A/N: OMG, what am I doing?

Alright. Hi. Me again. I had this epiphany right after the finale of season 6. It is but it's not a drabble. Some chapters are a paragraph, some are quite too big to be named a drabble. I'm loving to write it, srly. I have 9 chapters already beta read (thanks Wan!) and I think I'm gonna go on posting them.

Also, I have another fic with this same format, parallel to this one with my crackship that I never thought I'd be able to crackship again, but I totally am - Franky/Rich. Please, don't kill me. It's not posted anywhere and only my spirit animal Anna read it. Just letting you know.

This one is completely about Malo and the family they are building. Hope you like it!

Disclaimer, tho: I don't owe the characters, nor its performers. Not even Little Grace. :( They're all from Skins - that awesome and underrated TV show about crazy teenagers. You must know what I'm talking about. ~sigh.

Under my skin

1. Family

They needed a week to pack Mini's stuff and move everything to the farm. Most of Alo's things had been moved to the guest's room and now a white and purple crib occupies the space where his computer was before; a nursery and flowered wallpaper. Little Grace was home.

The crib was a gift from Rich and Franky, who also helped them fix Alo's room to welcome the baby. Franky also made a photo album with Little Grace's face's draw in its cover, her orange hair, freckled cheeks and big blue eyes ("Seriously, guys, her middle name should be Blue instead of Jamie! Jay-Z did it!" "Jay-Z is Jay-Z, Liv.").

Grace was a calm baby; tiny, fragile and very, very gluttonous. She didn't cry, though. Just a little, when she's hungry, but Mini just needs to hum some lullaby or Alo plays the guitar and there she was, not making a sound again.

Storms would come someday, but step by step they were learning how to live together. And when the storms would come, they'd be fine. Because they're family.