Hey guys, sorry for the long time in updating but here it is finally. Part 2 of Chapter 10 and this time, I am doing something a little bit different, I will be swapping between different character's point's of view but I have added the name at the top so we know that we have changed to a different character. Thanks for listening to me babble on. Now enjoy Chapter 10: Part 2. :-)

Turn Around Bright Eyes

Chapter 10: Part 2 - "I Miss Kurtsie"

Flashback - Wednesday 21th October 2009 - New Additions

When Kurt awoke the next day, the first thing that he became aware of was that he was lying down on something, even though he was sure that he had fallen asleep on Blaine's beanbag chair after Blaine had sung to him.

The next thing that Kurt became aware of as he stretched out his whole body and rolled over slightly was that he was alone in the room, there wasn't even a sound from the bathroom to indicate that Blaine was here.

Sighing slightly to himself, Kurt sat up slowly, feeling his head start to spin for some reason until he was finally sitting upright on a bed that Kurt knew was Blaine's own - Blaine didn't have a roommate, something Kurt was glad about - and looking around himself, trying to figure out why he was here just as something pale white caught his eye and he turned his head slowly, feeling it spin again a bit.

Upon looking to his left, Kurt found that sitting upon the edge of Blaine's bed was a small note addressed to Kurt.

Smiling, Kurt slowly picked up the note and opened it, starting to read the contents to himself.

To my dearest Kurt,

Sorry for not waking you up, I have important Senior stuff to do, Yay fun for me.
Plus you looked really cute all asleep like that so have a good long sleep and I'll see you at lunch.



Kurt smiled more at that as he put the note back down and turned slowly the other way towards Blaine's bedside table where his clock sat, indicating the time.

Kurt nearly jumped back in shock as he saw 08:45 staring back at him from the digital screen, the numbers looking ready to change to 08:46, making Kurt jump off the bed, his stomach contracting in a way that told Kurt things weren't good and he really shouldn't have done that, but he ignored it and jumped over to Blaine's bathroom, thanking god that it was attached to the room and quickly done his hair, straightened out his Dalton blazer and ran back out to the main room, grabbing his bag on the way out and shutting Blaine's door behind him, hearing his heart beating loudly in his head, Kurt ignoring it as he sprinted down to the cafeteria, bypassing the other boy's on the stairs, intent on getting there as quickly as possible before he was too late.

Kurt finally saw the cafeteria in the distance and slowed to a fast walk, his stomach contracting again, but he ignored it once more, feeling like his stomach was on fire as he slowed to an almost crawl-like pace and stopped just at the door to the cafeteria, looking inside to see that it was quiet as most people were heading to their classes but he could see that Thad and Jeff were still there, talking about something very important.

Kurt opened the door that second, seeing Thad and Jeff turn round to him from the Warbler table, looking rather confused about something or another, but Kurt ignored it and turned to head towards the front of the cafeteria where he could see all the food that was laid out for the students, but it didn't look very appetising suddenly, it looked very much like something that he would rather turn down, even the salad which he loved didn't look right.


"I really miss Kurtsie"

That was the first of many words to leave Jeff's mouth that morning as we both stood in Jeff's dorm room, it had been Kurt's as well before he had gotten mad at us -more importantly Nick- and decided to stay with Blaine until we got over this and said something to him.

"I do too" I replied, looking at my reflection in the mirror, not surprised to see that I looked exhausted, I hadn't been able to sleep all weekend due to the Nick/Kurt fight and I really, like seriously really missed his snarky and bitchy comments and even his bitch stares informing us not to do something again.

"But he doesn't want to talk to us" I quickly continued, looking away from the mirror sitting over what once was Kurt's bed and rubbing a hand over my face before reaching down and pulling up my bag, groaning at the weight from it and looking back at Jeff as I continued.

"He thinks that we are the enemy for associating with Nick."

Rolling my eyes at the thought, I turned to Jeff, seeing that he was glaring daggers into a picture of me, Jeff, Kurt and Nick that had been taken a couple of days after we had started at Dalton.

We were all standing outside the cafeteria looking happy and knowing that we were going to be best friends forever, but then N-

"It's all Nick's fault" Jeff suddenly surprised me by saying but I agreed with him, if Nick hadn't made a big deal about Jeff telling me that he was gay the day he had chased me after the Source Code debacle then Kurt and Blaine wouldn't have come outside and Blaine wouldn't have ended up getting punched in the face and everything would be fine.

