able to stay mad at her friends for any amount of time as she hooked arms with the bipedal fox Pokémon, Kitto hitching a ride on Ash's shoulder as they exited the forest to hang out for a bit. Despite her silent complaints about being late, Ash wanted to spend just a little more time with her friends, it would be lonely going on a journey without them and she would miss them a lot. In her mind, what was a little extra time taken out of her schedule to hang out with a couple of friends?

"So you're leaving today?" Zora asked as she, Kitto, and Ash walked down the dirt road leading to one Prof. Oak's Lab. Zora had taken on the form of a young girl close to Ash's age, while Kitto had taken on the form of one of the starter Pokémon, a rattata.

"Yeah, I'm starting my Pokémon Journey today, so I'll be leaving as soon as I get me a Starter Pokémon."

"I see…" Zora didn't seem too upset over the fact, but you could never tell with her. She was good at hiding things from others.

"Zora, are you sure you and Kitto are going to be okay?" Zora didn't respond, seemingly lost in thought,

"I'm going to miss you Sis…" Kitto said from his position in Zora's arms.

"I'm going to miss you guys too." Ash replied as she turned her attention back to the road, Prof. Oak's lab just down the road a bit now.

"Looks like we're almost to the lab. Do you mind if we come in with you Ash?" Zora pointed out when she noticed it as well. Ash shook her head,

"Not at all, c'mon, you guys will be the first to see my new starter Pokémon." Ash stated proudly as she and the other two began walking up the steps. They stopped though at the sound of a very obnoxious sounding voice,

"Well if it isn't Ashie-Girl. Whatcha' doin' here?" Ash growled as she turned around, irritated at the speaker. She hated that nickname with a passion, as ridiculous as the thought was, it was annoying.

"What's it look like Gary Oak? I came here to get a starter Pokémon, why else would I be here, besides to hang out with the Pokémon of course." She stated, adding the last part as an afterthought. Gary snorted, as if the mere thought of her handling Pokémon was outrageous if not downright unrealistic.

"Well you're too late. Sorry Ashie-Girl, but they're all gone. I just got the last one so you might as well just go home." Gary bragged as he gave a nonchalant wave, turning on his heel as he left, headed in the direction of a big red convertible. Ash twitched slightly at the sight of the other occupants of the vehicle. There were at least seven or more cheerleaders in there, definitely more then there were available seats, and all of which were at least seven years older than Gary himself. She signed it off as them being a group of Daisy, Gary's older sisters, friends, probably asked to watch over him in her stead. It also made for a healthy ego boost, that he definitely didn't need. If Gary's head got any bigger, he wouldn't be able to walk, let alone throw a Pokéball.

Ash watched as Gary drove away, wondering how the heck he planned on catching any Pokémon when that monstrosity was making so much noise. It would most likely scare them away, rather than help, but she wasn't Gary and she wasn't even about to start trying to understand him.

"Ash, remember why you're here."

"Yeah, I remember, I'm just wondering when Gary's head got that big…He used to be nicer when we were younger…And dare I say it, shy." Ash shook her head, bringing herself out of her thoughts as she got back on task. She could reminisce later. She sighed, opening the door to the lab, praying silently to whatever deity out there that what Gary had said about there being no more starter Pokémon was wrong.

Of all the things Ash had expected to see, this was definitely pretty far down on the list. To say it was chaos, was a slight understatement, and then again she could've been putting it very lightly.

The lab looked like a tornado had come through it, either that or a very pissed off Pidgeot let loose a gust.

"Sis, are you sure we're in the right place?"

"Yeah, it looks like Tornadus came through here just now."

"Don't you mean tornado?" Zora paused in momentary thought before answering,

"Technically they're the same thing. Tornadus is the Legendary Pokémon that governs the winds in my homeland. He and his brother Thundorus are always arguing with each other, always causing havoc and disaster, it becomes quite the mess, and then the eldest steps in and they wonder why he's as pissed as he is." Zora seemed to smile fondly of some strange memory having to do with the three aforementioned Pokémon. Ash summed it up to her having been an eyewitness to one of these supposed fights, and knowing Zora, she probably found the end result hilarious.

"Do I want to know?" Ash asked hesitantly. Her response was a still smiling Zora shaking her head 'no'.

"No, no probably not." Zora said. She was about to say something else when the sound of electricity being let loose could be heard in the back, accompanied by the sound of agonized screaming and the flashing of lights.

