A tragic memory

Flashbacks are italicized

It was in the middle of the afternoon when I saw our firetruck drive through the street probably running of to take out a fire. My parents are smiling and waving over at me. They look so happy and in love. Its the end of the day now and J.J gets a call from her mom saying that we lost someone. I race to the firehouse and I know somethings happened, no one looks at me and if they do they have tears in their eyes . I frantically looked for my mom and dad but instead I see my uncle Marc coming out of my dads office with tears in his eyes. He sits me down on the truck and he tells me that Dads at the hospital but he's okay. I ask for my mom and more tears run down his checks as he says that she was trapped and no one found her until it was to late. I yell at him saying he's a liar and that I want my mom. He holds me in his arms rocking me back and forth rubbing my back letting me cry into his arms and that's when I feel everyone wrap their arms around me. An hour later my Dad comes I look into his eyes and I see tear stained checks he walks towards me and I jump into his arms and I cry out saying how much I want my mom which causes him to cry and say "me to baby girl me to".

But that was months ago things changed I started skipping school and my dad won't even look me in the eye let alone hold me, thwhen I realized I didn't just lose my mom I lost my Dad to.

I was racing down the ally way when I spotted the truck. I knew they saw me but I turned around to go the other side but got knocked over by a disgusting mutt. When I got up Lionel got out of the truck and picked me off the ground.

"If your going to ditch, your going to get caught Sam." Lionel said looking pretty pissed.

We drove into the firehouse where Joe and Pep were cleaning the other truck.

"Capt is waiting for you in his office." Joe said.

"He is seriously angry." Pep said.

" Yeah what else is new". I said showing no feeling.

" I guess you'll find out when you get grounded again". Joe said.

" Hey just do what I do the second he opens his mouth start crying". Terrence said grabbing boxes out of the truck.

" Or better yet tell him its in your DNA and that everything horrible you do is his fault." Lionel said.

"Joe come on help me how do I get out of this." I pleaded to Joe.

" Your not a baby anymore your 15 its time to accept the consequences when you do something wrong." Joe said looking pretty mad.

" Give her a break Joe she just lost her mom she's an orphan." Lionel said.

" She's not a orphan she has a father and us." Joe said.

"Yeah after Danielle died Conner changed I don't think I've heard him have a conversation to Sam and if he does its to ground her for cutting school." Lionel said.

In the office:

Conner was sitting at his desk playing with Sams IPAD when she walked in.

"How many times have I told you about cutting 3...4 times."Conner told her without looking up.

" Dad that's my IPAD can I have it back"Sam said looking all innocent.

"You know it doesn't seem to matter what I say so I'm going to hit you where it hurts, he said walking towards his locker, no IPAD, IPOD, Laptop."

"Come on Dad don't do this to me." I pleaded with my brown eyes.

"Well nothing else seems to work with you" Conner said.

(Then the fire bell rang)

"I don't know what to do Sam, lets go" he said dragging her out of the office.

"Terrence you took my helmet again." Pep said

"This is definitely mine." Terrence said.

"Really then why does it have my name on it"Pep said.

"Hey come on guys suite up is only supposed to take 1 minute no more".Conner said

(They drive to the Luxury Loft fire)

"Sam stay here" Conner said.

"Dad look"I yelled looking up

Conner looked up and saw a dog on the roof.

"Guys get the life net and hook me up to the ladder" He yelled "Hang on boy".

"DAD! I yelled when the dog jumped onto him.

"Samantha get back in the truck now! Joe yelled

"But dad." I tried to say.

" He's fine don't worry." Joe said

The dog then jumped of Conner and landed on the net.

"Lets get this dog some oxygen."Pep said

"Dad are you okay."I said sounding worried.

" I'm fine don't worry, hows the dog". He said

"Other than smelling like rotten tomatoes he looks fine."Lionel said

"Hey he has a name but no address."Pep said

"I'll call animal control".Jessie said

" Don't worry we'll take it from here." Conner said