I got a random idea that led to a scrap that led to a whole story just the other day, it's what happened when I discovered the song The Day I Left The Womb by Escape The Fate. So I decided to give it a shot and see what happens. So I never did a story like this, it just randomly popped into my head.

So... enjoy?

The rain started in the morning and continued on to the afternoon, forcing Sam to walk home in the rain. It was no big deal though, it was just water. But it was the rain that justified bad days for her, and so far, her day was going bad. She rounded the corner and saw her house, but something was off. She could see her parents, Pam and Jeremey, arguing on the front lawn until her dad got into the car and left. It wasn't their first argument, they always argued, but Jeremey never left like that before. Pam watched him leave as Sam approached the edge of the lawn.

"Mom, where'd Dad go?" She asked. Pam didn't answer, she just turned away. "Where's Dad?" Sam asked, louder this time and more forceful.

"He left."

"What do you mean he left?"

"He's leaving me, okay? We're getting divorced! It shouldn't be that much of a surprise." She slammed the front door, and Sam tried to open, but it was locked. She tugged on the doorknob but the door wouldn't budge.

"Mom, open the door!" She shouted. She knew her mom and dad were having problems, she just didn't know it was so serious. And Sam was not the right person to talk to her mom about it; she hated Sam, and it was obvious. That was one of the problems they had. Her and Pam fought all the time, and Jeremey had to be the one to resolve it. Now what would happen knowing he was gone?

Already soaked, Sam took her backpack off and took out her house keys. Once she got inside the house, a shoe was flown her way.

"Get out!" Pam shouted.

"Mom, just let me help you."

"I don't need your help," She sneered.

"Trust me, I'll get out of here as quick as I can as soon as you tell me where Dad went." She scoffed and went over to the fridge to get a drink.

"Why do you think he left Sam? Because he couldn't stand you."

"…That's not true."

"Oh, but it is. He didn't fix our problems out of love, he did it because he couldn't stand everything you did. He just wanted it to stop, and today he couldn't take it anymore." Could her father honestly hate her for the things she did? She was just sixteen, teenagers were a handful, but she didn't think she was so much trouble to deal with. "He didn't tell me where he was going, he doesn't want to be near you." Sam could feel the tears forming it her eyes.

"Well I'm sure as hell not staying here with you. I'm getting Jaycee and we're leaving." Pam laughed as she watched Sam grab her keys.

"And where do you expect to go?"

"Anywhere but here." She went out into the rain again and jumped into her car. She drove to Jaycee's school, waiting in the car until school was done. How was she supposed to tell him that their parents just split up? How would he take it? He was only six, would he even understand? It was sad that he was only six yet could understand that their mother was abusive drunk, and they weren't going to live with that, especially without their dad to protect them. Why did he have to leave? This whole thing was unfair. Especially to Jaycee.

Jaycee finally got out of school and rushed to Sam's car to get out of the rain. He sat up front and threw his backpack in the backseat.

"Hey Sam." He said. He was the cutest little kid, with black hair and Jeremey's blue eyes. Sam would never let anything hurt him, which is why she had to do this. She put the car in drive and slowly started back to the house. "Why'd you pick me up? Are we going to do something?" He asked. She sighed.

"Listen Jayc, we're not going to stay at home anymore."

"Why not?"

"It's Mom and Dad. They're… well, they're not together anymore." His face fell.


"It's just Mom now, and we're not going to stay with her."

"Can't we stay with Daddy?"

"…I don't know where he went."

"Where are we going to go?"

"I don't know yet, I'll figure it out later." She said, getting a little frustrated. She parked the car in the driveway. "We're just going to go in and get our stuff then we're leaving."

"But I don't want to go."

"Jaycee, you know what happens when Mom gets upset, and she's going to be upset all the time now. We're not going to be near that." She got out of the car and Jaycee followed. When she got to the front door, she peeked in, seeing her mother asleep on the couch, bottle surrounding her. She took Jaycee's hand and led him upstairs to his room. "Start packing." She said as she pulled out a suitcase.

She went to her room and started to pack everything she needed; clothes, brush, cell phone, wallet, and toothbrush. She went back to Jaycee's room to see he packed, but with all his clothes thrown in unorganized. She folded them before zipping the suitcase shut.

"Let's go." She carried both suitcases down the stairs and was about to step out the door when her mother stopped her.

"I better not see you back here." She said. Sam sent her a glare.

"Trust me, you won't."

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