Muramasa: Kokoro no burēdo (Blade of the Heart)


"I told you once, and I'll only tell you one more time woman," Jinkuro hissed, his left hand in a tight fist and his right furiously gripping the handle of his blade, "I did not hold that damn Momohime to me to comfort her and I sure as hell do not have any affectionate feelings for her." His pace was quick and silent as he trudged through the ninja infested woods—they still had a long way until Narukami and Kongiku was already driving the swordsman up a wall with her annoying questions about the Princess.

"Couldn't you have just killed her and gotten it over with, Master?" The fox whined, her tail lashing. She jogged to catch up to the Izuna clan man, the basket with Momohime in it bouncing on her hip. Kongiku heaved with the effort, her chest rising and falling quickly.

But Jinkuro kept going, his feet not faltering so much as once. "Idiot—if we kill her spirit, I die too. Did you forget that, huh?" He turned sharply and stared the fox down with icy brown daggers; she stopped in her tracks.

Instead of arguing, Kongiku put up her pouting face (which consisted of her jutting out her bottom lip and bending over so her ample breasts slipped out of her kimono—just enough to have it ride up in the back to show off her thighs). "Master," she whimpered; her tail curled seductively around one of her thighs while her left hand played with the hem of her ever shortening clothing, earning a raised brow from the man (or, well, man in a woman's body) in front of her. "I've walked such a long way for a little lady and my legs are getting tiiired... Could we maybe stop for a little while and rest?"

Before Jinkuro could protest—little lady? They had gone only ten miles and the little lady was tired? They did not have any time to waste because she was 'tired'. It wasn't even dusk!—the soft voice of Momohime's spirit piped up from inside the basket now resting against Kongiku's calf. "I'm a little chilly..." She said meekly; there was a slight pause and the man could almost hear the smile on her lips. "I may not be in my body anymore, but I can still feel some sensations. And my body is cold, sir." The fox gave her master a confused look.

"Nonsense!" He barked viciously, whipping a few strands of brown that had fallen from Momohime's curls into his face. Now that I think about it... He mused while he turned his back on both the women, I do feel icy. He curled his slightly numb fingers, his lips set firmly in a frown.

The bloodthirsty man sighed and pinched his nose; damn women. Why did his assistant have to be a damn jealous woman? It would make things infinitely easier on him if Kongiku chose a male fox to be his guide, but no-o-o.

The annoying chirp of a hot springs monkey above their heads finally broke his resolve.

He looked back at the fox and the basket and growled through clenched teeth, "fine, we rest here for the night." He angrily thrust his hand in front of the fox, surprising her enough that her white tail twitched and her ears flipped back for a millisecond. "Give me the basket and I'll take her to the hot spring to warm her dumb ass up—don't look at me so disrespectfully Kongiku, I'm giving her her body back so she can do it herself. She's just lucky we were close to one, otherwise both of you would be out of luck."

The fox reluctantly placed the basket in Jinkuro's hand. And with that, she sulked off and Jinkuro took to the trees to have a very brisk "chat" (if you would call making hand gestures chatting) to a tan monkey with red symbols before getting whisked off to the springs.

"Stop whining that it's embarrassing to be seen naked. Who's interested in you?" They had arrived at the spring and what was the first thing Momohime did after getting her body back? Tell him that it was "weird" and "humiliating" to be seen without any clothes. Jinkuro may be a killer, but he did not watch while she peeled off her kimono—the thought of seeing her naked disgusted him; he cringed inwardly. He had turned to the opposite direction of which she was in, then turned to face her when she had her little towel hiding her private parts. "Look at your arms! Your muscles would just rip apart if I seriously swing a blade at you!" Speaking of arms...

They were pressing her towel (that thing wasn't long enough to be called a towel—it was more like a dish rag) to her body, her soft hands clutching it tightly to help hold it in place. The rag only covered about six or so inches below her crotch, so even more of her delicious legs—her legs are not delicious! What am I thinking? He quickly stopped his observation of her form and coolly looked up into her brown eyes; her face was a vibrant shade of red that started creeping down her neck and chest. Silly woman—it wasn't like no man had ever seen her body before. Yukinojyo probably saw it all the time back in Narukami when the engagement started.

"And your fair skin..." Jinkuro breathed; he didn't care if she had been violated by such unworthy hands, she was here and the Yagyu wasn't. The Izuna clan man willingly let his eyes wonder down her mid-section to those gorgeous legs, briefly stopping at her chest. He hardened his voice and his expression, turning once again to stone. Couldn't have her getting the wrong impression, could he?

"I can't stand all that frostbite, so give it a good rub."

She nodded vigorously (so hard in fact some of her hair came loose to fall in her face) and stepped backward, not bothering to turn around to watch where she was going or to take her towel off. It was rather cute that she was still hiding as she entered the steamy water, her rag still in place. Jinkuro shook his head—or tried to, since he was still just a spirit. He turned around and smirked to himself. Might as well let her feel slightly comfortable. After all, I don't want to hear any more of her whining again for a long, long time...

After all, there was no harm done in just lookin' at her.

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