On a Monday, several weeks after they began experimenting with different ways Harry could have gotten to the roof of the gym so quickly, Sherlock was getting extremely irritated. He was unwilling to admit defeat, but so far he was unable to successfully determine how Harry had travelled so far in such a short span of time. He looked down at the stop watch he nicked from the gym earlier that day and scowled.

"How was that?" Harry called from the bench designated as his stopping point.

"Still not even close."

Harry groaned and collapsed against the bench.

Sherlock noted his strained breathing and sighed. It seems that they were done for the day even though it would still be fifteen minutes before recess ended. He joined Harry on the bench and glared at him willing him to remember how he had done it. It was completely useless to know that Harry had done something special if he was unable to replicate it.

Perhaps it was just a fluke, and Sherlock was wasting his time.

"What are you two losers up to today then?"

Sherlock and Harry both turned to find one of Dudley's new sidekicks leering down at them.

"Training for the Special Olympics?"

Sherlock studied the boy. He had some stupidly generic name that Sherlock couldn't bring himself to remember. He also disliked how clever the boy thought himself to be.

"Insulting us will not get you the attention from your father you so obviously desire."

Harry and the boy both froze; Harry with a mix of fear and incredulity, and the boy with humiliation that quickly turned to rage.

"You'd know all about that wouldn't you Holmes?"

"Go away, Peter."

Oh yes. That was his name.

"Why don't you make me Potter? You know, Dudley tells us all about what a weak little freak you are. Does Sherlock know about all those little things about you I wonder? Think he'd still be your friend if he did? Let's find out shall we?"

With each sentence Peter got closer and closer to Harry, while Harry seemed to shrink into himself.

Sherlock was surprised to discover that the situation angered him. It was a predictable pattern of behavior for the pair given what Sherlock knew them. Before he could shake himself out of his thoughts to interfere, something Peter said caused Harry to suddenly raise his head and glare. Fascinating.

The next thing any of them knew, blue flames engulfed Peter's head.



Harry was hyperventilating.

Oh, God. Oh, God. Oh, God.

He hadn't meant to. He wanted to wail. He was so dead.

At first, Peter hadn't seemed to notice, but then he saw the expressions both Sherlock and Harry were wearing and whirled around, spotting his reflection in one of the windows of the building they were standing beside.

He proceeded to scream as smoke began to swirl up from the flames quickly replacing his hair, and ran through the various groups of children to Miss Jennings who screamed herself before throwing her jacket upon Peter's head and clamping down.

Harry watched all of this in shock. He really was a freak. A horrid boy. He deserved to be thrown in the cupboard, if his aunt and uncle didn't completely give up on him and just hand him over to the nearest authority that is.

"-rry… Harry…HARRY!"

He jolted as he finally noticed Sherlock calling his name, a hand on his shoulder.

"Listen to me. Peter was teasing us. Threatening us. No doubt he thought lighting a match or two would frighten us. It was an accident. You did not light his hair on fire. Do you understand?"

Harry was numb. He shook his head slowly. No, he didn't understand. He didn't understand what was happening at all.

"Harry." A shake to his shoulder. "Listen, this is important. There will be questions. He will blame one or both of us. I know you think you did this, but it is important that you tell them you did not. Understand? I am a witness – you did not get close to touching him. Nor did you have anything to start a fire with. You did not do this. Understand?"

Harry felt tears falling down his cheeks and Sherlock sighed in frustration.

"Say it, Harry. Say 'I did not do it'."

"I-I did not do it." His voice was very thin.

Sherlock sighed again.

"Good enough. I'll supply the rest of the details."


"Frankly Miss Jennings, I can't help but question your suitability as a teacher at this school. First a boy under your care winds up atop the gymnasium, then this same boy, again supposedly under your watch, supposedly sets his classmates hair afire. What is it you think you are supposed to be doing during recess if not keep an eye on your students?"

Sherlock noticed Harry shrink ever further into himself as they eavesdropped on the conversation taking place within the office behind them.

"I don't know what to say, Headmaster. Of course I always try to keep them all safe, but there are twenty-eight of them and only one of me. I also have to protest at the idea of Harry being the one behind the incident. He is always very polite, and never causes trouble in class. His cousin seems the one more suitable to this kind of trick. Furthermore, the nurse says that the fire did nothing more than singe his hair off. He is frightened, but not injured, so I have a difficult time believing there were actual flames on his head. I don't know if I've ever seen anything of the like before. Blue light is supposed to indicate a fire with a high temperature, but there was barely any heat coming off of them at all."

"Yes well, I admit the circumstances are a bit odd, but I don't know what to tell Mrs. Williams. The woman is understandably livid. Of course, I've no real urge to bring in Mrs. Dursley either, let alone Mrs. Holmes. Two more difficult women, I'm not sure I've ever encountered. I suppose it could be the Holmes boy's influence on Mr. Potter. It's something I'll have to bring up. I'm going to have such a headache before the day is through."

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Ok guys, I hate AN's in stories so I'll try to keep these few and far between. I had a few things that I wanted to address though.

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Also, as I've gone back and read what I've posted so far, I've noticed a few things that are questionable to me, and I wrote it so... Because of the way I write (which is not linearly, and quite sporadically) some of the details make it into my head but not the paper, so if something is confusing don't hesitate to call me out on it, and I'll do my best to correct it.

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