Turn Around Bright Eyes

Chapter 8 - 'I'm Not A Freaking Faggot'

Flashback - Friday 16th October 2009 - Getting Together

Kurt had to force himself to try and stay awake, despite the gnawing feeling in his gut that was trying to get him to just put his head down and fall asleep or at the least just not care about anything anymore as he sat in his English class just wishing that the clock would hurry up so he could go back to his dorm room, grab his weekend bag that he had packed the night before - after Jeff had fallen asleep of course, he didn't want his roommate to find out that he hadn't been to sleep, yet again - and head on home to see his family for another weekend and probably not get any sleep yet again and end up playing Halo or Call Of Duty with Finn until the early hours of the morning.

Yet Again.

"Mr Hummel?" the voice of Kurt's English teacher, Mrs Alexander, snapped him out of his trance as he noticed that everyone had their eyes on him as he had apparently something to do.

"Yes Mrs Alexander?" Kurt asked, hating that yet again, he had not been paying attention to anything that his teacher had been saying and would probably fail a test or something again because of it.

"The Warblers have called a performance and they wish you're presence in the cafeteria" Miss Alexander said, eyes staring straight into his own as Kurt nodded, quickly putting his English book, notepad and pens away into his bag before placing it over his shoulder and leaving the class, leaning against the wall opposite it for a couple of seconds as he tried not to think about the fact that he was going to be seeing the one person that he didn't really want to see very soon.

Blaine. 'Fricking'. Anderson.

Kurt soon enough got his breath back and started on his walk towards the cafeteria, wondering in one corner of his mind why no-one else except him and the Warblers were supposed to be at this performance, what the heck was actually going on?

As Kurt turned onto the corridor that lead to the cafeteria, the very first thing he heard was a whole load of shouts coming within, and he was about to turn and walk away when he realized that it was only the Warblers getting ready to perform and they were probably just wondering where the heck he was right there and then.

Once he reached the door of the cafeteria which felt like hours rather than minutes later, Kurt turned the handle and walked inside, stopping short when he was met by only four people in the room who were standing at the front of the cafeteria, on some sort of stage that looked like it had been made for that special occasion.

Kurt took a deep breath and started walking forward, about to ask the four guys where the rest of the Warblers were when Wes, who was standing near the back of the stage with a guitar slung over his body, put out a hand telling Kurt that he had come far enough and he was to stop whilst beside him, David was sat at a drum set and was nodding his head to Kurt, who backed up a step or two, grabbing a chair from one of the cafeteria tables to sit down on, still wondering what the hell was actually going on as he sat and looked up towards the stage where Trent was busy fiddling around with his guitar, obviously tuning it whilst standing right at the front of the stage, guitar over his shoulder and held by a guitar strap whilst facing a microphone and looking straight at Kurt with a look that Kurt couldn't decipher in that moment in time was Blaine.

That moment, Trent nodded at Blaine who nodded back as he started paying a unfamiliar tune on his guitar whilst Trent and Wes joined in on the guitar and David started playing the drums before Blaine began to sing into the microphone, never once taking his eyes off of Kurt.

"All: Whoa

"Blaine: To my favourite teacher,
told me never give up
To my fifth grade crush
Who I thought I really loved
To the guys I've missed and the girls we've kissed
Where are you now?

To my ex-best friends
Don't know how we grew apart
To my favorite band's
And sing-along's in my car
To the face I see in my memory
Where are you now?

Blaine with Wes and Trent (backing): Where are you now?
Cause I'm thinking of you
You showed me how
How to live like I do
If it wasn't for you
I would never be who I am

Blaine: To my first girlfriend
I thought for sure was the one
To my last girlfriend
Sorry that I screwed it up
To the ones I loved
But didn't show it enough
Where are you now?

Blaine & Wes: Where are you now?
Cause I'm thinking of you
You showed me how
How to live like I do
If it wasn't for you
I would never be who I am

Blaine: I know we'll never see those days again
And things will never be that way again
But that's just how it goes
People change but I know
I won't forget you."

