Chapter Four

"Normal Speech"

'Normal Thought'

"Demon/ Boss summon Speech"

'Demon/ Boss summon thoughts'

Jutsus: / Attack:

Flashback/ Writing/ TV

Dark underground basement

Gloomy aura

Dead silence

A few dead grasses from chemicals

"There's no doubt about it, there has to be a base around here. That would explain the large amount of people that disappear around this area. Kaname, why don't you use those wonderful pair of blind eyes? I'm sure you'll be able to see things clearly?" Kaname glared at Gin with rotating white eyes. Gin continued smiling ignoring the slight killing intent he was feeling.

"Gin those blind jokes are old now. Besides, my new eyes are much effective than yours. I have multiple visions ranging from infrared, x-ray, and more than what you're capable of. I can see beyond normal vision." Gin didn't lose his smile.

"I bet you have justice vision as well, I wouldn't be surprised if you did." Kaname settled for a glare instead. Aizen cleared his throat getting their attention. Despite how amusing he found it, they had a task to accomplish and failure wasn't an option.

"Alright Kaname, let's find us a base and hopefully our target. I'm curious as to what information this man possess if Mayuri is so interested in him. Maybe it had something to do with those rogue experiments he caught." Kaname changed his vision a few times until he had the appropriate one. Aizen watched as Kaname scanned the area around him with his eyes. While he didn't admit it, he was impressed with they were capable of doing and how deceptive they were. To others he was a blind man with blank eyes but those in the Gotei 13 knew about his special eyes. They were like Konoha's Byakugan in an away but advanced. They saw beyond chakra network and the tenketsu points. They had a list of visions Kaname was able to use other than normal and they were capable of being upgraded. They were the prefect artificial eyes.

"I found the entrance Aizen-san. What are our next courses of actions? Should we break through the doors or created a path straight into the Intel room? Maybe that's where the self destruction button is located if there is one. Of course I have no doubt that there is indeed a button like that. If Kabuto is there then he will no doubt try to destroy any information he possess somehow." Aizen could see Kaname's logic.

"We can't afford to lose information here especially when this is the only base we were able to locate so far. We'll just have to prevent the place from being destroyed just like the last one. With that being said, I think the best choice to infiltrate this base are both ideas you came up with Kaname." Kaname's eyebrow rose as did Gin's. Aizen decided to elaborate more on what he said.

"I will break the doors down while Gin creates a path heading straight down through the floor. I'm sure the explosion from separate areas will cause a panic and separation amongst the shinobi that will most likely be inside. You on the other hand will look for any secret passages leading from the base. I believe our target slipped pass us when he infiltrated the first base through some sort of secret passage. I'm not 100% sure but I have a strong feeling about this. Anyway let's get on with the show." Gin walked away from the group to begin his work.

"Shoot to kill"

As soon as those words left Gin's mouth, Aizen and Kaname turned around to and watch Gin thrust his sword into the floor. Kaname scanned where to sword was and found several bodies severed in various ways in various floors. Aizen couldn't help but shake his head at Gin's action. He went towards the doors and aimed a single finger at it.


A large concentration of a white powerful lightning bolt shot from his fingers destroying the door with ease. Aizen walked into the entrance and began his journey to the bottom.


Gin fired a large concentration of red energy at the spot he stabbed with his sword. A large hole was created revealing a large hallway. Gin fired another attack creating another hole within the halls leading to another passage. Gin waved at Kaname before begin his way downwards. Kaname turned away from the two and began looking for a secret passage. If Kabuto was here then he would make sure he didn't escape justice.


"What the hell's going on out here?" Kabuto turned to one of his assistance making said person nervous.

"I don't know what's going on sir but based on the explosions, it's safe to assume that someone had infiltrated our base." Not even a second after those words left his mouth did his head slide off his shoulder then dropped to the floor. The body soon dropped as well having nothing holding it up. Kabuto turned to his other still breathing assistant. Said assistant was shaking right now after seeing Kabuto cut the other guy down for simply giving a report.

"I want you to find out who manage to break into the base or else." He didn't have to make any threats towards the now running man. Several more explosions went off angering Kabuto further. 'Who the hell could have found this base? Surely Orochimaru's bases aren't easy to find yet here they are being discovered by who knows who this time. It has to be Jiraiya. No one else has been able to…..

Memories of three males with swords entered his mind. They were the only ones other than Jiraiya that was capable of finding one of their hidden bases and cut down their shinobi with ease. 'Did they find the base again? If they did, how did they find such a hidden base or better question is how did they find me? It must be some type of coincidence. There's no way they could have tracked me down especially with all the trouble I went through covering my trail. The only explanation is through some type of spy system.' Another explosion went off but this time it wasn't far from his location. 'I must activate the self destruct sequence no matter what. I can't have Orochimaru's work fall into someone else's hands no matter what.'

Kabuto made a dash to where the Intel room was with a goal in mind to destroy any important information as well as the base. He stopped outside the door when an idea passed his mind. He pulled out a small device from his pocket and punched in a few commands. As soon as he did that, the sounds of loud alarms were heard throughout the base. Kabuto smiled as his plan went into motion. He took off once more to the Intel room hoping his new plan would buy him enough time to initiate the destruction sequence.




"That doesn't sound good at all" commented Aizen as he continued walking down the hall. Behind him were trail of bodies that had fallen at the blade of his sword. He slowly made his way down the hall with a bored expression. Was this the strength of a shinobi or were these rejects in a way. How these shinobi survive in this world was beyond him. Another explosion went off in the distance once again and he knew it came from Gin and the use of his Kido spells. It would seem that Gin was making great progress towards his destination. He was sure Gin would be in the Intel room soon and hopefully before someone tried to destroy said base. Another explosion went off but unlike the last one, this came from where the down the hall to the left. The sound of flesh being ripped apart caught his attention. It would seem that there was a rogue beast in here strong enough to take out multiple shinobi. Aizen made a complete stop and waited for the creature to show its face.



