Naruto (c) Masashi Kishimoto

"Let's stop here for the night," Sasuke said, facing a wavy field of grass which was died pink and red and gold. "We'll continue our search in the morning," he turned his black eyes onto Karin. "We are still heading in the right direction right?"

Karin sighed, made the seal of the ram and closed her eyes. It took only a few breaths for her to open her eyes. "Yes."

"Good." Sasuke wandered off into the field of grass, leaving Karin, Suigetsu and Juugo alone.

"What's up with him?" Suigetsu asked to nobody in particular.

"Dunno," Juugo shrugged.

"Suigetsu! Get some firewood so we can start a fire."

"Don't boss me around, you four-eyed freak."

"Wh-What did you call me?" Karin screeched back.

"You heard me."

"Do I need to punch your teeth in, shark breath?"

"Why you!"

"Guys," Juugo whined, trying to suppress his violent urges and break up Karin and Suigetsu. "Stop it."

"Suigetsu," Sasuke had silently reappeared, his bangs fluttering in the wind. Suigetsu and Karin turned to look at him. "Leave Karin alone," he turned back around, "oh and get some firewood," he said over his shoulder. Suigetsu shot Karin a nasty glare before stomping off to get some firewood, muttering about Sasuke always siding with Karin. The red haired girl on the other than got busy digging the fire pit and lining it with stones. Every now and then she'd glance back at the field, she couldn't exactly see Sasuke, but she could sense his chakra and wondered what he was thinking about. More importantly, she was wondering how he was holding up after the death of his brother.

Madara had given them Akatsuki robes, but Sasuke had told them not to wear the robes in transit. Better for blending in and avoiding Konoha spies, he had said. Karin doubted that there were Konoha spies this near Lightning Country, but then again, one could never be too sure. The way Madara and Sasuke talked, it seemed like Konoha spies were all over the place.

"I got us some fish," Suigetsu said, coming back with a couple of fat trouts that slapped wet against his leg, his arms full of firewood. "And your damn firewood." He dropped it near Karin, though it was close enough where she was convinced he wanted to drop it on her.

"You nearly dropped it on me!" Karin pointed this out loudly. Suigetsu made a face, untied the fish from his belt and began to gut them. Soon, they had a fire going, and the trout roasting. Karin monitored the fish quietly.

"I wonder if we are really going to capture the Hachibi for that Madara guy?" Suigetsu mused aloud as Karin passed out the roasted trout. She removed Sasuke's from the fire and slammed the stick into the ground. The Uchiha still hadn't returned from his musing, but Karin knew he hadn't left, she could still sense his chakra near by.

"If we want to destroy Konoha." Karin bit into her trout.

"We? There is no we in this, Karin," Suigetsu pointed out. "It's all Sasuke. He wants to destroy Konoha." Suigetsu shrugged. "Personally, I have no beef with the Hidden Leaf Village."

"We are Sasuke's teammates! Our goals are his goals!"

"You only say that because you love him."

"L-Love him! I... I have no idea what you're talking about Suigetsu!" Karin punched him and he dissolved his head into water, splashing them a bit before it materialized again.

"Hmph," Suigetsu rubbed his abused cheek, glaring at Karin but didn't say anything else. They ate their fish in silence, chitchatted a bit more before Juugo and Suigetsu turned in.

Alone in the dark, with nothing but the crescent moon and the dying embers of their campfire as light, Karin stood and picked up the fish she had set aside for Sasuke. Following his chakra, she headed out into the field.

Karin found Sasuke standing out in the field, gazing up at the night sky. His bangs gently blowing in the breeze. Slowly, she walked up to him. "Sasuke?" she called. He looked at her briefly before fixing his gaze back up on the stars. "I brought you dinner," Karin said. He looked at her again and noticed the fish in her hand.

"Thank you," he said and grabbed the fish, eating it quickly before tossing the bones aside. He then returned to his star gazing. Karin watched him for a few more minutes, wondering what he was thinking about. If he even remembered that time he saved her from the giant bear in the Chuunin Exams. He probably didn't or if he did, he didn't treasure it like she did. She still remembered it. The warmth in his eyes, the kindness in his smile. She wondered if she and her team had managed to get to the third test, if things would have been different between her and Sasuke.

"I..." she paused. What am I doing? He clearly wants to be left alone, and not listen to me have a heartfelt confession! Karin chided herself, yet despite this she took a few more steps towards Sasuke, and touched his arm. She removed her glasses and snuggled against his shoulder. "I know what we can do while the others are sleeping?" she giggled. Sasuke looked at her with a neutral expression.

"Karin," he said, "let go."

Karin bit her lip but let him go and slipping her glasses back onto her nose. What was I thinking! Karin chided herself again. "I know it must be hard... to be all alone."

"What do you know about being alone!" Sasuke snapped. Karin jumped a bit, clearly surprised that Sasuke snapped at her. He had never snapped at her. When she remained silent, he gave her a nasty smirk before sneering, "That's what I thought! Nothing! You know nothing of what it's like to be alone!"

"Actually, I do." Karin replied in a calm voice. Sasuke blinked a few times, completely thrown off guard. Maybe he was expecting a different reaction or a different statement. "I lost my entire village in a raid. The only reason I survived was because I sensed a lot of chakra coming, so I hid." Karin shrugged, glanced up at the stares and sighed, "When I came back, my village was in ruins, my home gone, my parents dead. My teammates and teacher dead as well. My entire little village was gone. I did find one messenger bird and wrote a plea for help to the main village of Kusagakure, but they never replied. I stayed there, scavenging for food until Orochimaru found me."


"So, don't tell me I don't know what it's like to be alone! Utterly alone without anyone! I know how it hurts and how painful it is! Believe me I wish I could've died with the rest of them! But I didn't! I may not know the pain of killing my own blood or knowing that someone of my blood killed those I loved and betrayed me. But losing everything and everyone I ever cared about. I know that pain Sasuke, and even though happened years ago, it still hurts. It still fresh. Whoever said that time heals all wounds is a liar." Karin took a deep breath and shoved her glasses up her nose. Sasuke didn't say anything Karin turned and left.

Suddenly, his hand shot out and grabbed hers. She froze, looking at him. His head was bowed and he looked only at the dark grass. He didn't say anything he simple squeezed her hand tightly. As if she was a thread that was holding him onto this world, tying his sanity down. "Karin," he whispered and she could hear the emotion in his voice. The red haired girl gulped.


"Karin... thank you..." there was a pause and Sasuke never once let go of her hand, "for understanding."


SasuKarin! FINALLY!

I personally think I failed at Karin and Sasuke. I don't write too much on the current generation characters anyways. But regardless, here is something short and sweet. I hope you enjoy it.

My birthday is in three days. I'm not looking forward to my birthday. Don't ask why.

Anyways, life sucks.


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