Here, Blaine, Wes and Trent started on a guitar solo singing 'Whoa' into Blaine's microphone at odd times whilst David continued playing the drum's before Blaine began to sing again as Kurt started to get what this song was all about.

"Blaine: To the ones who came,
Who we're there from the start
To the love that left
And took a piece of my heart
To the few who'd swear
I'd never go anywhere
Where are you now?

All: Where are you now?
Cause I'm thinking of you
You showed me how
How to live like I do
If it wasn't for you
I would never be how I am
If it wasn't for you
I would never be who I am
If it wasn't for you
I'd be nothing
Where are you now?"

Blaine finished singing as he and his friends all stopped playing their instruments together at the same time whilst Kurt still sat in his seat, staring up at Blaine who was looking like a god as he stood up on the stage, his blazer clinging to him slightly and sweat dripping down his face from something that Kurt had a feeling was nerves but what did he have to be nervous about, Kurt thought to himself just as the song finally entered his brain, this song was for him and him alone.

Kurt stood up without a moment to lose and quickly walked up to the stage, aware of the fact that Wes, David and Trent were all staring at him but Kurt only had eyes for Blaine as he approached the senior, tugging him by the arm so he faced Kurt, and kissing him, Kurt throwing his hands up to Blaine's face as Blaine's own arms came around his waist, Kurt all too aware of Blaine's guitar digging into his ribcage, but he didn't care about that, all that mattered was that he was kissing Blaine and Blaine was kissing him back.

After a few minutes, the two boys broke away from air, Blaine's lips looking really swollen and red as he smiled down at Kurt, Kurt smiling back at him, not believing that this was actually happening just as Trent fell off the stage, landing on his back as his guitar hit him on the chest and he and the other seniors began to laugh, Blaine included and Kurt could feel Blaine's chest move beneath his head as he now rested it there, still not daring to believe that Blaine was actually his and his only now.

Kurt snuggled in closer as Blaine began to laugh even more whilst Trent tried to get himself up before Wes and David went to help him up just as the bell rang for the end of the lessons and the end of the week.

"Do you need to be heading home?" Blaine asked now, laughter forgotten all about as he turned his head to look at Kurt, Kurt looking back up at Blaine and really not wanting to go away from him seeing as how they had only just gotten together.

"I should be" Kurt admitted as he continued to look up at Blaine who was watching him with a expression that he couldn't really read at this moment in time, "But I really don't want to."

Kurt blushed as he said this, Blaine smiling at him and leaning down to kiss one of his rosy cheeks that burned even more at the fact that he had done just that whilst his friends were watching.

"I don't want you putting off seeing your folks if you really want to" Blaine said with a genuine smile that had Kurt shake his head at Blaine.

"It's okay, I'll phone my dad and tell him, he'll be okay with it" Kurt admitted, eyes still locked on Blaine's as the older boy nodded once and kissed his lips quickly before pulling away.

"Do you want to hang out in my room tonight?" Kurt blurted out faster than he thought possible as Blaine started walking away, obviously to put his guitar away, but stopped and turned back to Kurt that second.

"Sure, what number?"

"Warbler Hall, Room 214" Kurt replied to Blaine's question, Blaine nodding again and going away to put his guitar away and whatever else he had to do whilst Kurt ran out to phone his dad and then head back to his room to wait for Blaine.

A few hours later, Kurt stood in his room with Jeff who was laughing as Kurt tidied the place up, mostly by putting away books that were misplaced and hanging up towels that Jeff had been using in the bathroom to dry properly as he really didn't want Blaine to think they were slobs or anything when he arrived.

"Kurtsie, calm down, what's got you on your high horse?" Jeff spoke up from where he was lying down on his messy, badly made bed.

"Blaine is coming over, and I... Jeff move your fricking arse" Kurt snapped at Jeff who instantly moved and Kurt began to re-make Jeff's own bed just as the door to their room opened as Thad and Nick walked in, ceasing movement when they witnessed what Kurt was doing.

"Kurt what's going on?" Thad asked as Kurt finished making the bed and turned round to Thad, who was standing in a white t-shirt with light jeans - Dalton let it's students wear whatever they wanted at the end of the school day and the end of the week - whilst Nick stood beside him, wearing a light blue cropped sleeves shirt with a pair of dark denims looking kind of freaked out just like Thad was looking that very second in time.

