(A/N) Hey guys! Sorry if you think this is a new chapter but it isn't :c Love is Blind is on a temporary Hiatus so I can properly re-write it and write it in a different P.O.V, but on a positive note, I finally wrote smut! So... you guys have that to read while I re-write everything ^^;; I will be posting several one-shots as gifts for you guys because I feel so bad about this. Also, I am doing a plot bunny adoption thing, so if you want to adopt one of my plot bunnies, please PM me and we can discuss things. (Also, I only really ever write Itacest so must of the one shots will be that, but if there are other pairings you wanna see, just let me know~ I might throw gerita in their too.) So, once again, I'm really sorry, but don't worry. I'm starting with a clean slate and I will do my best to make the new work better than the last!