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Back to Amity Park, where Sam faced the most difficult challenge, where she met Danny, where everything felt right. It seemed change was a constant in Sam's life, but she was okay with it as long as it was good change. Positive things came out of good change, like Danny for one. She had no idea how much he'd help her, he was there from the moment she ran away to now as she moved closer to him in Amity.

He and Jeremey moved boxes from the back of his car to their suite on the second floor while Sam and Jaycee stayed in the room on the couch. Danny lowered the box to the floor and looked at them.

"You know, you could help," He said.

"Yes… but that would require work." Was Sam's reply. Danny shook his head as Jeremey stepped in and lowered a box to the floor.

"Well, that's the last one." He said. Sam got up from the couch and took a box.

"Finally, what took so long,"

"It would've been quicker if you helped." Danny said.

"Why? It looked like you guys had it covered," He rolled his eyes and followed her into her room. She put the box down on her bed and opened it; inside was CDs, posters, books, and photos. As she started to organize them, Danny took out a picture and looked at it.

"Are you going to keep this one?" He asked. She took the picture to see it was a photo of her, Jeremey, Jaycee and Pam. She looked at the photo before looking back up at Danny and tearing the face of her mother off and crumpling it before throwing it in a nearby trash can.

"Remind me to burn that." She said, pointing at the garbage can.

"Well, that answers my question… sort of." Danny said. She sat next to him on the bed with a sigh.

"It's not fair. All I did was try to reach out to her and she shuts the door on my face… literally."

"Look, you're here now. That," He said, pointing to the garbage can, referring to the person on the photograph inside it, "is not going to happen again." She nodded her head slowly.

"No, you're right."

"Well that's a change." She hit him before she kissed him, right when Jaycee came in.

"Dad wants you to- Ew!" He said, causing Danny and Sam to break apart. "This isn't going to be a regular thing, is it?" Sam gave Danny a half smile.

"Get used to it."

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