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What if after the honeymoon Bella is changed and she and Edward go to Dartmouth? No Renesmee, No Volturi. Just their happily ever after. She was always close to Angela, what happens when she gets a letter from her old friend and maintains a pen-pal relationship through the years, What happens when that friend becomes the only link to her past life and makes her realize she may have made the wrong choice.

I was writing a totally different FANFIC when this just came to me and I couldn't help but go with it, my first FANFIC, not beta'd, please be gentle. And of course I own nothing, it all belongs to Stephenie Meyers butthen again we all know that don't we.


Isabella Marie Cullen sat looking out the window of the Cullen's latest mansion deep in thought. It had been two years since she was changed and although she loved Edward to distraction, the fact was she had been changed at a period in her life when she was torn and confused. They all overlooked the possibility that she would remain this way for eternity and never truly be happy with her choice. Edward had hoped she would forget all of her human memories like most of them eventually did and move on but it was just too soon, that took decades, and little did he know she was holding on to those memories as if her very life depended on it, constantly reminding herself of what she left behind, determined never to forget.

A day didn't pass when she didn't think about her old life, her mom and dad, old friends, Billy, the wolves and most especially Jacob. She knew he had finally returned but that was all, Charlie never talked about him, any of them in fact, and she couldn't bring herself to ask, she was allowed to call him and Renee once a week, the Cullen's thought it would be best if she cut all ties to her human life completely but they also realized she was unhappy and wanted to do whatever they could to help her transition, the only one who didn't try to help was Rosalie who would have been the first to tell her told you so if she thought she could get away with it.

She found out her dad was dating Sue Clearwater and now knew about the wolves. Seth had accidently phased in front of Charlie and spilled the beans so it was agreed by the council that he could be told everything. After panicking and a quick secret chat with Sue she was told that they left out the fact the she and the Cullen's were vampires, she promised her Charlie was ok and they would keep him safe. She loved talking to her dad, but he was always more interested in her life than giving her information about his, he always asked when she could visit but she put him off with excuses of demanding classes and tons of schoolwork,he missed her but he told her he understood and was proud of her dedication, sometimes that was like a slap in the face. Renee was easy, aside from her initial curiosity about Bella's new voice, that changed permanently after a severe case of laryngitis, she only talked about herself, Phil, her new hobbies and classes and current obsession with Tai Chi.

They had just started their junior year at Dartmouth. College wasn't what she had expected it to be, of course she was excelling academically but then again she was surrounded by vampires who had degrees in just about everything and since she never slept she had plenty of time to study. She was actually the first in the family going for a Masters in Literature, not that she would ever be able to use it but it was what she loved. She thought College would be a whirlwind of classes and parties and making lifelong friendships, but like in high school the Cullen's were different and kept to themselves and the humans wisely stayed away. So her life was the Cullen's and only the Cullen's, and as much as she loved them all there was always something or someone missing.