Ciao ciao~! Snow here again with another fanfic. I know I'm still working on the other two~. But I had this awesome moment of Inspiration and I couldn't waste it A! Well, since I give sucky summaries, I will summarize this story in the actual fanfic so you have a jest at what's going on! And yes it is another Itacest Fanfic (I'm obsessed with itacest -drool-) so first! :

Warnings: Contains yaoi, itacest, High School AU-ness, only one OC*, mentions of self mutilation, angst, tragedy, major OOC-ness, religious themes, bullying, language, and child abuse. Please, if this bothers you in any way, don't proceed to read any of this. I would prefer to have people who actually aren't bothered by any of this to read it. Grazie~!

Pairings: Itacest, JapanxOC*, AusHun, and something else if I can come up with it.

Summary: Lovino Carriedo is a new student at Davidson Central High School, in Pennsylvania, America. Traveling with his adoptive father Antonio Carriedo, who took a job at the school as a Spanish teacher. Feliciano Eldestine I the adopted son of Roderich Eldestine and Elizaveta Hedervary. Known as " The loner " at school, Feliciano keeps himself distant from everyone, until an

encounter with Lovino. Will Lovino be able to warm the boy's heart? Will little Feli accept his feelings? Why am I asking you these questions? I already know the answer XD! Ha-ha and you have to wait as it's slowly revealed one chapter at a time~. I'm sadistic :D

*P.S: Cause I don't feel like doing character descriptions in the story, the OC is a girl named Sakura Chigau, a Japanese girl from a fanfic that I was playing with in my mind :P She Has LONG pink hair, green eyes, and in this story, a semi Goth-punk girl.

Let's get started shall we?

Lovino's POV:

Well, this is...different. I just moved from New York to Pennsylvania with my adopted father, Antonio Carriedo because he thought it'd be better to get out of our former home, New York City, after an incident with me almost getting robbed.

And because of that bastard, who tried robbing me, I'm stuck here, where it's surrounded by trees and forests and God, It's so freaking boring here. Right now I'm with my father in the car, on our way to my new high school. I decide to bother him again for the Hundredth time. " I still think you over reacted. "

He simply rolled his eyes before saying " Lovi, you know how dangerous the city can be. What if you were kidnapped or something? I just don't feel safe raising my own child in a big city like that."

" Yeah, but did you have to send me to a school where they wear freaking uniforms? I mean seriously, why does everyone have to dress up like their freaking clones? And why did you get the job as the Spanish teacher at the school where I just so happen to be attending? "

I know he means well but seriously! It's not like a break my foot if he isn't there. He just sighed. And before I knew it, we finally arrived at the school. I just got out the car, ignoring my father and walked into the school, bustling with over excited children.

Homeroom, 8:15 AM:

I found my way to my homeroom and found a seat all the way in the back of the room. I hadn't bothered with introducing myself to the class. I simply said ' I'm Lovino Carriedo ' and found a seat. The room was full of hyper, bubbling kids. God they were annoying.

About ten minutes into Homeroom, someone came in, and somehow it got immediately quiet, as if everyone was interested as to who came in, like they were going to do something. The person who walked in turned out to be another student.

He wasn't wearing the school uniform, just a black hoodie, with the hood flipped up, a pair of black jeans and black converse shoes. It was hard to see his face, but a little curl to the left side of his head, stuck out of his hoodie. It was almost like the curl I have, but placed on a different side and a lighter color.

The homeroom teacher sighed, and asked why the kid was late. He didn't bother replying. He only sat down in a seat all the way towards the back of the room, in the corner only a seat away from me. The teacher rubbed her temples and said " You know you have detention, right? "

" …... " Was the kid's only reply. One of the other students, a kid with dark blonde hair, blue eyes, glasses, and a strange cowlick stood up and said " Isn't that more like rewarding him? He enjoys being left alone anyways. Besides, we all know he doesn't bother going home half the time! " He said in an obnoxious voice.

Though most the kids in the class nodded in agreement, and repeated rumors they heard, and faked whispering things to each other, but saying it loud enough so the kid could hear them.
The kid glared at them, and flipped them the bird before saying. " Fuck off. "

The kids, who were "whispering" things about him, did the same back to him, after saying " Emo bitch. "

The teacher ordered for the entire class to shut up and leave him alone. She changed his punishment from detention, to showing the new kid (well, me.) around the school, since we have the same classes.

That's odd. How did we get the same classes? Everyone turned to look at me and shot me a sympathetic look. The kid simply looked over to me and then looked back, before putting his head down.

And then the bell rang.

First period: Pre Calculus

I followed the kid all the way to the first floor, to our first period class. On our way there, I thought I should try getting to know the kid. " So, kid. You have a name? " I asked. He nodded and didn't say anything else. I rolled my eyes. ' Smart-ass. ' I thought. " Well can you tell me your name? " I got a reply this time. " Feliciano Eldestine. " " So you're Italian and Austrian? " I asked.

He shook his head. " Only Italian. What about you? What's your name? " He asked as he looked over towards me. He looked pale, and his hair was an auburn color, that was lighter than mine. Though, he had hazel eyes that were like my own. It was hard to see anything else though, because his hoodie was almost completely covering his entire head.

" I'm Lovino Carriedo. " " So you're Italian and Spanish? " I rolled my eyes and smirked a bit. " No, same as you. Only Italian. I was adopted. What about you? "

When I looked over to him, it looked as if he was debating something. After about a good ten seconds he replied. " I was adopted too. But not many people know that, so please don't tell anyone else. " I nodded before saying " I won't. But what's wrong with others knowing? "

He just shook his head. " The bastards in this school have enough against me. I'd prefer that something like that be kept private. " ' Oh, so that's why. ' " Well that's understandable. Why do those kids seem so hell bent on bugging you twenty-four seven? " The kid only shrugged. " 'Cause they are. It's always been like this. In grade school and even here. I probably won't even bother going to college if this keeps up. "

I looked at him shocked. My father always had taught me that college was important for education, and being successful in the future. (Even if every adult says that to all kids). And this kid, Feliciano, would give that up, just to keep away from these bastards?