Aizen listened carefully to the sound of the explosions as he tried to figure out what they were. They sound exactly like paper bombs but who in their right mind would be using that in an enclosed space? Was that their way of trying to destroy the base?

"ALRIGHT PEOPLE, PULL BACK IMMEDAITELY AND EXIT THE BASE. ALL THE CELLS ARE OPENED NOW. GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE!" The shouting voice was drenched with fear. More roars from the creature were heard and a man went flying. The sounds of struggling slowly died down until there was none. Aizen waited for the beast to come so he could kill it. He could hear the beast and its large footsteps coming towards him. Slowly the form of the beast made itself known to Aizen. The beast was about 9 feet high. The beast's body stretched from the corner it came from but didn't indicate how long it was.

'I guess I'll find out later' thought Aizen as he gripped his blade tightly. The beast looked like an alligator that went through several extreme experiments. The upper half of human bodies hung from his skin as if part of it. Several tentacles with spiked balls hung from its face swinging around menacingly. The beast's red eyes landed on his form and roared. Aizen quickly assessed his situation he was in. 'let's see, I'm trapped in a hall thus limiting my space add to the fact that this creature nearly takes up the entire hall thus dodging it is impossible. I guess I'll have to take this thing out before it gets a chance to do anything then.' With that thought, he points his finger at the beast.


A large amount of blue energy shot from his fingers striking the beast in the face directly. The beast didn't get a chance to roar as its body was destroyed or the part that was directly in front of Aizen. Blood poured onto the floor by the mass. This amount of blood pouring out showed that the beast was indeed large then what he thought.

"Well that was easy. I wonder how-" The sounds of flesh ripping stopped him from finishing that statement. Aizen watched as the beast re-grew its back to the way it was before it was destroyed. The beast growled at Aizen then charged with the intent to eat him. Aizen sighed in annoyance before making a dash back outside. He needed open space to fight the beast plus he was curious as to how large the beast was. As he continued making his way back to the surface, the beast swallowed up the bodies Aizen left behind. The more shinobi bodies it ate, the larger it grew. Any civilian bodies it devoured would only add to its overall appearance. The beast continued its chase after Aizen.


Kabuto ran to the Intel room and opened the door. As soon as he was in the room, he had the doors sealed shut to keep anything else from entering the room. To be on the safe side, he placed paper bombs of the steel doors which would detonate as soon as the doors were opened forcefully or not. Now that Orochimaru's experiments ran loose in the building, everyone was in danger including the three warriors. With the amount of creatures running around, the intruders would surely be killed especially with the beast king roaming around.

As to what the beast king was, it was the combination of DNA samples from and an alligator, Manda, and several kekkei genkai users, chakra belonging to that of a tailed beast, and an unstable version of the cursed seal. The beast was just an unstable abomination that devoured others to try stabilizing its body. Because of the Akimichi DNA in it, the beast grew stronger and large the more it ate. That was just one of the many abilities in its body. The other DNA which remains dormant in its body would activate soon thus causing more problems for the intruders. As soon as the beast finished with the intruders, it would soon roam the world causing much more mayhem. Villages would crumble under the power of the beast king. Kabuto felt a little pity for the people that would encounter the beast soon and proud that of his work of art. 'Maybe Orochimaru-sama will praise me for my beautiful work of art.' Thoughts of Orochimaru complimenting him brought a smile to his face.


Kabuto's head turned in the direction the explosion went off to find the silver haired man staring at him with a smile on his face.

"Hello there Kabuto-san, you're just the man we were looking for. To think we would find you here and important information makes me wonder if I'm the luckiest man alive." Kabuto's heart skipped a beat when Gin's words struck. He hadn't hit the self destruct button yet. Without wasting another second, he made a mad dash towards the button. As soon as he reached the button, he slammed his hand on it or tried to until a sword went through his hand impaling it next to the button. Using his other hand, he went to reach for the button but Gin turned his sword turning the flat side towards the medic Nin and pushed his weapon to the side pushing Kabuto away from the button. Kabuto's hand once again struck the space next to the button.

"I'm sorry but I can't allow you to destroy this base. Mayuri would love to see what information you have here. I'm sure he will be thankful that you were generous to give him information from your lab. I'm also sure he would be even happier when you give him any information you possess as well." Kabuto's blood froze at the thought of information being forced from him somehow. He quickly made a decision that escaping was the best choice right now. There was a limited amount of information here in the base but he himself possessed much more information that could be deadly in the wrong hands. He had so much information on not only the bases but Orochimaru as well.

Kabuto pulled his hand from the sword severing a few fingers in the process. He bit his teeth to fight back the scream that threatened to come out. Once freed, he ran towards the wall and channeled chakra into a small symbol. A small passage opened up for him and he dashed off not looking back for a moment. The entrance shut behind allowing Kabuto to escape. Gin just stared at the spot where the finger was and shook his head.

"I'll let justice catch him. Right now disabling that button will be the best choice. I wonder what Aizen's up to right now."


As soon as Aizen reached outside, he jumped to the side avoiding a large tentacle. The beast king destroyed the entrance allowing his newly large body to come outside. Aizen moved back a few feet to get a look at the beast's appearance. Seeing the beast now changed his opinion as to what it looked like. Right now the beast was a cross between a mutated alligator and a snake. It was a large purple alligator-snake with black rings running down intervals on his body. It had razor teeth of an alligator and two fangs. It had 6 legs supporting its long body which was about 100 feet in length….. Wait did this thing grow on its way here? His eyes narrowed at that thought. He would have to watch this creature closely.

The beast roared a few more times before charging at Aizen once more. Aizen leapt to the skies and began an incantation.

