Law & Order: UK fic:

Pairing – Mattesha

Disclaimer – I don't own anything

Summary – When Alesha is persuaded to go undercover, the eventual repercussions of the suspect's reputation puts not only herself, but another colleague, in danger.

I wrote this ages ago but forgot to upload it until now, so here it is. Enjoy! :D


"Ronnie, can I have a word please?" Natalie asked, as she walked into the central area of the police station with a serious look on her face.

"Uh oh, what have you done?" Matt questioned, trying not to laugh as his partner got out of his chair.

"I have no idea" Ronnie shrugged, bewildered as to why it was only him being called in and not Matt too, before he headed into Natalie's office.

A few minutes later, Alesha appeared in the room, she spotted Matt working at his desk and headed over. Matt turned around as he felt a tap on his shoulder, a smile instantly illuminating his face as he saw who it was.

"Alesha! What do I owe the pleasure?"

Alesha smiled "Natalie phoned, said she wanted to discuss something with me."

"Well she's giving Ronnie a rocketing for something at the moment."

"Why's that?" Alesha frowned.

"God knows" Matt moved some papers from his desk onto Ronnie's "But she didn't sound too happy."

"Aw poor Ronnie" Alesha said, coming to sit on the corner of Matt's desk, after hanging up her coat.

Matt eyed Alesha's attire, she was wearing a low cut white blouse, a tight fitting black skirt, black tights and leather boots.

"I must say, you look great today" Matt complimented her.

Alesha blushed "You think so?"

Matt winked at her as he said flirtatiously "Very sexy."

"Matt!" Alesha giggled in much surprise, glancing around her to see if people were staring at them. Luckily no one seemed the slightest bit bothered.

Matt persisted with his flirting "That's just too easy" he began tickling her.

Alesha putting up a good fight, as she tried to tickle him back. Now not caring what others around them might be thinking.


Elsewhere in Natalie's office...

"No, Gov, you can't do this. Matt won't have it!"

Natalie sighed "I know, but what other choice have we got? She's the type of woman Henderson goes for, this is our one and only chance of getting him if we go undercover."

"I don't know about this" Ronnie was looking worried, scratching the back of his head as he thought "What if she doesn't agree?"

"Then we are back to square one, but I'm really hoping she will. I called her fifteen minutes ago, so she should be here any minute."

Ronnie sat up in his chair "Gov, even if we get Alesha to agree, Matt will put up one hell of a fight. He won't want to risk Alesha doing this, especially with what happened last time she went undercover."

"Providing Alesha consents to going undercover, we will go ahead with the plan. However much Matt argues. And anyway, this undercover will be more controlled and monitored, we will be nearby in case anything goes wrong."

"Well you'd better tell him what's happening, he will be even angrier if he was kept in the dark about all this" Ronnie continued, but Natalie was thinking the same thing.

The two of them left the office and went back into the large room, to see Alesha sitting on Matt's lap, both of them tickling eachother, flirting to their hearts content.

"Well, well, what do my eyes see before me?" Ronnie called loudly, attracting the attention of Matt and Alesha, both of them blushed as they saw Ronnie and Natalie approaching them. Alesha quickly realised she was still sitting on Matt's lap and got up, Matt standing up too.

"Sorry" Alesha turned even redder, making sure her clothes were straightened and looking presentable. "You wanted to see me Natalie?"

"Yes, actually Matt I need you there too, if you'd both like to come into the office."

Matt and Alesha glanced at eachother worriedly, before heading into Natalie's office.


"No! No!" Matt raised his voice as he got up from his chair "There is no way! No!"

"Matt" Natalie tried to reason with him.

"No, I don't care. Anyone else but Alesha!"

"Don't I get a say in this?" Alesha looked up at Matt, as she was still sitting in her chair. She turned to Natalie "There's no one else who can do this?"

Natalie shook her head "Unfortunately, no. But if you're not comfortable with this Alesha, then please say, it's fine honestly."

Matt piped up "I'm not comfortable with this!" but Ronnie looked at him in a 'don't start' kind of way, and Matt fell silent, sitting sulkily back in his seat.

"But I wouldn't be alone would I? I mean if something went wrong?"

"No, we'll give you an earpiece and things so we can talk to you, or you to us, and we can hear everything that's going on. As well as that, we'll have police on standby very nearby, and Ronnie and Matt will be nearby too."