I shook my head. " You shouldn't just give up on your own education, just because some kids have no lives and their only pastime is making others feel like shit. "

This kid must not have many people to talk to seeing as how his eyes widened a bit when I said that, and for some reason he blushed lightly. He looked down and hid his face, holding his books close to his chest. " Th-thanks... " He mumbled.

I looked at him confused. " For what? " I asked. " Because...wh- just, thanks okay? " I smirked. " You don't have many people to talk to, do you? " He shook his head. " Well, if you want, you could talk to me. I won't bite. "

When we entered the classroom, he sat next to me, catching me up with what the lesson was, and helping me where I was confused. This kid is smart. It'd be a waste if he didn't go to college.
We talked a little bit in between taking notes. " So, what brings you to this school? " Feliciano asked. I groaned a bit. " Well I'm not even from this state. " He cocked his head to the side. " So where are you from then? " I tapped my pencil lightly as I remembered my old home.

" I came from New York City. My dad decided to move over here after an incident with me almost being robbed. Of course there was a lot more that happened before that, small drive bys' and all. So he thought it'd be a good break from city life to move here. "
He looked thoughtful for a moment before replying. " Well if you put yourself in your father's' shoes, he's only trying to keep you safe. It's only natural for any parent to worry like that. Maybe it was slightly thrown a bit out of proportion. He could've just moved to a different neighborhood, but it still doesn't change any insecurities he has about being in the city. "

I stared at him, mouth slightly agape. " Yeah, I suppose you're right. You're very perceptive, aren't you Feli? " He flushed a bit and looked away. This kid is strange...

" What's wrong? " He looked down before replying. " It's nothing, really. Most people don't refer to me by my real nickname. It's just Feliciano, or... well, I think you get the point. "

Wow. Are things really that bad for this kid?

And before I knew it, the period was over.

Second period: Study Hall

I looked at my schedule and looked to see what class was next. A study hall in second period? At my old school, study halls were only 8th period. Oh well. I looked to see what floor it was on and it read: 524. We're only on the first floor!

Great... I looked for Feliciano, because I had no idea where we were going. I found him walking the opposite direction of the staircase, to a different classroom. I ran to him before asking " Where you going? The staircase is that way. "

He smirked before replying. " Do you really want to waste your time in a study hall with a teacher who expects you to sit still for 45 minutes and entertain yourself?

Plus it's all the way on the fifth floor, and every staircase has about fifteen steps. " I raised my eyebrow. That didn't sound very appealing but... " What do you have in mind then? " He motioned for me to follow him. " C'mon~! " I smirked following after him because he sounded like a schoolgirl, excited over something.

He looked over to me before asking, " Do you play any instruments? " Well I'd be lying if I said no.
Though I was always kind of embarrassed playing in front of others. But it seems the kid was opening up to me, so I guess it's only fair to do the same for him. " Yeah. I play the violin. So I'm assuming you play an instrument too? " He smiled and nodded.

" I play the cello, harp, and piano. " We entered the room, which turned out to be a band room. A long pink haired girl was playing a drum set along with an Asian kid playing along on the bass. The girl looked up and waved.

" 'Sup, little one and company~! " she said. She wasn't in the school uniform either. She wore a green T-shirt with a black gothic cross and frills at the hems, laced gloves that ran all the way to her elbows, a pair of baggy camouflage pants that were cut short at her knee, and was hemmed in lace, and to top it off, a pair of combat boots with big buckles on them.

The Asian kid was the only kid in the room with the uniform on. " Hey Sakura and Kiku " Feli said, casually waving. " So, who's this fresh meat, a friend or foe? Tell me little one, will you let us know? " The girl said, poetically, and fluent.

Feli smirked, before replying playfully replying. " Why are you so interested as to know, if this person is friend or foe? Will you tell me that playful soul? And maybe I just might let you know. " It was quite funny watching them talk to each other, replying with poems that were made impromptu.

The Asian kid walked up to me and said, " I'm Kiku Honda, and the girl over there is my girlfriend Sakura Chigau. And I suppose you are Familiar with Feliciano, or ' Little one ' correct? "

I nodded. " Where did he get the nickname ' Little one '? " Kiku tapped his finger lightly on his chin. " Well, when Feliciano came here, he was quiet as a mouse, and he was, and still kind of is, smaller than anyone else. Sakura teased him with the nickname little mouse, but changed it to little one, as he grew. He started talking to us a little more, so she couldn't say little mouse anymore. "

I laughed a bit at that. Then the girls, Sakura, walked up to me with a friendly smile. " Well you don't seem to be as mundane as those other fools outside our little world... " She said patting my head, but stopped and lightly poked my forehead. " But... hurt little one... and I'll gut you myself... with my bare hands " She said, with the same friendly smile. Holy fuck, this girl is scary!

I simply nodded trembling. Feli came to my side and patted my shoulder. " Don't worry Lovino, she does that sometimes, but she's really nice. " He said with a smile. Nice? She just threatened to gut me! With her bare hands nonetheless!

Before I could say anything, Sakura jumped and shrieked, " He smiled! He really smiled! " Feli blushed and looked down. These kids are weird. But in a good sort of way.

About half way into the period, I was set up with a violin, sitting next to Feli, who was on the cello. We were just fooling around, until it turned into us trying to out do each other, picking up the beat, calling and responding with different melodies, going off key, and just plain old fooling around.

Before we knew it, the period was over.

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