"Sprinkled on the bones of the beast! Sharp tower, red crystal, steel ring. Move and become the wind, stop and become the calm. The sound of warring spears fills the empty castle!"

Hado #63 Raikoho

A large concentration of yellow spiritual energy gathered into his hands forming an orb. He fired the large amount of energy at the creature striking it dead on. What happened next wasn't something he was expecting. Instead of being destroyed, the creature glowed brightly as it absorbed the chakra. The beast slowly rolled up into a ball as pink flesh erupted from the beast and slowly created a barrier over it. Aizen stood by and watched curious as to what would happen. He grew more and more fascinated by it. Based on what he was watching right now and knowledge from his original, he knew this beast was evolving right before his very eyes. Within 5 minutes, a perfect sphere made out of pink flesh was created over the beast.

5 minutes later

10 minutes later

15 minutes later

Gin and Kaname appeared to find Aizen standing in front of a large flesh sphere. Gin glanced over to see Kabuto over Kaname's shoulders unconscious. "I knew you would catch him Kaname. After all, no one outruns justice when you're on their case." Kaname ignored Gin's little joke and turned to Aizen.

"What is that thing Aizen-san?" Aizen continued staring at the beast not taking his eyes of it for even a second.

"It's one of the experiments that were released. I led it out here to fight so I could have some open space. However upon using a Kido spell with an incantation, it absorbed the energy and went into this cocoon stage. That was about 15 minutes ago by the way." Kaname turned his attention to the large sphere which soon began to crack. Aizen's smile widened at the signs of a complete transformation. "I guess it's now time to fight what this creature has become. I'm curious as to what this thing will look like now." Gin gripped his sword tightly as if prepared to battle. He turned to Kaname who was still holding the unconscious target.

"Kaname I think it would be a good idea to move away from this area and keep an eye on him. He has already proven that if desperate enough, he will do just about anything. He sacrificed his own finger to escape me. I'm betting that his mind hold some type of important information that goes beyond this lab. I'm sure with this man, you'll be able to deliver justice and save many lives." Kaname stared at the teen on his back.

"Very well, if he holds such important information then I will make sure he gets back to Mayuri. Once we find out his evil deeds, justice will be delivered." With that being said, Kaname left the area with Kabuto. Gin turned back to the beast once the sphere shattered revealing….

"Oh great it's a knock off version of Godzilla." Aizen sweat drop at this. Still the beast did look like that ugly rat thing he saw on TV once. The only difference was this thing was purple with black rings and much uglier. The newly beast turned towards Aizen and fired a large concentration of yellow energy that resembled Raikoho. However, unlike his attack, this thing fires it continuously. Aizen and Gin dodged the continuous beam of energy several times. The beast stopped firing and swung its giant hand towards them. The vanished once again.

Gin appeared behind the beast's head.

"Shoot to Kill"

His sword went right through the beast's head or almost if it wasn't for a bone popping out the back of its head and slightly redirecting it. Instead of head impalement, the beast received a gash on the side of its face. The beast lifts its tail and slammed it into the floor. Not a second later after he did that, wooden tendrils shot from the floor towards Gin with the intension to impale him. Gin vanished from his spot and reappeared next to Aizen. The beast roared before gathering energy in its mouth. This reminded the Shinigami of the Hollows cero. Once the beast had enough energy, it released it towards the duo which they avoided it.

The beast slammed the area with its hands producing powerful forces. It roared once more but this time it created a large force ripping trees from its roots. Aizen and Gin placed their arms in front of their eyes to prevent debris from entering.

"Aizen I think we should take things a little serious now or we'll look bad." Aizen couldn't help but agree.

"Very well it's time to exterminate this thing right away." They vanished from their spot once more. The appeared a few seconds later right in front of the beast. The beast saw them and tried to attack again but pain erupted from everywhere and gashes appeared all over its body. The beast roars in pain from the amount of slash marks it gain. It turned back to its attackers and growled. Its chakra levels and its size started increasing until it dwarfed even Yammy in his final form.

"What an interesting creature? How did it end up like this Aizen-san?" The arrival of Mayuri didn't seem to startle the captains. Mayuri looked at the creature with the widest smile ever.

"I accidently made it this large when I used a Kido spell on it. Apparently its bodies absorb energy and increase. I also believe the creature has a special ability to replicate any energy based attacks used on it. He replicated my Raikoho without any problems." The three vanished to avoid a strike from the beast. The beast's hand struck the floor causing a mini earthquake. They appeared behind the beasts head. Mayuri scanned the beast with a keen eye as if trying to decide something. His facial expression soon changed as if he decided on something. Without any type of warning, he aimed both hands at the beast.


A wide tornado-like blast struck the beast dead on. Aizen and Gin sweat dropped at this. The beast's head pulled a slow 180 and returned the attack with double the power back at the group which avoided it. While its power rose greatly, its speed decreased greatly which the three took notice to. They appeared next to the beast. Mayuri turned to the duo with a slight drool coming from his mouth. He quickly wiped the drool away.

"I want you guys to keep it as intact as possible. I must experiment on it." They could only shake their heads at Mayuri's antics.

"But we have all the information you need plus more in the form of Kabuto. Kaname has him right now as we speak. If my hunch is correct, he has a lot of information you will enjoy." Mayuri thought about the information Gin just told him. If this man possessed this much information then he wouldn't really need the beast much.

"Fine just cut off a few pieces for me to use later. With the parts, I will be able to play around with the beasts DNA. I'll just head over to Kaname so collect the target so I can extract information from him. Once I extract everything from his mind, I'll let Kaname deal whatever justice he wants." Mayuri vanish once more leaving Gin and Aizen to take on the slow but powerful beast.