"You ready?" I asked, causing Jeff to look away from the picture and nod with a little sigh, a slow tear making its way down his cheek as he picked up his own bag and we both headed down to the cafeteria, not surprised to see Nick standing outside it, he had taken to doing that a lot lately -maybe he was waiting to get a second punch into Blaine's face- but, I was shocked to see he had a bright smile on his face that seemed to say that he knew something that me and Jeff didn't.

"Guys," Nick said as we came to a stop in-front of him, Nick putting an arm around my shoulder whilst grabbing Jeff's own arm, a sure sign of how awkward he still felt around him before his smile increased.

"I spoke to Wes and David this morning, you know the council"

I didn't fail to notice how he hadn't included Blaine's name when mentioning the council.

"And they informed me that we can audition today during last period for a place in the Warblers."

Despite everything going on, I couldn't help the smile that crossed my features at hearing that good news, we really needed to get into the group and maybe get Kurt to talk to us again, he sure wouldn't ignore us in a big group like that, would he?

"Oh my gosh," Jeff gushed as we walked into the cafeteria and I let my gaze wander over to the Warbler table seeing Wes, David and that Trent guy that Nick had pushed on Friday all sitting at the table, talking and whispering about something and I couldn't help but notice they kept on glancing at the door, as if waiting for someone to appear.

Then it hit me, Blaine and Kurt weren't there, why?

"I can't believe we got the chance. What are we going to sing?"

I started to think about that too as I picked up a plastic red tray and started to pile things on just as someone pushed past me and I looked up to glare but stopped when I saw Blaine standing there, looking anywhere but at us and it was then that Nick opened his big fat mouth.

"Jeff. We got it. Stop trying to gay it up"

I winced at Nick's crude use of words and looked over at Blaine who was still completely ignoring us and instead had his eyes focused on the coffee maker that was pouring out some sort of coffee for him.

I turned back to grabbing up my favorite foods, keeping an eye on Nick who was glaring full force at Blaine's back whilst he shoved items of food towards his tray, the clattering of plates echoing in my head as I tried to ignore it and moved over a bit going to grab a cup for some coffee myself just as Blaine done the same thing.

Instantly, Blaine retracted his hand like I had burnt him and dropped his eyes to the floor again whilst I grabbed two cups placing one next to Blaine who looked up that second.

"Thanks" Blaine mouthed with a small smile as he started to fill the other cup and I waited patiently behind him looking behind me to see that Jeff looked downcast as he picked up a bowl of Apple Jacks and some milk before placing them back down and just grabbing a bottle of orange juice but I stopped him.

"Jeff," I told him, placing a hand on his arm and noticing that he didn't shy away from me.

"Eat whatever the hell you want, remember it's his fault that he can't deal with this. He's an ass but that doesn't mean you should starve yourself."

Jeff nodded slowly at this as he picked up the cereal again and headed over to pay whilst I turned my attention back to the coffee maker to see that Blaine was now gone, but I hadn't seen him move. However after looking, I saw him sitting with his friends and got an idea in my head as I paid for my food and settled my tray on the table beside Jeff's own seeing Nick's empty tray but not caring as I walked firmly over to the Warbler table, stopping when I heard them talking.

"Where's Kurt?" David asked Blaine as Blaine slowly stirred a cup of coffee whilst passing the other one over to Wes who thanked him with a big smile.

"He's still sleeping. I let him cause I had a meeting this morning about fun Senior stuff. I really hate how this is affecting him," Blaine replied, stopping his stirring to bang his fist against the table and I winced, glad it wasn't directed towards me.

"Blaine, you need to stop beating yourself up about all this," David said, placing a hand over Blaine's fist and squeezing it slightly whilst Blaine's eyes dropped to the table and I was sure I could see a saddened look in them.

"It's my fault. If I didn't start dating Kurt, this could have been avoided. I should have known that Seniors and Freshmen don't mix well," Blaine said in a rush never lifting his eyes from the table and I so badly wanted to hit him, he wasn't thinking about breaking up with Kurt was he?

"Blaine no. Stop this, you love him, don't you?" Blaine nodded and I had to hold back a gasp, Blaine loved Kurt even after only five days of them being together.

"I've loved him since the day I first saw him,"

Bringing a hand up to my mouth, I tried to refrain from screaming with delight at Blaine and Kurt's relationship, they were so perfect together, anyone could see that.

