A/N: As you can see Samantha and her Dad have a very stiff relationship and she tries to get her dad to notice her but nothing works. Will Conner admit why he does this or will he lose his daughter and learn that you never know what you have till it's gone.

"Hey capt look whose back. "Joe said.

"Hey Marc how was the convention" Conner said giving his older brother a manly hug.

"Boring I'm ready to get back in the line of duty." Marc said

"Hey Uncle Marc" I said getting out of the truck and giving my uncle a hug.

"Hey how's my favorite niece. "He said kissing my forehead.

"Been better." Which was what I always said when they asked how I was.

"Hey Pat wanna get back on that engine we cant be late for another call." Conner said

"I'm on it." She said

"And guys clean up the gear, get the truck ready, Sam your still on dog duty." Conner said.

"Sam grab my tools okay." Pat said pulling her hair up.

"Got it, c'mon mutt, (dog growls), fine suit yourself. Sam said walking toward Pats tools when she's see's the memorial wall that was created for her mom. As she looks she remembers seeing the truck drive past the school towards the fire, and seeing her parents and uncle smiling and waving at her.

Sam, today little sis." Pat said

"How has she been. "Marc said when they walk into Conner's office.

"How would I know we barely speak to each other these days." Conner says giving Marc a cup of coffee

"And whose fault is that. You've changed Conner, Sam used to be your whole world, always together and happy, what happened. "Marc said.

"MY WIFE DIED. Conner yelled putting his head in his hands. How can things go back to normal if Danielle's not here."

"Are you forgetting that your daughter also lost her mother." I loved her to she was my best said in a loud voice

"I don't know what to do anymore "Conner said

"Be her father that's all she wants "Marc said

"I'm doing the best I can, maybe this is what's best for us right now" Conner said.

"You're losing her Conner and by the time you realize your mistakes she's going to be gone." Mark said.

"Can we please not talk about what a horrible father I am and more on what the meeting was about" Conner said.

"You're not going to like it but the city wants to close down dog patch if we don't come up with 50,000 dollars in a month we might as well pack up." Marc said.

"What how can they do this to me to the guys." Conner said.

"Jack is talking to the department now it's because of him that we have a month and not 2 weeks." Marc said

"So all we need now is fifty thousand dollars in one month or risk losing the fire house." Conner said

"Pretty much yes." Marc said.