"Alright let's get the chopping Aizen-san." He thrust his sword once again impaling the beast in the chest. Gin felt his sword shift avoiding the heart. The beast turned to Gin and opened its mouth to gather energy. Gin retracted his blade and moved. The beast continued to gather the energy as if began searching for it target. Gin appeared right in front of the beast allowing it to fire its attack at him. As soon as the beast released the beam, Gin moved again. The attack struck the area the base was creating a large crater. Gin couldn't help but scratch his head in embarrassment.

"Well at least we have Kabuto." He went back to battling the beast.


"Is that a tailed beast sensei?" Kakashi stared at the large reptile beast in the distance. His entire body was tensed right about now for several reasons. The first was that this thing had a power level that surpasses a kage. Another reason stems from the fact that the beast wasn't far away from Land of Fire. If this beast turned towards them, it would be heading into the Land of Fire and Konoha. "Sensei" Kakashi turned to Sakura and shook his head.

"No, this isn't a tailed beast Sakura but something else." He gave her his patent smile while mentally adding, 'It might as well be considered a tailed beast. That thing was easily stronger than the one tailed beast.

"We should kill it before it becomes a threat to us." Kushina's voice remained cold as ever. Kakashi mentally groaned. Did she really believe that her skills were that good? He thought about it for a second. 'Never mind that question. She has an Ego as large as the Uchiha clan was. He returned his attention to the beast which began releasing something close to a tailed beast ball Kyuubi had used against the village. If it wasn't for Minato's teleportation seals, Konoha would have been flattened or half of it.

"Kushina-san, we don't even have the power to do that. Besides, someone's dealing with it right now and their doing a good job with it too." Kakashi watched as the beasts arm fell off completely then re-grew back.

"Kaachan, was that silver thing a sword?" Kakashi took a closer look and noticed a long silver material stick the beast then fade away. Kushina continued staring intently at the scene.

"I don't think so. No one has a blade capable of expanding and retracting in seconds. I would have known about such a blade as well as Kiri. It's most likely a jutsu that fires a silver blade or something which is why it fades away immediately." Kakashi thought it sound reasonable enough for now.

"Still we'll have to report this to the Hokage. Something like this needs to be reported immediately so let's go team 7." Kakashi and his team began their journey back to Konoha. Kushina continued staring at the beast a little longer. Seeing the beast rampage brought back memories of the Kyuubi's attack. Her mind drifted to the image of the fox that ruined her life. That fox took her husband, lifelong partner, and best friend away from her 13 years ago. Minato meant the world to her so seeing his lifeless body caused something insider her to snap. Ever since that faithful day, she closed off her heart so that she didn't experience pain again. By doing so, she became cold and ruthless to all including her own children.

Her children

Thoughts of Naruto and Kasumi soon entered her thoughts and a small pang of pain as well. She quickly tried to crush the small pain her heart was experiencing right now but unlike last time, it wasn't that easy due to the level she was experiencing. Lately she's been thinking about her decisions she made in the past thought she wasn't sure why. The ones that ate at her the most was the one about her decision to close off her heart after losing Minato and the one she made to banish Naruto from the clan for the clan's benefit.

Just like last time, she justified her actions with reasons of her own. Closing her heart off guaranteed the end of pain plus without emotions, she would be able to make decisions others couldn't make. A perfect example would be if a man and his now 25 year old daughter who was in a coma. There was a man in Konoha who had a daughter than was in a coma. Word has it that she's been like that she was in a coma for 10 years meaning she entered the coma at the age of 15. The man still clings on the hope that she would recover one day instead of having the doctors pull the cord to the machine that kept her alive. Kushina tried to imagine herself in that situation. She told herself she would have pulled the cord plus because it would have been for the best.

As for her former son, a shinobi life just wasn't meant for him. With that being said, banishing him was the best decision considering the fact that the Uzumaki clan only consists of shinobi. If he would have stayed, they would have harassed him each day about not being a shinobi or the lack of chakra. In a way she was allowing him to live a peaceful civilian life. That's what she told herself each time to help make the small pain go away. Not only was it the best decision for him but the clan as well.

"Kaachan" She was brought from her thoughts by her niece and nephews who were waiting for her to decided what they would do next.

"Let's head back to Konoha." She turned to walk away but a large flash and a larger booming sound caught her attention. She turned back to find what appeared to be a large mushroom cloud in the form of all energy. The force behind the explosion the blast reached up to 3 miles. Kushina and her team felt the force and couldn't help but be amazed. She looked up to find the lack of beast and knew it was defeated. 'Whoever defeated the beast must have been strong. I wonder who they are.' She returned her attention the area ahead. She motioned her genin team to follow her back home.


Gin whistled at the amount of damage caused by the beast when he exploded. Body parts and blood fell from the skies as if mimicking rain. Aizen and Gin was covered in blood right about now. "I guess it could contain any more power."

"No that's not what happened" stated Aizen. "It's DNA became too unstable. I think the power increasing might have played a role as well but the main reason it died must have came from unstable DNA. Anyway let's grab a few parts and return home. I'll need a long hot bath after this." Gin could only agree.

"Yeah, I wouldn't mind a hot bath as well." With that being said, Gin and Aizen began collecting parts falling from the skies. Once they had collected enough parts, Gin opened a portal leading to their home then walked through.


Mayuri's lab

Mayuri watched as the captains, former leader Naruto, and current leader Genryusai entered the room one by one to hear about what he had discovered. His eyes shifted to the teen look alike who gave him the information. He had extracted all the information that he had starting with his childhood up to now. What he contained in his mind was both disturbing and interesting. Once everyone was present, Mayuri turned to the gathered crowd and began explaining his discovery.

"I have dug within the mind of Kabuto Yakushi conscious, subconscious, and deep subconscious. The conscious memories are the ones he'll be able to remember off the top of his head. Subconscious are things he learned but stored them away for later uses. Deep subconscious are buried memories he isn't able to remember. Those memories would have remained buried unless someone such as me was able to retrieve it through special means. Anyway with the information I gathered, I was able to create a biography of some sort based on his life. The information will appear for everyone to read within the next few seconds." With that being said, he punched a few things into his computer. Information soon appeared on his large screen about Kabuto's life.

