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Anna Lair grimaced as she looked at the pile of boxes sitting in her parent's old garage. Why had she decided to move all this junk today instead of waiting an extra day, she wasn't sure. Maybe it was something to do with the fact that it was her parents old house and she didn't like leaving it to rot like this. Maybe it was because, as the oldest sister, she felt she had to be the responsible one. Whatever the reason, she was here.

Across the road, in a dilapidated old cottage, a pair of unfriendly eyes watched and waited. Dark yellow eyes and yellowing skin that hinted at a distinctly unhealthy complexion hidden by the lack of light, they belonged to a man who was known even in the demon world for his excess and cruelty. He watched her with interest, her aura hinted at a magical strength that lay untapped within her and licked his lips.

"This should be interesting," he murmured to himself as he watched on in anticipation.

Anna meanwhile, continued loading boxes into her car, completely unaware of her observer. She grunted, sweated and rested as she moved box after box into the car. It should have only taken a couple of hours at most, the boxes were small and there weren't that many of them, but it took four hours. This was arguably because Anna just let the memories of days past flood her with every box and before she'd even realised, it was dark.

"Never go out after dark Anna. Stay at home and stay safe when darkness falls," Anna could practically hear her mother's words to her as a child and for a moment she paused. Her parents didn't even let her into the garden after the sun had gone down, with warnings of demons and the ilk in the night. Then she shook herself.

"Don't be ridiculous Anna!" she snapped to herself. "It's just a stupid superstition! There's no such thing as magic, or demons or anything like that!"

All the same, she walked out to the car nervously, her heart beating extremely fast as she removed her keys and put them into the car door. Suddenly, without warning, she was grabbed from behind and she felt a sharp stabbing pain in her back and she fell to the ground.

Standing above her, Anna watched through pain-filled eyes as the man (was he a man? Anna was sure that skin wasn't supposed to look like that) drew fourth another blade from his wrist and stabbed her just above her hips and she took a sharp breath. Her arms, legs, entire body lay there paralysed as she tried to pull away, fight back, anything. The man knelt down and smirked at her.

"No need to struggle my dear," he said in a calm voice. "You can't move until the poison…wears off."

Anna spat an angry set of expletives off at him and spat at his feet. The man's face turned into a terrifying three-way split, the bottom jaw split into two segments and opened wide as it moved towards her face. But before it could reach her, a huge wolf slammed into the creature and sent it flying.

"You!" the creature exclaimed as it looked at the wolf. "You have interfered for the last time!"

"Okay, this guy's a walking, talking cliché," she murmured with amusement.

"Ouch. Do you guys ever come up with any new lines? Because you sound like an old movie villain, complete with over-the-top laughter," a girl's voice added from just beyond Anna's line of sight. "You really need to stop sounding so…crappy."

The creature growled once more and suddenly threw itself away with a screech and vanished into thin air. With a groan, Anna felt herself lose consciousness.

The wolf looked down at her and gave her a careful sniff, before looking up.

"She's not one of them you know," he said in an annoyed tone to his partner, a tall dark-skinned girl with elven features, long white hair and sharply pointed ears stepped up to Anna.

"Not much to look at, is she?" the girl asked and the wolf growled.

"She's not bleeding much, he wasn't aiming to kill," he growled and sniffed the air slightly. "But she is pregnant."

"WHAT!" the girl exclaimed, throwing back her long leathery wings into a wide open position. "That's impossible! Humans and de-"

"The child was not fathered by a demon," the wolf cut in, before sniffing a little more. "No, the child is, or rather was, entirely human in conception. He appears to have…inserted his DNA into the embryo and Merlin knows what the end result will be."

"Inserted his DNA…" the girl began questioningly and the wolf nodded.

"Essentially, the baby now has two biological fathers. One is his human father, the other demon."

There was a groan and Anna's eyes began to flutter open. The stab wounds suddenly closed up, vanishing as though they were no longer there.

"What the…" the girl asked with surprise as she instinctively folded her wings away. Anna's eyes opened properly and the girl turned to look her in the eye.

"Are you okay?" she asked as she held out a hand to Anna and Anna nodded.

"Y-yeah, I think so. What happened to me?"

"I saw you slip up and bump your head. Are you sure you're okay?" the girl pressed and Anna nodded again.

"I'm fine," she said as she stood up. "Thank you…"

"Chadra. Chadra Tuin," the girl said as she extended her hand. "Is there anything I can do?"

"I'm fine. I'd better get going actually," Anna said as she opened the car door and sat herself down. "Thanks again!"

Chadra watched as Anna drove away.

"We'll be seeing you again," she murmured to herself. "I just hope that it's good news."

AN: You'll find out more about Chris's second father in the next chapter.