Alesha nodded; confident she understood what she had to do for the team.

"Okay, then I'll do it."

Natalie and Ronnie grinned.

"Thank-you Alesha" Natalie said gratefully.

Matt didn't look at all happy, but conceded that it had to be done.

Alesha finished talking to Natalie a while later, whilst the boys got back to their work. Alesha came back into the room, putting on her coat and bag as Matt came over to her.

"You sure about this, Alesha?" Matt asked, worriedly "I don't want you getting hurt."

Alesha gave him an affectionate smile, as she touched his arm "I'll be fine, Matt. There's no need to worry."

Matt gave her a reassuring smile "Well I'll be there tomorrow evening, and if you need to talk to someone about anything, then you know where I am, or just give me a ring."

"I know, and thank-you" she kissed his cheek, much to the young detective's delight "I'll see you tomorrow." She turned briefly to Ronnie "Bye Ronnie."

"See ya Alesha" he replied back, as Alesha headed back to the CPS.

Ronnie was looking at Matt, who had watched Alesha go with a concerned look.

"She'll be fine, son. You don't need to worry."

Matt turned back to Ronnie, as he went back to his desk "You'd better be right."


The following night, Ronnie and Matt were sat in the front seats of the blacked out car, at the very far end of the street, where the suspect's bar was situated; on a busy London street on a rather chilly Friday night. Alesha was sat in the back of the undercover car, dressed in black high heels, a black halter neck dress that was skimpily low cut at the front, low enough to show off some of her lacy red bra she was wearing. The length of the dress was far too short for Alesha's normal attire, and was definitely something out of her comfort zone. She had her black hair slightly curled, with large silver hooped earrings on and her face was caked in make-up. She hoped the choice of attire and her overall look would do the trick.

"Okay Alesha, you almost ready?" Ronnie asked, turning around in the passenger seat of the car to face her.

Alesha smiled confidently "Yeah I'm ready."

Ronnie gave her a reassuring smile "Great. Okay, now we need you to wear this earpiece so we can talk to you and you to us if for any reason you get into trouble you can alert us, and if something is troubling you just ask us." Alesha nodded as Ronnie continued to tell her "There are uniformed officers keeping an eye out outside, so we have that covered. Also, there are plain clothed officers inside the bar already, so no matter what happens you are safe, alright?" Ronnie smiled warmly.

It was Matt's turn to assure Alesha, saying so with concern in his voice. "'Lesh, if at any time you don't feel comfortable with this, then just let us know and come straight out, okay? This is an important operation that we need to work, but if we fail, Henderson will know and he will be on to us. It will be hard to try this again, even with new people. So just try your best, but like I said, if you don't like it, get out straight away."

Alesha looked at Matt seriously "Matt, I'll be fine, you don't need to worry about me. I know what I've got to do, I can do it."

"That's what I like to hear" Ronnie beamed "Okay, you all set, any questions?"

Alesha shook her head; Ronnie spoke to the other officers over the com "Phillips leaving the car, standby."

Alesha opened the car door and Matt smiled "Good luck" to her as she got out and closed the door. Matt switched the earpiece on and tried to talk to her "Alesha, can you hear me?"

Alesha was walking down the street, as she got out her phone and put it to her other ear that the earpiece wasn't it.

"Yeah I can. I thought I'd pretend to use my mobile when I have to speak to you, I'll look a bit of an idiot talking to myself."

Matt chuckled "Yeah, that's great Alesha. We can hear everything that's going on around you, so keep going as you are."

Ronnie turned to Matt "She's a smart girl, don't be so worried, Matt."

"Can't help it" Matt said, his right leg frantically shaking through nerves.

Ronnie frowned, quizzically "What's going on with you two?"

"What d'ya mean?" Matt wondered.

"I mean, are you together now or something? You seem even closer than normal."

"No, we're just friends."

Ronnie chuckled "Yeah right, you can't kid a kidder sunshine!"

Matt just laughed, before the seriousness of the situation fell upon them, as they observed Alesha heading into the bar.

It wasn't too noisy, but people were everywhere inside the club. The music playing in the background didn't help matters either. The black leather seats were positioned around a large area of the club, where businessmen in smart suits were being entertained by girls dressed similarly to Alesha. Alesha glanced around and spotted the undercover officers, who were sat near the entrance to the office, at a table, one winked at her to acknowledge they were keeping an eye on her. Alesha then spotted their suspect, Jay Henderson. He was rather tall, a good six feet with dark skin and dressed in a black suit. He had a diamond stud in one of his ears, and his stocky build only helped to show he was a guy not to be messed with.