"I think we found the source of this disaster, no?" they all ran toward the source of the drama, Ash forced to place her hand over Zora's mouth before she started laughing uncontrollably. She herself was hard-pressed to not bust a gut laughing, Arceus only knew how hard a time Zora was having holding it back. The scene before them was classic, if a bit painful to look at.

What were obviously lab aids lay unconscious, in a heap, all surrounding a small, yellow mouse with sparking red cheeks. It looked pissed, and Ash could only guess as to what they had done to make it so mad. The yellow mouse glared at Ash, daring her to do something so it had a good reason to electrocute her.

"Calm down there little one. Before you hurt somebody else with that. We're not going to challenge you or anything; we just came to see the professor." Zora told it as she, Ash, and Kitto took a step back. They all knew that a stressed Pokémon preferred its personal space, unless you preferred a face full of whatever attacks it had in its arsenal.

The Pokémon seemed to relax a little at that, though it was still a bit tense. Zora was about to say something else when the voice of an elderly man could be heard, followed by a red beam of light hitting the yellow mouse before them.

"Pikachu, return!" the mouse Pokémon disappeared, the beam of light retracting into the red and white orb being held in the speaker's hand.

"People sure like interrupting me today, now don't they?" Zora thought begrudgingly, turning her gaze to the side as she continued to grumble under her breath causing Ash and Kitto to sweat drop at her behavior. And she was supposedly the eldest between the three.

"Good morning Prof. Oak." Ash greeted politely, followed by a nod from Zora, who despite being in a bit of a foul mood, still had enough sense to show respect to her elders.

"Ah hello there Ash, and I see you have Zora with you, but I don't see her little brother Kitto anywhere?" Ash giggled nervously as she came up with a convincing lie,

"Oh, he's back at home playing probably. I just came here with Zora today." Save for Ash herself naturally, everyone in Pallet Town, including Ash's own mother, Delilah, thought Zora and Kitto, whenever they actually saw him not disguised as a local Pokémon, thought they were human.

"Ah, I see. So what can I do for you anyways? Here to play with the Pokémon again?" Ash shook her head,

"No not today Prof., and probably not for a while either."

"Oh, and why's that?"

"I came to get my starter Pokémon, that is, unless you don't have any." Prof. Oak sighed as he thought for a moment,

"Well I do have one, but as you can plainly see, it's not the friendliest of Pokémon out there."

"You mean the yellow mouse from just a few seconds ago?"

"Yes, it's known as a Pikachu, the Electric Mouse Pokémon. Powerful little critter, but dang if it isn't the most stubborn Pokémon I've ever met. I'd love to give it to you Ash, but I'm worried that you could get seriously hurt trying to handle it." Ash wilted slightly before perking up again, a new determined look in her eyes that hadn't quite been there before. Zora and Kitto knew it very well from the three years they had known Ash.

"Prof. Oak, I don't care if it's the worst Pokémon in the world. Please, this journey means a lot to me. At least let me try, you never know, I could be really good with it. I'll take any Pokémon, even if it is stubborn as a Tauros." Ash said, her tone completely serious, only a small hint of pleading that, if you didn't know her better, you never would have been able to pick up on your own. Prof. Oak sighed, seeming to think it over in his head, before finally sighing again.

"Ok Ash, but I want you to send it back as soon as possible if you think it turns out to be too much to handle. I don't want you getting hurt unnecessarily, understand?"

"Yes sir!"

"Good, now you wait right here while I go and get a few things ready. I'll be right back, ok?"

"Ok." Ash agreed as the professor disappeared farther into the lab again. Ash finally relaxed, relieved that she could finally go on her Pokémon journey. A bit overwhelmed with it all, she began to fiddle with the hem of her denim skirt to distract herself for a bit.

"Hey Ash?"

"Yeah Zora?"

"Kitto and I were wondering. I know it's kinda sudden, but we want to go with you on your journey." Ash looked slightly shocked at this statement.

"Wait, really?"

"Yeah, so can we?" Ash blinked for a few seconds before responding, her mind still trying to catch up with her.

"Of course you guys can…But wait, I don't have any Pokéballs…Or do I?" Ash was suddenly overcome with a memory from when she was younger. She did in fact have a Pokéball on her, but only one.

"I'm no Psychic-type Ash, I can't read your mind, so what in the world are you thinking?" Zora asked, giving her a strange look. Ash smiled as she finally began to explain.

"Ok, when I was five years old, my mom had Prof. Oak get a special custom Pokéball made just for me. But I only got one, that means one of you will have to without for a bit."