"So stop sulking and pull yourself together. Stop trying to be the strong one and let Kurt know that you're scared too, he's worried enough without you trying to push yourself to your limit," David spoke again and squeezed Blaine's hand once more before pulling away.

Thinking it was best, I walked forward again, coming to a stop at the Warblers table and seeing Blaine look up at me right away, so many emotions fluttering across his face before it settled on confusion.

"Hi," I waved shyly at the Warblers who were all looking at me with the same look as Blaine.

"Er, look. I'm really sorry about the whole Nick punching Blaine thing because of Nick being an ass but I also wanted to say sorry for upsetting Kurt. He's, well rather he was my friend and me and Jeff really miss him."

Stopping, I let my eyes fall to Blaine who looked rather happy about what I had just said.

"I know he misses you too and Jeff as well. It's just Ni-"

Blaine couldn't seem to say the name so I supplied it for him.


"Yeah," Blaine continued "him. He's the problem and I know you and Jeff are friends with him but Kurt needs time with just you and Jeff. He needs to know you guys still want to know him."

David, Wes and Trent all nodded back at this, agreeing with Blaine and I nodded my head indicating that I would make the time.

"Cool, so do you want to sit with us? You both look kind of lonely," David asked that second, pointing to the two free chairs at their table and I looked over at Jeff who was looking at me with a confused expression but I just waved him over and he done so, bringing both tray's with him.

"The Warblers asked us if we want to sit with them" I said right away, seeing a wide smile on Jeff's face as he sat in the seat next to David on one side of the table whilst I sat on Blaine's right on the other side of the table as Jeff handed me my tray and I started to eat, listening into the conversation.

"Blaine guess what? Puzzi," David spoke up right away, earning a glare from Blaine that was so like Kurt's I had to blink a couple of times to remember who I was looking at.

"Really David? You practice some Italian and you smell is the best you get?"

"I was going to say something worse but there are innocent minds around," David replied shooting me and Jeff a knowing look.

"It's cool," I said, waving my hand as I didn't understand any Italian at all, "I have no idea what you are saying."

"Ha Ha. sangue fresco," David said in return and next second he winced in pain as Blaine it seemed had kicked him.

"sarebbe bello,"

David stuck his tongue out at that one but I had no idea what it meant so I continued to eat my breakfast, watching as Jeff became involved in a discusion with Wes about something but I heard the word hair and gulped.

"Wes," I said making the older Warbler turn to look at me suddenly.

"Don't get Jeff started on hair. You'll want to pull your own out by the end of it."

Wes chuckled slightly but stopped that conversation and changed it to something to do with Harry Potter.

"Thanks," Blaine whispered under his breath to me that second and I looked over at him, wondering what I had done.

"You showed that you really care about Kurt and never stopped being his friend. Kurt is lucky to have you and Jeff as his friends."

"He's got you too," I replied, patting his arm and wondering how this guy could be clueless.

"And he's got his family and he has your friends. He's not alone."

Blaine nodded at my words as he took a sip of coffee, obviously mulling over what I had just said before glancing at his watch and quickly gulping down the rest, managing to not burn his tongue.

"Guys. AP English with Smith in fifteen" Blaine said after putting down his cup and grabbing up his satchel whilst me and Jeff continued to eat as we didn't have class till nine and it was now half eight, I felt sorry for the Seniors.

"Crap," Wes mumbled to himself as he pulled his own bag up, opening it and looking for something which he didn't find.

"Blaine, I didn't do my homework"

"Again? Seriously Wes we had two weeks to do it this time" Blaine replied but opened his satchel and I noticed a picture wedged into the pen holder of Blaine, Wes and David at a very young-looking age before it was gone as Blaine closed his satchel and handed something over.

"Finish it on the way."

With that, David, Wes, Trent and Blaine all took there leave, waving goodbye to me and Jeff and whilst I watched as the four Seniors walked out, talking about something important whilst I also began to grow worried, Kurt still wasn't here. Sure Blaine hadn't been worried because he had been in the room before and Kurt had been sleeping, but our classes would be starting soon.

About ten minutes after I thought this, Kurt came into the cafeteria looking completely rumpled and so not like himself that I threw him a worried glance noticing that he paid it no attention and instead went up to where the food was but stopped suddenly, throwing a hand across his stomach and leaning over, looking like he was in pain.

