Bonjour France,

I would just like to state that you are merveilleux and need more appreciation. Many of the fans of Hetalia stereotype you just by the way you are portrayed in the English dub and don't care enough to delve a little deeper and actually figure out the reasonings behind your actions. On another note, besides England, Austria, and the two other members of the "Bad Touch Trio" you are definitely my favorite. I have one more quick question…During 'Paint It White' (and I am unsure if this is mentioned in the Japanese.) While you and England are in the information room England had clicked on his country and in the information it offered it said that you and England "love each other…sexually." I'm sure that it was just in the English dub but I wouldn't mind an explanation.

Au revoir pour l'instant,


«Chère Crimson,

Bonjour darling, nice to meet you !

I feel so blissfully happy by your loving words; you are the merveilleuse one, ma chérie, for you know that one can't judge a book by its cover, even when in my case it is a most elegant, shining one ! I can think of one or two people who could use that way of seeing things...

How pleased you make me when you say I am amongst your favorites ! Of course, I would like it best if your kind heart had room only for me, because Big Brother is definitely the best; but I shall try to be content with your humble feelings. Merci beaucoup !

About your question... Oh my, have I read your letter more carefully the first time, I would not feel as dumfounded as I am now. To say that my mind was full of happy thoughts because of your passionate love confession mere seconds ago...! I feel like crying now, remembering that most embarassing moment inside the Noppera ship.

Please do not let yourself be fooled: that translator was broken ! It had to be ! It was one of his stupid "spy-gadgets" he's so fond of after all ! How could it say that I supposedly lust on Angleterre of all people ?! Balivernes ! Jamais de la vie !

Well it is true that I do, euh.. "tease" him every once in a while but I really don't mean anything by that, you have to believe me, I beg you ! He may have a cute baby face indeed, but the inside is all messed up ! He is definitely not my type ! Everything else is but him !

...Well, I might be a little harsh here. I know he has his good points too, où qu'ils soient...

As for him allegedly feeling... "something" for me, allow me to doubt that.

Once, the both of us had a conversation about who was the most perverted nation, and it resulted with practically being called "garbage". Me, the most handsome Grand frère who ever graced the surface of this very planet ! What an outrage ! Of course, it is not to be excluded that he might have lied out of spite or maybe that he was just in denial, as usual. (Because, let's admit it: I truly am gorgeous. One would have to be an idiot not to see that.)

On the other hand, I know that after Japan, he is the one who goes sightseeing at my place the most. He thinks I don't know but I'm not stupid: I could see his caterpillars of eyebrows from kilometers away ! He is so noticeable, not to mention his painfully plain clothing and his very, very posh english accent.

So, as you can see, this is all a mystery. And to be honest, now I am not so sure I want to solve it...

Thank you again for writting to me, dear Crimson. Au revoir et à bientôt !

Bien à toi,


Balivernes: Nonsense

Jamais de la vie: Never ever (Litt. Never in life)

Euh...: Huh...

Où qu'ils soient: Wherever they are

Au revoir et à bientôt: Goodbye until next time (Litt. Goodbye and see you soon)

Bien à toi: Best regards (casual)