What follows is my first attempt at writing fiction. I found writing about Chuck and Sarah to be highly therapeutic, helping me cope with both missing the show, as well as some of my own disappointments.

I don't own Chuck.

When We Last Saw Chuck

January 27th, 2012 / Approx 8PM / On the beach somewhere in the LA vicinity

When we last saw Chuck and Sarah on the beach they were engaged in a sweet, romantic kiss. The story picks up from there.

While still kissing Chuck, Sarah's mind raced through the past couple of weeks. She recalled how Chuck's tender glance knocked her off balance the first time she met him. Men don't do that to her, she thought. She ALWAYS was the one making men uncomfortable. Later that first night, Chuck gently gave her a back rub. How could he know exactly where to touch her? He seemed to know what made her feel good, how? Then, a few minutes later, he warmed her cold feet. She would never share that intimate detail with anyone, yet he knew. Time and time again after that first day he proved himself to her. He proved himself with big, sweeping gestures of love like taking a bullet for her. But, he also proved himself with subtle little acts, the types of things that Sarah had always dreamed about, but never came close to finding.

Now, back to THE kiss. Their kiss was magical, thought Sarah, unlike any kiss she ever had shared before. Sarah does not fluster easily, yet somehow this man did it to her.

As the kiss was ending, Sarah struggled to regain her composure. She realized that whatever words came out of her mouth next may well determine her future.

She began hesitantly, "Chuck" followed by a noticeable pause. "I won't lie to you. Given my line of work, I assume in my past, in our past, I've lied repeatedly to you. But not here, not now. No secrets. No lies." She stopped to think, as those words rang strangely to her, in a deja vu sort of way, like so many other things felt when she was around Chuck.

Chuck could not contain himself after hearing those words, he excitedly broke in, "The kiss worked then, you remembered our pact, no secrets, no lies?"

His enthusiasm was quickly dampened by her response, "No Chuck, our kiss didn't work. Still, that WAS the best kiss I can ever recall. I suppose you can recall others we shared, but for me, that was the first time anyone ever made me feel that way. I LOVED it."

Then she slowed to carefully find the right words, "But … Chuck ... I'm sorry, I can't place the reason or the events surrounding the time I said no secrets, no lies, or anything more really. The kiss was not magic in that way, but maybe you are Chuck. When we're together, I'm remembering more and more. I see pictures or hear words, my words, our words from the past. I just can't put them all together."

Chuck's roller coaster ride of emotion was back to smiling optimism as he hopefully offered, "That means we'll fix this. We'll spend every moment we can together, and you'll remember everything."

Chuck again leaned in to seal his plan with a sweet kiss.

Sarah obliged & returned the kiss, but this time her heart was not in it.

Chuck was still on that emotional roller coaster known as Sarah. He quickly opened his eyes, shook his head and disappointedly said, "That was not the kiss I was hoping for."

Sarah started to cry while she said, "Chuck. The reason I quickly left after the concert hall, then again from the Castle once we quit the CIA, is I don't deserve to remember you. I don't deserve us. Chuck, I almost killed you. I almost killed Ellie, Morgan, and Casey. I KILL people Chuck. That is what I DO. I don't deserve my dream guy, a family who loves me, a perfect house, a regular job, let alone children someday for God's sake? I am a monster. I deserve to live a shameful, hopeless, joyless life, not with you, but with some miserable man who is just as horrible a person as I am. That is who I am."

Those words would have driven a stake through the heart of most mortal men, but not Chuck Bartowski. He only smiled.

Sarah looked into his eyes and saw his composure, and thought to herself that to be the most gentle, compassionate look she had ever seen.

Chuck then moved in front of Sarah, got onto one knee and took Sarah by the left hand. Sarah noticed her sobbing had subsided and turned into a trembling anxiousness. She couldn't keep her hand still as it was shaking out of control while in Chuck's soft grasp. What was Chuck going to say next?

As hesitant as Sarah's momentous words were seconds prior, Chuck's were boldly confident. "Sarah. How do you want to play this?"

"What do you mean, play this?" she confusedly asked.