I stood quickly, watching as Jeff done the same but Kurt leaned up again, acting fine but as I sighed a breath of relief and went to sit down, Kurt fell to the ground, landing on his side and groaning in pain.

"Kurt" I yelled, instantly rushing to his side and moving him into a recovery position whilst I shouted for Jeff to find Blaine or someone, before turning back to Kurt feeling his way too warm forehead and seeing that he was breathing way too fast to be normal.

"Kurt" I repeated, taking his own now freezing hand and biting my lip, trying to work out what was going on and what to do to help.

"Kurt" I heard a new voice and looked up to see Blaine running up to us, dropping to his knees right away and feeling Kurt's head.

"Honey. I need you to breath in and out for me, can you do that?" Blaine asked a still breathing too fast Kurt who nodded slowly before taking in a small breath and after a few seconds, he let it out again before doing the same thing until his breathing became normal once again and he looked up at me and Blaine, looking really scared and like he wanted to cry.

"Shush," Blaine whispered to him and Kurt nodded a little, burying his face into Blaine's blazer and shaking a little as he started to cry.

"What happened?" I asked, my eyes wide on Kurt's head as I tried to come to terms with what had gone down.

"Anxiety attack. I had a little look in on him as we were heading to English and he was still asleep. This weekend has all gotten too much for him" Blaine replied to me, noticing my shocked facial expression and how I couldn't stop looking between the two of them.

"Maybe I should..." Blaine started to say, glancing at his watch looking like he was going to say that he would stay here but I knew that wouldn't be good.

"Blaine. Go to class and me and Jeff will take care of Kurt. He's in capable hands with us" I reassured him, noticing how Blaine looked unsure of letting Kurt out of his sight but soon seemed to realize that he could trust us and slowly let go of Kurt who curled around his arm right away before looking back at me, a scared look in his eyes.

"Honey. Thad and Jeff are going to take care of you whilst I go to class, but I'll come and see you after my class is over okay?" Blaine said to Kurt who let go of Blaine's arm right away, looking Blaine in the eye and nodding a little that had Blaine smile and lean forward to kiss Kurt but I turned away that second, wanting to give them their privacy, standing up and walking back to the table I had left my food at to see that Jeff was now sitting where he had been before and was poking away at his cereal now.

"Hey," I said, sitting down opposite him and noticing how right away, Jeff's head popped up, concerned look on his face.

"Hey, is Kurt okay?" Jeff whispered to me, causing me to look over my shoulder to see that Kurt was standing with his arms crossed over his chest and a slightly large blazer on over his own but didn't seem to know what to do.


After Blaine had left, Kurt stood there where he was, thinking back over what had happened to him since he had woken up, sure he was sure that he had a sore head or something like that, but nothing bad as it turned out to be and nothing that he wanted to worry Blaine over, especially since the senior had important exams crawling up very soon and would need to be focused on them to pass them and get into a good college or university, whichever he decided on.

"Kurt, come over here," The voice of his used to be friend, Thad made Kurt jump that second, pulling the blazer that Blaine had given him -since he was still rather cold- tighter around himself, internally arguing with himself whether he should go over there and act civilly towards them or not, but then again, what if Nick came back and told him to move, what if Thad and Jeff decided halfway through the conversation that they were wrong and didn't actually want to talk to him anymore, what if...

Before he could think anymore what if's, Thad had stood from his chair and pulled him over to the table, Kurt sitting in the vacant seat next to Thad, the smell of Blaine still lingering in the air, he must have sat here before going to class.

"So..." Jeff said, dragging out the 'O' and making Thad roll his eyes at him.

"What Jeff means to say is, how have you been?" Thad asked of him, Kurt surprised at how nice and sincere he sounded, like he really wanted things to go back to the way they were and Kurt would be lying if he said he hadn't thought about it also.

"I've been okay" Kurt replied, placing his hands palm down on the table and staring down at them before looking back up at his friends.

"Actually, that's a lie, I've felt like crap and I have to admit, I've really missed you guys" Kurt announced, seeing that both Jeff and Thad's faces lit up at this news.

"We've missed you too Kurtsie," Jeff said in a low whisper reaching out and putting a hand on Kurt's own and just like that, the damns broke and Kurt found himself beginning to cry allowed, the tears making their way down his face and causing both Thad and Jeff to rush to his side and pull him into a group hug, making him laugh, it really felt like old times.

