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Original commentfic meme prompt from the SanXsan community on livejournal: Mashup of Lady and the Tramp and Sansan.

Please, please excuse anything that seems a bit OOC by remembering that this is a mashup and I had to play with some of the characters to make it work :) Also, I'm going to leave the mashed-up character list until the end so have fun guessing who's who!

He'd been planning this day for months; he had to, what with King's Landing being so far from Winterfell. "I've a special name day present for you, darling."

"Oh, Jon dear!" Dany lit up. She'd told him not to bother, but he knew that she felt lonely sometimes. He nodded and the guard by the entrance to the throne room pulled the door open. It was a large and ponderous thing, leading to several long moments of build up – and when he called out, "The Lady Sansa Stark of Winterfell!" Jon heard Dany gasp in surprise and happiness.

"I know how you like her, darling," Jon bent to whisper in Dany's ear.

"You know that I love her," his wife and queen smiled. "She's just...a perfectly beautiful lady."

Sansa approached the Iron Throne, and though she looked a bit pale and drawn - probably from her travels - she was also beautiful as always, dressed in a golden yellow gown that made her auburn hair shine. She curtsied in front of Jon and Dany, but Dany was having none of it - she stood to greet her husband's cousin. "I am done with court for today," she announced, descending from on high to take Sansa Stark by the hand.

"Come, Lady Sansa. Over here." And with that they exited through a side door, leaving Jon no choice but to follow. When he found them in the antechamber, Dany was asking Sansa how she fared. "You look tired, Sansa."

"The journey was taxing," Sansa admitted, flashing a weak smile in Jon's direction. "If I could take some rest before dinner..."

"Of course, of course!" Dany turned to him. "I assume you've had a bed chamber made up?"

"In Maegor's, yes."

"Have they lit a fire, then? Winter is not so long gone; once the day wanes it is far too cool."

"I am sure that if she needs one we can have one lit straightaway," Jon replied, sharing a look with Sansa.

"But Jon dear, are you sure she'll be warm enough?" Dany looked to Sansa, despite the fact that her question was directed at Jon, but Sansa only gave the queen an indulgent smile.

"Of course, darling. She's of the North," Jon reminded his wife. He caught a glimmer of amusement in Sansa's eyes, and Dany finally consented to send for a servant to escort the Lady Sansa to her room. Once she was gone, Jon noticed that Dany was staring after Sansa with a look on her face that he only saw once in a great while - the look that she wore when she wasn't sure if she was making the right decision. Jon laid a hand on her shoulder and gave a light squeeze. "Don't worry, darling. She'll go right to sleep, and I'll send someone to wake her well before dinner."

"Thank you so much for inviting her," Dany said, taking hold of his free hand. "I know that it must have taken some...convincing."

Ah, so she understands that Sansa has little reason to desire to visit this place. "Some, yes. But...she is lonesome, at Winterfell. Arya does not often return home...Bran is still north of the Wall, where he belongs...and Rickon is a bit wild, of course. She has her guards, and there are servants and peasants as well, and yet..."

"Will she not wed?" Dany squeezed his hand ever so slightly, and Jon bent to brush a kiss across her lips.

"She seems to be...waiting for someone. Or something. Or…perhaps she is unable to forget someone from her past. I'm not quite sure which of these is the case."

"Perhaps she's simply had enough of men telling her what to do," Dany said, cocking an eyebrow at him. Jon couldn't help but grimace. After Joffrey and Littlefinger, I wouldn't blame her.

Sansa did appear more well rested and herself later that evening, and her company clearly gave Dany great joy. When Jon had invited his cousin to King's Landing he'd asked her to stay at least a month, and though Sansa had been a bit reluctant, had avoided making any promises, as the days and then weeks wore on she seemed to be more and more in her element. She truly belongs at court.

It had helped that he'd agreed to allow Sansa to bring her personal guards, despite the fact that he knew Dany wouldn't care for having one of them to stay - but Sansa wouldn't have made the long voyage without the man and woman who had rescued her from Petyr Baelish and who had been her constant companions since. So they were finally back in King's Landing, all together here for the first time. Himself, Jon Targaryen, legitimized at last; his aunt and queen and wife Daenerys Targaryen; his cousin Sansa Stark…and her own personal liberators, Brienne of Tarth, the Warrior Maid...and Jaime Lannister, once called the Kingslayer and now called the City Savior, the man who had kept King's Landing from being melted into ruins by the Mad King's wildfire.

"Have you noticed, darling, how much more pleasant the Red Keep has seemed since Sansa came to visit?" Jon asked Dany one morning over breakfast.

"Yes," Dany agreed, "I just don't know how we ever got along without her."

"She's been here about six weeks now...I think we should get her a gift," Jon heard himself say. He almost laughed; he wasn't even sure where the suggestion had come from. Dany, however, picked up on the idea immediately.

"A necklace, perhaps?" she suggested. "I have the perfect one in mind."