Alesha felt a pang of nerves course through her body, but said to Matt and Ronnie.

"Target spotted, heading to the bar now."

"Good girl" Ronnie said back.

Alesha headed to the bar, pretending to sound annoyed, chucking her bag onto the bar and getting onto a bar stool, crossing her slender legs. Giving an annoyed sound, as she put her mobile in her bag. Henderson clocked her straight away and came over.

"What's troubling you sweet lips?"

Alesha mentally rolled her eyes, but continued with her facade.

"Stupid guy who was meant to meet me, hasn't turned up! I can't believe this! How is a girl supposed to live when I can't get what I need? I tell ya this, this is the last time he can use me that's for sure."

Henderson's eyes seemed to gleam at what he was hearing, Alesha knew she had got him hook line and sinker.

"Here, let me get you a drink, on the house."

Alesha raised an eyebrow "And why would you do that?"

"Well" Henderson placed his hand on top of hers, which was resting on the bar "Maybe I can sort you out for tonight."

Alesha eyed him like she was a tiger who had laid her eyes on the prey.

"Oh really?" her sultry tone of voice worked on Henderson, who continued to eye her up.

"This bloke...who is he, maybe I know him?"

"Sorry, client confidentiality."

"Well whoever he is, he's an idiot for missing out on someone as gorgeous as you."

Alesha gave a sly giggle, which caused Henderson to do the same.

"I don't even know your name?" Alesha asked.

"Jay Henderson, and you my gorgeous girl are?"

"Chelsea" she held out her hand and he took it, kissing it.

"Well Chelsea, let me get you that drink. What will it be?"

"Vodka tonic" Alesha smiled at him.

Henderson moved down the other end of the bar to get her drink, which gave Matt the chance to say.

"Brilliant Alesha, fantastic work. Now we need you to get to his office with him, and you know what you need to tell him about the payment."

Alesha whispered "Yes" seeing that Henderson couldn't see her.

He soon returned with her drink "There you go." He leant forward on the bar "So, what d'ya say to having that drink in my office?"

"If you wish it" Alesha said, sliding off her bar stool and slinging her bag over her shoulder. She followed Henderson to his office door, which was being guarded by another bouncer. Henderson took hold of Alesha's hand and said to the man "Make sure I'm not disturbed."

"Yes boss" the man replied, as Henderson led Alesha into the room, closing the door behind him.

The room was decorated as exposed red brick on every wall, dark lighting, and matching leather seats to the ones outside. A glass office desk was situated near the door, where Henderson took Alesha's drink off her and put it on the desk. Before he proceeded to take his wallet out of his suit jacket pocket.

"So, how much?"

"How much?" Alesha frowned.

In a slightly more fed up tone to his voice, Henderson replied "Come on love, for your services?"

Alesha chuckled "Oh you must have misunderstood me. I don't do this job for cash, I do it to fuel my habit."

Henderson raised his eyebrows "Drugs?"

"That's why my last client couldn't make it, said his dealer was caught by the old bill, he didn't have it. No drugs, no deal. I'm sorry you got the wrong idea, I'll leave." Alesha made to go for the door, but Henderson stood in her way.

"What if I said I had drugs?"

Alesha's eyes lit up. Ronnie and Matt sat up straighter in the car, Ronnie ready to inform the officers to act.

"What kind?"

"Any you want" he made to kiss her neck, but Alesha held him off "I need to see it, and can do with me as you please."

The look of hunger on Henderson's face was evident to see. He strode over to the corner of the room, moved aside what looked like a small side table, he continued by removing a floor board and taking out two bags full of cocaine.

"This enough proof?"

Alesha grinned mischievously. Jackpot.

"That's more cocaine than I've ever seen. My last client never got that much, shows how less of a man he was."

At these words, Ronnie radioed to the officers both outside and inside the club. "Go, go, go!"

By which point, Henderson had dropped the drugs and rushed towards Alesha and began kissing her neck and pulling at her clothes. Alesha tried to resist him, but Henderson was too strong and tore at her dress, leaving her underwear fully exposed.

"No, stop! Get off me!"

"Alesha!" Matt cried down the earpiece "Get out of there!"