"It's just Nick," Kurt admitted that second, surprised to see how both Thad and Jeff looked annoyed when Nick's name was mentioned, were they angry at Nick himself or angry at Kurt for saying the name aloud.

"Nick's an ass who doesn't get that you and Blaine are good together, he's just a homophobic ass " Thad said, sounding as if he couldn't care all that much about Nick at all, which was probably true by the way they were acting as Jeff nodded in his head in agreement.

The bell rang that second causing Kurt to jump slightly as both Thad and Jeff let go of him and smiled slightly.

"Kurt, it's just the bell for the beginning of our lessons, stupid maths with stupid Mr Harrison" Thad grumbled to himself electing a small giggle from Kurt as he remembered how much Thad really hated his maths teacher due to the fact that he was so boring and managed to make Thad fall asleep so many times that Kurt was worried he might fail the subject.

"Well, the one good thing about today is that after classes, me Thad and Nick are auditioning for the Warblers" Jeff surprised Kurt by saying, he wouldn't have thought that Jeff, Nick and Thad would get an audition that fast having only asked the day before, Wes, David and Blaine must have worked hard to get that.

"What song are you guys going to sing?"

Later on that day, all the Warblers sat together in the Senior commons, just waiting for Thad, Jeff and Nick to show up and audition and although, Kurt was glad that he was back on speaking terms with Thad and Jeff once again, he had to admit, he was still worried that they might change their minds and not want to know him anymore or Nick might say something and cause a big outrage again that would probably end up in some big fight about who was better and who should hang out with who.

"Would Nicholas Duval, Thaddeus Harwood and Jeffery Sterling please enter the choir room" Wes shouted out from where he sat at the council table next to Blaine and David, the two not looking very happy with this whilst Kurt couldn't help but admit that he was kind of nervous about seeing Jeff and Thad after breakfast that morning as during lunch, Kurt hadn't been able to find them at all so just guessed that they were probably rehearsing for their audition and waiting to see what the rest of the Warblers would say about them, would they find them good? What would happen?

Wes slammed his gavel against the sound block making Kurt jump slightly, remembering how it had felt for him when he had auditioned for the Warblers and how nervous he had been about the whole thing.

Back then however, he had had his friends to keep him calm and make sure he didn't go crazy or freak out about it all.

The doors opened that second as Nick, Jeff and Thad all entered, Jeff and Nick with guitars slung over their backs whilst Thad was carrying a microphone and stand, smiling slightly at some of the older Warblers who all seemed to look suspiciously towards the three, they probably remembered what had happened to Blaine and didn't want it to happen again or else things wouldn't go well.

"Fellow Warblers" Wes spoke up that second as the three guys started to set up their equipment and look around the room, Thad and Jeff both smiling and waving at Kurt whilst Nick just ignored him and instead was full on glaring at Blaine who was returning the favour whilst Kurt couldn't help but think how stupid they were being, maybe they didn't like each other but that didn't mean that they had to go to these lengths to act so crazy and absolutely want to kill each other.

"We gather here today to witness the birth of three new Warblers in our midst. Jeff Sterling, Thad Harwood, Nick Duval, please step forward, introduce you're song and then begin."

And with that, Thad stepped forward to the microphone and began to speak into it, smiling at the room.

"We are going to sing the song Thunderbirds Are Go by Busted."

Nick and Jeff right away started to play on their songs, playing a tune that Kurt could remember well as it was one of Jeff's favourite songs then Thad started to sing.

Thad: Springbreak's come around
And there's no heros to be found
There's something major going down on Tracy Island (Nick and Jeff: island!)

Weapons underground
Keeping our planet safe and sound
If someone evils coming round, they should be frightened (Nick and Thad: frightened!)

Nick: Cos now the boys are back in town
No strings to hold them down, down

All: Don't be mad please
Stop the hating
Just be glad that they'll be waiting
Friends we have are ever-changing you
Now the lids about to blow
When the Thunderbirds are go."

And with that the three guys finished their song and stood back to let the Warblers clap which Kurt found himself doing, completely blown away by the performance and although he had to admit that Nick was a really good singer, his moves on the other hand were non-existent compared to Thad and Jeff who really went for it and even managed to lean towards each other when about to sing lines reminding Kurt of the good old days before everything had started and Nick had completely ruined everything for everyone.

Once the clapping had died down and the three boys had placed their props away, Wes, David and Blaine stood up from the council table ushering the guys out quickly and quietly before with hardly any words, Wes asked them to vote on whether they would be in the Warblers or not.