Kabuto was found by a woman named Nono, a former shinobi of Konoha on the outskirts of a destroyed village

It was there he grew up over the years learning medical ninjutsu and a few other things to earn money for the orphanage

He was soon approached by Orochimaru of the Sanins with a proposition to become a medic Nin but he declined

He was once again approached by someone else by the name of Danzo Shimura, current Elder advisor of Konoha for infiltration of various villages

During one of his infiltration mission, he ran into his adoptive mother Nono and attacked not realizing her until it was too late

As Kabuto watched the deceased body of his adoptive mother, he began to question his identity and purpose in life

During his travels around gathering information, he spots a group of Konoha shinobi battling another group. He went over to assists them in the large battle and won but all his memories were pushed deep into the subconscious part of his mind hence the reason he woke up without any knowledge or memories of what happened.

He was found by captain of the Konoha Medic Corps amongst the dead bodies from what they call the Battle of Kikyo Pass and taken back to Konoha.

The captain took him home and raised him as a son.

Because of his unknown origins, he was re-trained as a spy for Konoha. They weren't aware of the fact that he was a spy of Konoha before.

As a spy of Konoha, he traveled many villages to gather information

As time went by, Kabuto lost track of his own true self due to not knowing where he came from and the constant changing of his identity to fulfill his role as a spy

It was because of this that the village he served stopped trusting him and he was soon removed from active duty

Later in life, Kabuto was recruited by Sasori of Akatsuki, who sent Kabuto to spy on Orochimaru by using Memory-Concealing Manipulative Sand Technique to transform him into a sleeper agent. He was sent to spy on Orochimaru

Orochimaru found out and released him from Sasori's control then persuaded him to follow him

After agreeing to serve Orochimaru, he played a role as a spy for Orochimaru to gather information on Akatsuki plus he also works with Orochimaru when it comes to human experiments

Kabuto even began working on his own experiments so he please his master Orochimaru

Mayuri waited until everyone was finished before punching a few more information. The information of Kabuto went away and was replaced by the words, Akatsuki. "The other information Kabuto has been science related. It's about all his work along with the ones he did with Orochimaru. If you want to learn more about it, just hang around once I'm done showing information about this Akatsuki group and a possible threat to us."

Akatsuki- (Day break)

Goal- to collect all of the tailed beastsfor their plans of world domination


Deidara – S-ranked missing Nin of Iwagakure

Hidan – S-ranked missing Nin of Yugakure

Kisame Hoshigaki – S-ranked missing Nin of Kirigakure

Kakuzu – S-ranked missing Nin of Takigakure

Konan – S-ranked missing Nin of Amegakure

Pain – S-ranked Nin of Amegakure

Sasori – S-ranked missing Nin of Sunagakure

Itachi Uchiha – S-ranked missing Nin of Konohagakure

Tobi – Unknown

Zetsu – Unknown

Each member wear a black cloak with red clouds, straw hats with bells on the front, black sandals, and pants their finger and toes black.

"These guys are targeting the tailed beasts which there are apparently 9 of them. I'll bring up the list of each tailed beast." Mayuri once again punched in some buttons allowing the ones about Akatsuki to go away in place of new ones about the tailed beasts.

Tailed beasts

The tailed beasts are large, living forms of chakra, sometimes referred to as "Chakra Monsters" giving them power that far outmatches mostshinobi.

Each beast has a form similar to an animal and a unique trait depending on said beast.

Shukaku- Ichibi no Shukaku

Species: Tanuki (Raccoon Dog)

Element: Wind

Unique Traits: Manipulates sand and Influences its jinchuriki whenever they sleep

Matatabi- Nibi

Species: Bakeneko (Monster Cat)

Element: Fire

Unique Traits: Breathes fire, Blue flame body, and Flexible muscles

Isobu- Isobu

Species: Turtle

Element: Water

Unique Traits: High-speed swimming and Produces coral

Son Goku- Yonbi

Species: Monkey

Element: Earth, Fire, and Lava

Unique Traits: Spits Lava

Kokuo- Gobi

Species: Dolphin-horse

Element: Steam

Unique Traits: Unknown

Saiken- Rokubi

Species: Slug

Element: Water

Unique Traits: Produces corrosive alkali- substances that are extremely dangerous on contact in the form of a liquid or a gas, which was able to burn the skin of another tailed beast, such as Gyuki. The gaseous form was able to instantly disintegrate a tree that came into contact with it.

Chomei- Nanabi

Species: Unknown insect

Element: Earth

Unique Traits: Flight

Gyuki- Hachibi

Species: Ushi-oni (Ox demon)

Element: Lightning

Unique Traits: Produces ink

Kurama- Kyuubi no Yoko

Species: Kitsune

Element: Fire and Wind

Unique traits: Detects negative emotions

"These Akatsuki guys did a lot of research on these beasts and I'm assuming it's so they could combat these things if they don't have a host. Apparently these beasts are being sealed into humans and used as powerful weapons against one another. These Jinchuriki are located throughout the East. Their current locations are unknown." Once Mayuri was finished speaking, he looked up to see the others in deep thought.

"So you're saying that there were others like me and that the red energy we sealed inside an orb was one of those tailed beast?" This came from the former jinchuriki Naruto. All eyes turned towards him. "I think the tailed beast we have is Kyuubi. 13 years ago the Kyuubi attacked Konoha but the Yondaime Hokage defeated it at the cost of his life. No one said how it was defeated at all so it's safe to assume he either sacrificed his life to seal it or he died after battling the beast. Either way, I was a sacrifice for the village and ostracized for it as well." His hand clenched in anger. "I need some fresh air." He turned away and walked out making the present females worry.

