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Kagome looked at Inuyasha. "I need to go home for a few days."

"Hell, no bitch!" Inuyasha yelled. "You just got back a week ago."

"My cousin from America is coming to stay. She doesn't know about the well and I would prefer that it would stay that way. Do you want to be held up for just a few days or do you want yet another preson holding you back?"

"Feh." He put his nose in the air. "Fine wench. You have four days. I'm coming to get you then, cousin or not." He growled.

"Thanks Inuyasha," Kagome sighed. She jumped into the well.

Meanwhile, Hikari was up in Kagome's room, searching for something.

Hikari wore a necklace with a jewel shard. It wasn't tainted at all, even though Hikari appeared dark as night.

She heard Kagome's voice from downstairs. "Mom! I'm back. Inuyasha said that I could stay for four days."

"Okay dear. Hikari's up in your room looking for a shoe, I think." Ms. Higurashi's voice rang out.

Hikari rolled her eyes. "Man," She muttered to herself. "They are just as innocent as could be, aren't they?"

Kagome burst into her room where Hikari was sitting on the windowsill, her black hair flowing in the wind.

"Oh Hikari," She said relieved. She tensed. Kagome's eyes were drawn to the shard around Hikari's neck. "Where did you get that necklace?" Kagome asked.

"From the Goshinboku," Hikari said slowly. "Any problem with that?"

Kagome got a clear view of the jewel shard and was shocked into silence. It wasn't even tainted. It was as clear as glass. Even with Kagome, they were a light pink.

"Cousin," Hikari said suddenly. "Who is this Inuyasha and why do you act as though he owns you?"

"Inuyasha is a boy. I broke something very valuable and we are trying to fix it. He's very impatient, but he cares for me very much." Kagome giggled.

What an airhead.

'Ditz.' Hikari scoffed. "If he believes that he can boss you around," She let her sentence trail off threateningly.

"Oh Hikari," She giggled again.

'Airhead.' Hikari thought. She jumped onto the tree next to the window. "I'm going for a walk."

She walked around, avoiding Souta and her grandfather. She saw him coming near and ducked into the old well house.

She scowled at no one in particular. Why couldn't people just leave her alone? She wasn't a suicide risk. Anymore anyways.

She jumped into the well, hoping to hide from whoever was in the coming distance.

She looked up when she hit the ground. No roof over her head anymore. Hey she wasn't complaining. Away from the prying eyes of her relatives and the sympathetic looks people shot her when they thought she wasn't looking.

She punched the ground, creating a small crater. Her hand healed in a matter of seconds.


Naraku felt the flux of miko powers. "So the little miko's back is she? KuKuKu." He cackled. "Well, this time she won't escape."


A baboon appeared in front of Hikari. "You're not the miko. Where is Kikyo's reincarnation?"

Hikari shrugged. "I don't know and I don't particularly care wither. So go run along home now before Mommy calls you down for dinner."

Naraku's eyes narrowed. "Girl, don't you know who you're talking to?"

She shrugged. "As I said before, I don't know and I don't particularly care either."

A red and white blur appeared in front of her. "Wench, what the hell do you think you're doing taking on Naraku alone?" He took a good look at her. "Hey, you're not the wench."

"Well, no shit, dipshit." I snarled. "Do I have to shout it to the world?"