The majority of the hands raised in the next two seconds for the affirmative really surprised Kurt for he was sure that many of the Warblers hated Thad, Jeff and Nick for what they had done.

Kurt raised his hand in the affirmative also knowing that he did really want Thad and Jeff in the Warblers, Nick on the other hand was someone he was unsure about, he had always thought that Nick would be a good friend and someone whom he could really trust but ever since the thing with Blaine, Nick had been his ass-hole way, a thing that seemed to annoy Thad and Jeff as well but maybe Nick could be shown sense and maybe, just maybe he would see that him and Blaine were right together.

Kurt's inner monologue was cut off that second as the Warblers started to clap and whistle whilst Thad, Jeff and Nick re-entered the room, smiles on their faces especially Nick which was something Kurt wasn't used to seeing, maybe Nick had had a change of heart.

"Thank you Warblers for welcoming Nick Duval, Jeff Sterling and Thad Harwood into our midst" Wes said, after whacking the sound block twice to cease the thunderous sounds from the Warblers and allow the three newcomers to sit down and listen into the rest of the meeting about Sectionals that would be taking place this Saturday which meant that they only had three days to prepare and get all their moves sorted out and who would be singing what.

"Now as I know you may all be wondering, our competition for Sectionals doesn't seem all too difficult as it was last year when we were placed up against Vocal Adrenaline and Crawford County Day Care. This year however we are up against The McKinley High School, New Directions and The Hipsters who are composed of a bunch of senior citizens..."

"You mean we have to actually go against people old enough to be our gran's or grandpa's?" Nick butted in, cutting Wes off mid-sentence which Kurt knew from experience was never a good thing to do.

"Yes Warbler Nick we do" Wes replied with gritted teeth as he hit his gavel once against the sound block before continuing, "and never interrupt me again."

"Anyway, ah yes, The Hipsters will most likely be our easiest competition as they sing the same song every year at competitions. The New Directions, however will be a small threat to us as we have never faced them in competition before, we shall need to be on our toes when we perform on Saturday. Speaking of, let's practice Two More Lonely People from what we have so far" Wes announced that minute causing all the Warblers apart from Nick, Thad and Jeff to stand up and get into formation, Kurt standing behind Blaine and to the left of Wes waiting for orders that he was to start singing just as the Warblers started to harmonize the tune before Kurt kicked in with his line.

"Kurt:I don't want the pictures
I don't want your sympathy."

Kurt started to sing his lungs out, moving to the beat of the Warblers beside him and remembering where Wes and David were supposed to be for the next lines and moving into the required space as Wes started to sing his line and move to the front of the room, David following him with the beat whilst Kurt smiled, looking around at the three new Warblers who looked both amazed and worried about the performance happening in the room.

"Wes: We don't have to be friends
We don't have to be enemies."

Kurt couldn't help but look between Nick and Blaine as Wes sang these lines whist managing to stay standing on his own two feet seeing how Blaine was part of the harmonizing group of Warblers and was smiling widely at him whilst doing so whilst Nick looked so many different shades of envy and amazement.

"David: In my head I break it down
And I'm absolutely sure
That you and I could work it out
Or we could kill the lights on what we had before."

David finished singing his line with a high note before all went quiet once more and Kurt realized that they had no-one to actually sing the chorus of the song, no-one could follow up to what the three Warblers had done before, no-one knew the song much like they did by how many times Wes had played it for them before hand and leading up to Rehearsals for that particular song.

"And there's two more lonely people
In the world tonight
Baby, you and I
Are just two more lonely people
Who gave up the fight
Yeah wrong or right
Well, you know my heart is aching
You don't have to break it
If love don't change your mind
Then there's two more lonely people."

Kurt turned round in shock and surprise and his ears caught the most wonderful sound ever as someone sang the chorus completely acapella and managed to ace it completely. Coming face to face with Thad, Kurt couldn't help the bright smile that crossed his face whilst he looked towards Wes for confirmation.

"Well, looks like we've found our lead soloist for the chorus" Wes shouted that second ensuring a loud roar from the other Warblers as they began to applaud the newest Warblers into their midst.

It seemed things were going to be okay after all.


David: "Ha. Ha. sangue fresco" - "Ha. Ha. Fresh Blood"

Blaine: "sarebbe bello" - "Be Nice"