"I'll make sure Naruto-kun is okay Genryusai-san" stated Retsu. "Would you like to accompany me Sui-Feng?" Sui-Feng nods her head before following Retsu. Genryusai tapped his cane against the floor to regain their attention.

"First I would like to thank Mayuri-san for providing us with information about this threat. If the Akatsuki are indeed after these tailed beasts then they will no doubt attack here once word of Kyuubi's location reaches them somehow. With that being said, I think the best choice of action is to strike them down before they begin the collecting of these tailed beasts. There are only 10 members in this little group so there shouldn't be a problem taking them down once we find them of course. I will ask Naruto to use his spy network to locate each member. As soon as they are found, I will deploy one of you to eliminate them. That will be all." He tapped his cane against the floor dismissing them. Those who were interested in information about the experiments which Kabuto and Orochimaru were involved in stayed.



Hiruzen stared at team 7 and team Kushina as his mind went over the information he received from them minutes ago. The thought of a creature on par with a tailed beast near the Land of Fire didn't bode well with him. If that made him feel uncomfortable right now then imagine how he felt now after the group of anbu he sent informed him that the blood sample they analyzed was that of multiple DNA belonging to multiple animals and clan members of Konoha. This had Orochimaru written all over it. To think Orochimaru was capable of creating something like this unnerved him. If Orochimaru created this, then imagine what else he created during his time away from Konoha. Hiruzen regret not killing him more than ever. Now many more lives would suffer because of his inability to kill the sick twisted man.

He could only hope that the creature wasn't a person that went through multiple experiments until he became that way but that was probably asking for too much. The reality was that Orochimaru had to use a poor victim to create that creature whatever it was. He closed his eyes for a brief second.

"Thank you for the report Kushina, Kakashi. Based on the information you gave me along with the information my anbu gave me, I know for a fact that this was Orochimaru's work. Kakashi tensed at the mention of the snake sanin. "I'll have Jiraiya look into this further more. You're all dismissed for now." Team 7 and team Kushina walked out the office leaving Hiruzen alone…..for a few seconds.

"Jiraiya-san, what brings you here today?" Hiruzen turned to the window to find his student Jiraiya standing on the ledge holding….He tensed a little at what Jiraiya was holding. It was the mechanical head of Naruto and his two girls. Jiraiya's facial expression was serious.

"I came by to do some research when a large commotion caught my attention. I followed the noise to the slums to find a large amount of people gathered around a burning building. They were beating this thing in anger. Curious as to what was going on, I started asking questions. They said they were here to end the life of Kyuubi. Since this isn't Naruto, I'm assuming he isn't here in Konoha. The funny thing is that the few spies I have here had informed me that he was in Konoha the whole time. Now explain what's going on sensei. Maybe I could help you out of the upcoming mess you're about to be in. The civilians will no doubt run to the council members who will run to the Fire Daimyo. This will turn into a complete mess for you unless we find a way to counter it." Hiruzen took a puff of his tobacco.

"Don't worry about that Jiraiya. Just focus on your spy network. I will handle the council members and the Fire Daimyo when the time comes. It's time I stomped my foot down and silence those fools." Hiruzen's eyes had fire in them. It was the same Fire Jiraiya saw when the old monkey was telling him about the "will of fire".

"But sensei I don't think that's a good idea." Hiruzen waved it off like nothing.

"Once again you worry too much Jiraiya. Besides the worst thing they could do is force me to step down. To me that's another retirement and a permanent vacation. Jiraiya's face was that of utter shock which Hiruzen noticed. "What, you can't expect me to remain Hokage forever. I'm an old man Jiraiya. My mind and body are slowly failing me. A new hokage was bound to happen one day so why not now?" Jiraiya thought about it for a while before agreeing.

"Well when you put it that way, you are right. I just hope the next hokage isn't Danzo." The thoughts of Danzo becoming the next hokage made him shiver.

"Don't worry about that Jiraiya; Danzo doesn't want the position anymore. I can't blame him for that. I mean he's just as old as me. He'll probably have one of his men to run for the position so he could manipulate that person. The Hokage will be nothing but a figurehead."

"That sounds like something Danzo would do." Hiruzen could only agree with Jiraiya. "Maybe you could prevent that by training Konohamaru for the position." Jiraiya chuckled slightly but Hiruzen didn't. He actually thought about his grandson becoming Hokage.

"That's a good idea Jiraiya-san. I could help Konohamaru achieve his dreams." Jiraiya stared at his sensei in disbelief.

"Wait you're actually serious about this?" Hiruzen nod his head with a smile. Jiraiya could only shake his head at this. "Well put me down for your crazy idea sensei. I think I have a few things I could teach the gaki. Besides at least I could pass down some of my teachings to someone who has the "will of fire" burning in them. It's a shame I wasn't able to teach Minato's son due to his condition." Jiraiya seemed down for a second but shook away any negative thought he was having. "There's no need to brood about it. We cannot change what happened in the past. Now let's start discussing what we will start teaching him.


Water country capital

"This is disturbing news indeed" stated the Water Daimyo. He was just informed about the damage done to Kiri at the hands of unknown enemies. The fact that they were there to free the cursed kekkei genkai users angered the Water Daimyo more. He had bad experience with bloodline users that led him to discriminate them. To him kekkei genkai users were sinful creatures only capable of war and destruction. If it was up to him to decide how the world ran, getting rid of kekkei genkai users would have been the first thing he would have done but sadly that wasn't the case.

"What will we do now sir?" asked Yagura. The Water Daimyo thought about it for a while before deciding their next choice.