"That's fine. Kitto's not much of a battler anyways, so I'll be the one to go in the Pokéball." Ash nodded, somewhat glad that they hadn't fought over it. The last thing she needed in her moment of happiness was for Prof. Oak to walk in and see Zora having a telepathic argument with a Squirtle over who gets to go in a Pokéball first. That'd be one heck of an explanation that Ash just wasn't willing to make today, or any other day for that matter.

"Ok. Get ready Zora, sorry in advance if this uncomfortable." Ash said as she brought out the Pokéball that she had mentioned earlier.

The Pokéball was a high-grade and very rare one, a Master Ball which was said to be impossible for a Pokémon to break free from no matter how hard it fought. Ash had been told to save it for a really powerful Pokémon when she finally left for her journey, and she couldn't of anything better to use it for then right now, though she did feel bad for sticking one of her best friends inside what was probably a really tight and small space. Ironically, it was designed in the same colors as Zora, and even had a design on the upper half that looked like Zora's red mane in her true form.

Ash gently tapped Zora in the head with it, watching in astonishment as Zora disappeared in a flash of black and yellow lights, which then retreated back inside the Master Ball. As soon as she had gone in though, Ash had let her out, not wanting to keep Zora in there longer then she had to.

"So how was it?" She asked, hoping it wasn't too painful for Zora. Pokémon seemed to be horribly stubborn about staying inside a Pokéball, so it was either really uncomfortable in there, or they just really loved their freedom, and loved frustrating trainers to no end. It was mostly likely the latter, but you could never be sure when it came to Pokémon and the technology that was used with them.

"It was different, that's for sure. It's definitely going to take some getting used to…One things for sure. When Prof. Oak wants a custom made Pokéball, he does not joke. That thing is tricked out!" Zora said, greatly impressed with the Master Ball, and Ash had to agree with her. Prof. Oak definitely didn't play around with these kinds of things.

"Yeah! Think you can get him to do that with all your other Pokéballs? That'd be really cool!" Ash was about to scold Kitto for his silly idea, only to pause when she found herself agreeing that it would be very cool to have Pokéballs like that. Maybe not a Master Ball, but even just a plain Pokéball that you normally got off the shelves at a Pokémart would do.

"Actually, you may be right Kitto. It's definitely different, and I must say it does add a nice flare." Ash admitted, tossing the Master Ball up in the air a couple of times. They would have continued discussing the pros and cons of custom Pokéballs, but they were cut short when Prof. Oak returned. Ash quickly hid the Master Ball, not wanting Prof. Oak to know that she had used it just yet.

"Ok Ash, sorry for the wait, it took a bit longer then I thought. Anyways here's everything you need for your Pokémon journey." Prof. Oak said as he handed her the items he had collected for her. Sitting in a tray in his hands were a Gym Badge case, a red, rectangular electronic device of some sort, and five pokéballs, fresh and brand new. Sitting away from the pokéballs was another pokéball, this one slightly different from the rest. Instead of being just plain red and white, this one had a sticker with a thunderbolt symbol on it.

"What's this?" Ash asked as she picked up the electronic.

"That, Ash, is what is known as a Pokédex."

"Oh I heard of those. They're supposed to be able to record the data of every Pokémon you meet and/or capture on your journey right?"

"That's correct Ash, looks like somebody's been doing their homework. Yes, it does collect the data of every Pokémon you meet or capture, but only Pokémon from this region. You'll have to get it updated to get data on any Pokémon outside of Kanto." Ash nodded in understanding, "Now this pokéball here," he pointed toward the one that was away from the others, "This one is your starter Pokémon. I'm giving you Pikachu, mainly since it's the only one I have on hand at the moment. It's data's already been uploaded into the Pokédex, so you don't have to worry about that. Just be very careful in how you handle it. As I said before, if it becomes too much to handle, send it back to me. Got it?"

"Yes, I got it Prof. Oak."

"Good, now here you go."

"Thank you so much, oh and one other thing…"

"Yes Ash?"

"Remember the custom made pokéball you gave me when I was five?"

"Yes, what about it?"

"I was wondering if you could make more like it. Not all Master Balls, just like regular pokéballs with the same effects."

"Well, it's a slightly strange and out of the ordinary request, but sure I can try." Ash smiled brightly at the elderly man's response,

"YAY! Oh thanks so much Prof. Oak!"

"Think nothing of it. Now you and Zora better get going, I'm sure your mother would love to see your new starter Pokémon, okay?"

"Right. Bye Prof. Oak! Thanks for everything!" Ash waved as she, Zora, and Kitto ran off, leaving the professor to his messy laboratory.

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