"Apparently Blaine Anderson is coming over" Jeff pointed out when Kurt turned away from Thad to smooth down the cresses of his own duvet whilst Jeff was now standing at the foot of his own bed, trying not to laugh at crazy Kurt.

"Oh really?" Thad asked as Nick started to look very bored and went to sit down on Kurt's bed but stopped when Kurt snapped at him.

"NICK, don't sit there."

"Yeah, really" Jeff replied, just as Kurt finished what he was doing and sat on his bed whilst Jeff, Thad and Nick sat on Jeff's own bed.

"Don't mess it up" Kurt tried to tell the three who just nodded before there was a knock at the bedroom door, Kurt jumping up from his bed so fast, it was like it had shocked him.

"Ah, Blaine must be here" Kurt heard Jeff whisper to Thad and Nick, Thad smiling slightly at Kurt who smiled back, still not believing it whilst Nick still looked bored and almost annoyed by this news.

Once Kurt reached the door, he opened it and instantly came face to face with Blaine, who was standing there, dressed down in a red long-sleeved t-shirt and dark skinny jeans, smiling at him and Kurt smiled back, moving into the hall to kiss Blaine quickly to which Blaine complied, hands going around Kurt's waist again before they had to break away for air, Kurt resting his forehead against Blaine's own.

"Hi" Kurt said quietly to Blaine, who laughed slightly, repeating what Kurt had said, before indicating the door.

"Can I come in?"

"Wh- Oh right yeah, come in" Kurt was brought back to his senses and moved back from Blaine to re-open his door, letting Blaine go in first before following him in to see that Thad, Jeff and Nick were all still just sitting where they were before, but now they were looking straight at Blaine, who began to smile nervously and wave at them, just as Kurt informed him to sit down, and Blaine did so, sitting on Kurt's bed, Kurt joining him, noticing that his friends were still staring at Blaine who was looking even more freaked out.

"Guy's, stop scaring him" Kurt snapped at his friends who instantly said sorry just as Thad seemed to remember something as he hit himself on the forehead.

"Oh yeah Kurt, I have my notes from English, do you want them?" Thad asked as he dug into his bag - Kurt hadn't even seen him bring it in or put it down - pulling out three sheets of paper from his bag which he handed over to Kurt who took them, thanking Thad just as Blaine spoke.

"Who do you have for English?"

"Me, Jeff and Thad have Mrs Alexander, who is really nice and doesn't makes us do a lot of work most Fridays whilst Nick has Mr Adams who is like really scary" Kurt answered, looking at Blaine, who looked back, smile evident on his face as he went to lean in to kiss Kurt before remembering where he was and moving away, clearing his throat slightly, all of a sudden and looking around the room, obviously a bit uncomfortable but Kurt turned him round, kissing him slowly and passionately hearing several gasps from his friends as he done so, before moving away from Blaine, who looked more at peace as he put an arm around Kurt's waist holding him closer whilst Thad and Jeff smiled knowingly at him.

"Okay, me and Blaine are together guys as you may have noticed" Kurt told his friends, pretty much stating the obvious when Jeff began to smile at him.

"Really Kurtsie? I didn't notice" Jeff replied with a sarcastic tone that had Kurt pull his best 'bitch please' look at Jeff who just started to laugh at him.

"Oh sweet, naive, Kurtsie, your daggers don't scare me any longer, not like they used to" Jeff continued, laughing even more when Kurt just stuck a tongue out at him.

"Sorry for asking" Blaine chose this moment to speak up and Kurt knew he would never get tried of hearing his voice, "but why do you call him Kurtsie?"

Jeff looked shocked at first at the fact that a senior was speaking to him, before he started speaking, answering Blaine's question.

"It's cool, you can ask us anything you want to, I started calling Kurt, Kurtsie not long after school started cause it's a really cool nickname and it just stuck from there."

Blaine nodded his head in understanding here just as Thad piped up.

"We should watch a movie, since Kurt's not going home for the weekend."