"Bring all of your men to Water country to be reinstated as Water country warriors. Kiri would be too costly to build plus it takes time we don't have right now. Mei and her people must be hunted down and killed immediately. Also we need to do something about those prosthetic arms of yours." Yagura stared at his arms and noticed that the fake skin had peeled off completely. Not only was the face skin destroyed, but the arms itself was damaged from using his demonic form.

"Don't worry about it sir, I'm sure I'll be able to find a better pair in snow country. I heard they possess powerful technology there and I intend to find out more about it especially with the rumor about the technology allowing others to use ice based jutsus." Images of the white haired boy came back to his mind. He would be able to combat the ice user evenly if he could use ice based jutsus or that's what he believed.

"Now onto more pressing matters Yagura-san. You wanted a few individuals placed in the bingo book didn't you?" Yagura nod his head. "Very well please write their names down as you would see them in the bingo book. Write down as much information you can about each one of them and leave nothing out. Based on the damage they caused, I will have them placed as S-ranked Nins for destroying Kirigakure and assisting our SS-ranked criminal Mei. I will make sure their not wanted in any village. Anyone associated with Mei will be seen as vile twisted criminals. I'm sure many villages will be more than willing to help put down these criminals especially if we were to inform them that they have goals the has to deal with world domination and slavery."

Yagura couldn't help but smile at the plan. With almost every shinobi village in the west against them, things will be hard for the individuals he was about to record. They wouldn't be able to walk through one's village without some type of consequences. With that thought in mind, he began writing the description of the boy he fought plus information he gathered from the others.


5 miles outside of Water country

Utakata tightened the bandages around his torso to prevent blood from pouring out as he recovered. He leaned the hammer-axe combo by his feet and stared ahead to find nothing but endless ocean. There was no sign of land yet so he knew he had a good distance to go before he reached Hot spring country. The question was what he would do once he reached Hot spring country. He knew he was no longer welcome in Kiri based on the fact that Jinin tried to kill him under the orders of Yagura. His fist clenched in rage at the betrayal he felt. Jinin had informed him that he was to be killed and apologized. As he raised his weapon, he instantly went into one state cloak and pierced the swordsman in his chest ending his life. Using abilities he gained from being the host of the six tailed slug, he spat out a large amount of gas melting the swordsmen down to a pile of blob which he covered with dirt.

He picked deceased swordsmen's weapon up and took off away from Kiri and water country before anyone found out about his deed. It wouldn't be long before his deed was known to Yagura and that he would be placed in the bingo book as an S-ranked missing Nin or higher. Yagura always placed his enemies as S-ranked status to have them killed as soon as possible. If he placed someone higher than an S-ranked Nin, then there was one of two reasons why he did that. The first reason was if said person was worthy of that status based on their skills. The second reason was if one was to truly piss him off. Mei was proof of that when she destroyed his left arm and leg. Every time he saw his prosthetic arm and leg, he would become angry.

Utakata chuckled at the thought of an enraged Yagura. "Serves that traitorous bastard right" His chuckles escalated into a full blown laugh. After a few minutes of laughing, he calmed down enough to start thinking about his plans. 'Maybe I could find Zabuza and join him. He was a normal person without a kekkei genkai.' That was his initial thought but when he thought about it more, it became a bad idea. 'No Zabuza was an ally to a bloodline user.' The thought of a bloodline user brought back painful memories of the day he lost his family, his sensei/ friend, and the girl his lover all in one night.


Utakata entered the village with a smile on his face. The completion of a B-ranked turned A-ranked mission was fresh in his mind. As soon as he got finished his reports, he would tell his family, friends, and his lover Jun about how he went toe to toe with someone that claimed to be from the west and won. He let the man live with the shame that an Eastern warrior beat him. Of course the man took his own life not wanting to live with the shame of losing to someone of the east. Utakata took this as a plus sign for him. He went straight to the towers where he proceeded to make his report about his mission. As soon as he was finished giving her report, he dashed home with the same smile he had when he entered the village.

Utakata made his way to his home which was located in the far corner of Kiri. By having his home far away from the center of Kiri allowed him peace and quietness. There was also the public sex with his lover that he enjoyed. Sex in the opening was exciting for him. Upon arriving at his home, he was greeted by the site of something that would burn in his memory. His lover Jun was found lying on the floor unmoving. He ran over to her body as his heart hammered away. Upon seeing her state, his blood froze. Her body looked as if it was drained of all its blood; something only the Chishiobushi (Blood Warrior) clan was capable of doing. An explosion went off forcing Utakata to shield his eyes.

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He ran to his home when he heard the sounds of fighting occurring. He came upon the scene of a member of the Chishiobushi clan fighting his sensei. There were bodies of his family member crushed under burning rubbles from the house. As soon as he went to assist his sensei, a sharp needle pain entered his neck and his world went black. The last thing he saw was the sight of the assailant poking his sensei and father figure in the chest. The signature death touch, a familiar style of the Hyuga clan

End of flashback

He clenched his hands in sorrow. He was too weak to defend his family and even now he was too weak. Maybe Yagura saw him more of a nuisance than anything else. That had to be the reason. He was seen as a useless warrior. Maybe if he had the skills then he wouldn't have been in this current situation in the first place. Maybe he would still have his loved ones by his side. Maybe he would have been able to do more when Mei and the other bloodline users rebelled. Maybe Kiri would have suffered less damage than it did.

Red chakra leaked from his body forming a cloak with a single tail. "Why? WHY AM I SO WEAK?" The boat below him began to break under the vile chakra. Water slowly began to seep into the boat by now. He continued clenching his fist breaking his skin. Blood flowed freely from his hands but he didn't seem to notice. He was too focused on the memory when he lost everything dear to him. Details of the enemy slowly surfaced.