"We've had this conversation before Sarah. We already talked through these issues. Do you want me to tell you the story about the first time we had this conversation. Or, do you want to start over with the give and take discussion we had and see how it goes this time? Last time it ended pretty well for me ….. ahhhhh …. I mean for us"

Sarah's trepidation turned to laughter and she burst out teasingly, "Chuck, are you telling me that you got lucky the last time we discussed this?"

Chuck turned crimson red and struggled to get his words out as he thought to himself, this is just how it goes with her, how does she tie me into knots like this? "Uh uh uh …. well technically …. WE got luck..."

Sarah cut him off, "It's OK Chuck. You can't know the effect you have on me. I feel at home right now, here, on this beach, just because you are here with me. An hour ago, I felt hopelessly lost, joyless, with no job, no home, no friends, no future, and a past that I am ashamed of. I have been fighting to keep you from happening to me the past weeks because I didn't want to bring misery into your life as I have to mine. "

Sarah again paused wondering if she should say more. Then Sarah came out and crossed the line, she said the words Chuck wanted to hear. "But, here you are, and I can't help myself. I saw the tapes of my past years with you, I loved you long before I ever admitted it to you then. I am not going to make that mistake again. I don't need to remember the last five years to love you, because I love you now based on the few weeks we've had together, because of how you make this current version of me feel. Whether I deserve you or not, you are a gift. And every day I am going to do my best to prove myself worthy of your love."

Chuck responded with a sly grin, then responded back coyly, "Are you sure that kiss didn't work? You just recited a portion of your wedding vow to me, and I am pretty sure you said you 'Love me' somewhere in there too?"

Sarah somehow seemed to already know those words were important as she spoke them. Things were rushing back to her as Chuck's charm was beginning to work its magic. She no longer looked unsure or broken, instead, she defiantly raised her chin, and impetuously asked, "Chuck Bartowski, will you accept me back as your wife, with all my flaws?"

Chuck was still on one knee and holding Sarah's now resolute left hand, said with a beaming smile, "I will"

He then countered, "Sarah Bartowski, will you go back to being my wife, in spite of your spotty memories of the past, ready to move on in the present and the future together as husband and wife?"

Sarah enthusiastically responded, "I will".

With that she revealed the clenched fist of her other hand. "I have been holding tightly to this ever since I arrived on the beach. I thought if I held it hard enough, my memories of us would return. Would you do the honor?" Her hand opened to reveal her wedding ring. Chuck was still on one knee directly in front of Sarah just as he was when he proposed. Chuck gently took the ring from Sarah's right palm and gently slipped the ring back into its rightful place on her left ring finger.

Then, Sarah pulled Chuck close to her and in her sweetest 'Mary' from 'It's a Wonderful Life' voice, and she declared in a mock formal tone "Mr Bartowski, you may kiss your wife."

As Chuck drew Sarah close to him, the passion of the moment overtook both of them, they kissed a kiss that most only dream of. Not the sweet gentle kiss of a husband and wife, but the wild passionate kiss of forbidden lovers. The kiss sparked some distant memory in Sarah of a bomb that was going to explode in moments, and if this was the last act she was going to do on this planet, then she was going to die a happy woman, kissing 'her' Chuck.

Then, as quickly as the moment swept them up, it was over. Sarah rested both of her hands on Chuck's chest while catching her breath, and yet again composing herself. "Take me home Mr. Bartowski, I think you have a marital obligation that you have neglected this past month. People are going to start talking about us if you don't do something about that."

Chuck's stuttering replies from earlier in the night were long past, he shot out the words "Yes ma'am" as quickly as any words had ever shot out of his mouth.

Sarah was delighted. With a sudden sense of urgency, she put both her arms around Chuck's waist while they pulled each other up in a completely acrobatic motion. As they sprang up onto their feet in unison, Sarah seemed to recall something familiar involving a motorbike, a pastry shop and a fight where she and Chuck were handcuffed together doing such moves in complete harmony. No matter, Sarah thought, I'll ask Chuck about that later. For now, we have more important things to do. Missing memories or not, Sarah Bartowski was back.

End of Chapter one.