"I like that idea Thad" Jeff replied, immediately hurrying over to his dvd cabinet to find a movie that would probably be liked by all of them whilst Kurt looked back up at Blaine who was looking around the room again, smiling when he caught sight of things like Kurt's musical poster's and other little decorations.

"I see you like you're musical's" Blaine indicated all the posters around Kurt's side of the room that had Kurt nod just as Jeff found whatever movie they were supposed to be watching tonight.

"Source Code, I've not watched this in ages" Jeff shouted out as he held up the dvd, almost cradling it to his chest as Kurt knew that Jeff had a little thing for Jake Gyllenhaal and had had for a while now.

"You mean you've not watched it since last Friday, Kurt you should have heard him yelling 'No Jake, no, don't do that' it was crazy" Thad piped up, laughing but stopped, smile wiping off his face slightly when Jeff dropped the dvd and charged at Thad who started to run away, opening the door as Jeff continued to chase him outside and down the hall whilst all Kurt could do was sit and watch as they left until only he, Blaine and Nick were left in the room.

"Does that happen a lot?" Blaine asked that second, indicating what Thad and Jeff had done whilst Kurt looked up at him, nodding his head.

"A lot more on Friday's when I'm not here and then Nick has to phone me to calm them down" Kurt admitted, glad when he saw Blaine smile and place a soft kiss to forehead.

"You're the peace guy then?"

Kurt nodded at that nickname, liking it even more since it came from Blaine's mouth just as Nick cleared his throat from where he was still sat on Jeff's bed.

"Do you want me to go and sort them out?" Nick asked Kurt who only nodded slightly, eyes fixed on Blaine who was looking back at him so Nick took that as a yes and left the room, closing the door loudly behind him.

"Blaine-" Kurt started to ask when Nick was out of the room, but stopped as he knew that he couldn't ask Blaine about this Jeremiah guy without getting shouted at for looking through Blaine's phone without Blaine's permission, but he had to do it anyway, if only to know what happened.

"Why were you so angry about a week ago in Warbler rehearsal's, when you sang Fighter?" Kurt asked, trying a different approach and it seemed to work better as Blaine sighed a little bit and kissed Kurt's forehead softly.

"I'm sorry if I scared you that day-" Blaine admitted, looking Kurt in the eyes as he said this, Kurt only shrugging his shoulders a little bit as if to say, it's okay before Blaine continued.

"I was having a really bad day, first off it was raining, heavily and I had just broke up with my boyfriend of two years because I realized I was in love with someone else."

Blaine stopped talking here, and began to look around nervously, almost as if wondering what else he could he say without embarrassing himself, so Kurt grabbed one of Blaine's calloused hands in his own, hoping that would be one way to get him to speak up about everything.

"...And when I told Jeremiah, that was my boyfriend's name, Jeremiah, he got angry and nearly threw a glass jar at my head then told me to leave."

Here Blaine stopped talking, looking straight ahead of himself, as if he wasn't really seeing anything before his gaze returned to Kurt.

"So I left, and of course, I hadn't my car with me, so I had to walk back to Dalton and the rest is history."

Kurt nodded at this, watching as Blaine stared into his eyes, almost as if he were asking, have you got any questions, and Kurt knew the answer to that.

"Blaine, who was the person you were in love with the day you broke up with Jeremiah?" Kurt asked, looking into Blaine's eyes, waiting for an answer but Blaine just closed his eyes and started to lean forwards towards him, just as there was a loud shout from the hallway.

"...Get the hell away from me, faggot."

And Kurt knew he recognised that voice, he knew it as well as he knew his own name.


Kurt jumped up from his bed, dropping Blaine's hand but noticed right away that Blaine stood up as well, following Kurt out to the hallway where Nick, Jeff and Thad were all standing whilst some other Freshmen and Sophmore Warblers stood as well, trying to work out what exactly was going on as Kurt looked directly in his three friend's direction's and nearly gasped.

For the sight before him was one he was not very used to seeing as Thad and Jeff were standing at one end of the hallway, facing Kurt and he could see that Jeff was holding a hand to his cheek which was slowly turning redder and redder whilst Thad was looking ready to punch Nick who stood at the other end of the hallway, facing away from Kurt and seemed to be breathing heavily.

