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You can interpret this in any way you'd like. This is kind of one big giant metaphor.

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The stars are so bright! Oh so very bright. They shine so beautifully there, suspended in the dark sky. They are so powerful and luminous. They take your breath away.

The men like druids or mages, use the stars as their guide, to navigate their way to their destination during the night. They save themselves and others from the expansive desert known as life using the light of the stars. They see the stars as they are; a gift to be grateful for.

But the ignorant men such as Uther do not know how to use the gift that the gods have given them. They fear that the stars will fall from the heavens and burn them. Crush them. Themselves and those that they care for.

They mock the stars and the ones who use them. Calling them dark magic users and evil.

They wait for day, when the sun is shining brightly in the sky.
But the sun is a star too.

The greatest star of all.

By both wise men and ignorant men, he is loved. The wise worship him. To them he is a god. They understand how much he does for them. Even the ignorant have an idea of how much they rely on the sun. They know he cares and nurtures them. They just don't know how much.

The sun sits there in the sky burning brightly. It watches over all of it's human friends, making sure no harm befalls them. Fiery wrath awaits those who attempt to hurt its companions.

The sun dims a bit each time the stars are insulted by the men. The sun can't talk though. It can't tell them how it too is a star. It can't beg them to stop speaking such cruel words. To stop hurting it. So it hides its magnificence behind the clouds, waiting for the men's' hatred to pass.

The stars love the darkness of the night. When it is night, they shine brightly through the dark and guide. But during the day, the sun is out. The stars flee and hide, because they are intimidated by the sun. It's too bright, it overpowers them. They don't know how to be around it. They can't compete.

So the lone sun sits in the sky by itself. Being thanked and loved by men who would also despise it once they found out what it truly was.
The sun can't even bear to imagine being hated by the men too, so he lets them think he's kind and warm. Because even though they would hate him, he loves them and only wishes for their peace and happiness. The guilt and loneliness turns him colder and colder though with each passing day. Hatred can do that to you, even if that hatred isn't directed at you intentionally.

The sun has many names. To some he is Emrys. To those ignorant men who think they know him, he is Merlin.
One day the sun will freeze.
He will tire of being used, of being insulted. He will tire of lying and hiding. He will tire of being lonely and of being something he is not. And after he freezes...

He will burn.

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