Long white hair

Pure grey pupil-less eyes

Pale skin

He could remember everything down to the details of his clothes. It was the only man present at the time so there was no way he could forget that image. By now two tails had emerged from him. The boat had sunk down along with the swordsmen's weapon. Utakata was forced to stand on water. His mind continued drifting back to the memories as a third tail emerged. As soon as he noticed the large leak of his demon's chakra, his hands went through several hands seals that would require most of his chakra, He could feel his demon slowly taking control and he would not let the demon take control once more.

Suiton: Uzumaki

The waters below him immediately formed a large whirlpool capable of sinking multiple ships instantly. He continued pushing the demonic chakra into the jutsu until he felt the influence of the demon fade away. Once he was 100% in control of his body, he took a few deep breaths to calm down. There was no point in thinking about the past. The only thing he would gain from it was pain. He sighed at the lack of boat and his now lost sword. Well the sword didn't work with his style anyway so what was the point in getting upset about it. Still he had a long journey to go and he only had his feet and water walking to carry him there. 'Well this could be a training exercise for me.' With that thought in mind, he began running towards land using water walking.


"That is the sickest thing I ever saw" stated Toshiro after watching a few experiments of Orochimaru and Kabuto. "He makes you look like a saint Mayuri." His face was a little green from the explicit show.

"Justice demands his head now." Kaname gripped his sword tightly at the images he was exposed to. "Now I wish I didn't have my vision anymore. I always thought you were a sick man Mayuri but at least you make it impossible for your subjects to feel pain. This man just operates on them without using any type of anesthesia. Imagine what those people feel." He turned to the unconscious form of Kabuto. Right now he wanted to carve this man slowly and painfully. Justice demands that he died slow and painful as so many lives he ruined.

"This man is indeed a great threat that needs to be put down immediately" stated Byakuya with an ice cold tone. "His very presence endangers the lives of so many innocent people. By eliminating the vile criminal will prevent other people's lives from being destroyed. I will kill this fiend personally." To emphasis his point, he placed a hand on the hilt of his sword.

Genryusai stayed quite as he processed the information he witnessed. This man was sick beyond anything he witnessed. He experimented on many lives for personal gain and showed that he had no compassion for human life. It didn't matter how old, what race, or the status of the subjects. Infants were subjected to the inhuman experiments and it was just wrong. He made a mental note to add Orochimaru on the list of the Akatsuki members they would hunt soon. The fact that he was once an Akatsuki member only furthered his fuel to add him on their target list. Killing these villainous figures would help bring peace to the world. Genryusai turned around and walked away without a word. There weren't enough words to describe his thoughts.

Mayuri watched at their leader walked away without a word. As soon as he was out the lab, he decided to make a comment. "I have a feeling he'll be placing Orochimaru in our target list along with the Akatsuki. He seemed very troubled by all this. I wouldn't be surprised if he went out to find this Orochimaru guy himself. We do have all his base location here."

"Genryusai is a man of justice. He won't let that sick man walk around freely. As a matter of fact, I'm sure a man of his kind will send out a few squads to start destroying Orochimaru's base one by one taking away hiding spaces for the snake to hide in. Once the snake is cornered, he will face justice just like everyone else." He glared at Kabuto's unconscious form when he said the last part. Mayuri couldn't help but sweat drop at this. Kaname really wanted to cut this man into pieces and soon.

"Relax Kaname; you'll be able to dish out your justice soon. I still have experiments to do on him. With his body, we'll be able to understand chakra more than ever. We'll be able to trace it back to its origin and find out where it came from. Not only that but I'm sure there's more things I will be able to do." Mayuri started drooling once more.

"You still haven't changed at all Mayuri." Mayuri snapped out of his thoughts when he heard that oh so familiar voice.

"So they managed to recreate you Ichigo Kurosaki." Mayuri turned around to greet to the sight of Ichigo, his friends being Chad, Orihime, Uryu, and the Visoreds. "And they even re-created the others as well. Things surely are going to get more interested here."


Unknown area

"Orochimaru-sama, we lost contact with base Beta. It was the one Kabuto went over to after the destruction of base Gamma. I think it's safe to assume this one was attacked sir."


The head of the messenger slid of his neck and onto the floor. The body soon dropped as well having nothing holding it up. Orochimaru sighed in annoyance. The person standing next to the messenger gulped believing he was next to die. Orochimaru turned to the still breathing person.


The messenger pointed to his chest and asked, "Who me?"

Orochimaru narrowed his eyes at the stupid reply. The not dead man gulped. "You're the only one standing here aren't you?"

"S-sorry for such a stupid reply sir, I wasn't thinking straight." Orochimaru thought about it for a while.

"I will forgive you this time. But what I want to know is do I seem like the type that enjoy bad news especially when it concerns me? I want you to think carefully before answering or you will join that guy." Orochimaru pointed at the head man next to him.

"No you do not sir, you seem like the man that love good news sir." Orochimaru smiled a little.

"Yes so what do you think will happen when you give me bad news as if it was good news?" The man paused and thought about what he could say that wouldn't anger the snake sanin and the man that held his life in the palm of his hands.

"You end their life sir." His body tensed a little not knowing what the snake Nin would do next. Orochimaru while didn't show it enjoyed every second of watching the man in front of him shrink under his gaze. To think he caused this without even trying amused him. Did his reputation scare that many people? That thought brought a smile to his lips.

"Very well, you may leave with your life today. Just remembers to watch how you deliver news to me."

"Hai sir"

"You are dismissed." As soon as Orochimaru said those words, the man moved so fast, Orochimaru would have thought he subconsciously used Hiraishin. He began chuckling and soon it became a full blown laugh which scared anyone close by. Orochimaru soon regained his composure. 'Kabuto-san, what happened out there and where are you?' An attack on his base again made him wonder what was going on. 'Did Jiraiya find the base or was it those new guys he mentioned?' He thought about information about three swordsmen that Kabuto reported. 'I'll need to look into this further more.' With that last thought, he snaked his way back to his experiments and continued his work.

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