"What the hell made you do that?" Thad roared that second as Kurt came to a stop outside his door, wondering what had just happened.

"You know why I done that!" Nick nearly screamed back, looking as if he were seconds away from punching either something or someone.

"Because I'm not a freaking faggot!"

Kurt wanted to start digging a hole for himself here, as he was pretty sure that Nick was speaking about him, but that second, Nick surprised him.

"At least not like Jeff who seems to have the hots for me."

Time seemed to stop in that second as Kurt looked back and forth between Nick and Thad and Jeff wondering who would react first but before anyone could, two doors slammed from the floor above as Wes and David came out to the landing.

"Whoever is shouting better stop right now or there will be trouble" Wes snapped to it right away, as unknown to Kurt until only a couple of days ago, Wes and David were prefects and could tell the younger pupils to do things, even things they didn't want to, and give them in trouble if they put a toe out of line.

It seemed that Thad however didn't seem to think the same way as everyone else due to the fact that that second, he stormed right up to Nick's face, anger evident in his now dark brown eyes as he looked at Nick with such disgust that Kurt was surprised that Nick wasn't running like hell.

"You know Duval, you're not fooling anyone" Thad half-whispered, half-shouted at Nick who reacted in less than a second as he pulled his arm up ready to sock one straight in Thad's face, but before he could, Blaine was there and holding him back, away from Thad who wasn't looking worried about any of this at all.

"You're just like the rest of them aren't you?, you're the one who refuses to deal with the fact that you are actually different, cause you are Duval, you know you are" Thad continued to scream at Nick, who was looking ready to punch Thad's lights out, but couldn't due to the fact that Blaine was holding him.

"I am nothing like him" Nick thundered this time, using his free right hand to point it towards Jeff, who was looking like he wished that the floor would swallow him whole due to how his already red cheek was burning even more at the things that Nick was saying, as was his other cheek making him look like a tomato with blonde stems, not a pretty sight really, Kurt thought to himself whilst waiting to see what Thad or even Nick might do next.

"You're a liar Duval, You're as gay as the fourth of July" Thad replied, teeth almost looking bared as if he were a wild animal and was about to attack Nick.

It seemed that that done it for Nick, as he made a noise that sounded like a lion's roar and the next second, Blaine was on the ground, clutching his stomach in pain and groaning, teeth gritted and Kurt instantly ran to his side, not thinking about what he was doing as he came to a stop next to Blaine, just hugging him as he turned his face to see Nick about to take a swipe at Thad, but the next second, Nick was on his back, being held back in place by Trent who looked so murderous that it scared Kurt a little bit.

"Stop this right now" Trent nearly screamed, face red as he held Nick down, who was trying his hardest to get at Thad, but to no avail, Kurt couldn't help but think that moment in time as he turned his head back to make sure Blaine was ok.

"Are you-" Kurt was cut off with what he was going to say when Nick slammed Trent away from him, the quiet senior hitting his back against one of the hallway's, slightly cringing and crying out in pain, but Nick just ignored him, intent on getting to Thad just as Blaine stepped in his way, Kurt finding it odd as he hadn't seen or felt Blaine move his side in the last few seconds.

"Apologize" Blaine said calmly, mirroring Nick's movements when the younger male tried to get past him in his one man mission to attack Thad.

"Apologize" Blaine repeated a second time, this time around, sounding less calm as Nick turned to him, a certain look on his face as Kurt noticed Blaine take a step back before coming to his senses once again.

"I'm only going to say this once more, and I want you to do it this time. Apologize."

Kurt stood from where he was, sure that Nick was going to apologize to Trent that second as he started to turn away, Blaine turning away too, to make sure everyone else was okay when Nick changed directions, coming towards Blaine again, grabbing his shoulder and spinning him round so quickly that Kurt was worried Nick might break it off with the wrench of the tug.

"Nobody tells me what the hell to do."

And Nick socked him right in the face.

End of chapter 8, hope you enjoyed, happy reviewing my fellow readers.

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