Co-Written By McflyGoonieFaxFan

Shiki walked down the pavement with her head in down, her hood, up, and fingering her hand knife incase there were any weirdoes walking around that day. Or if someone pissed her off- which was likely to happen.

She groaned mad when a car drove past her and splashed some water from a puddle onto her.

"Jack-Ass!" she shouted after the vehicle. If she didn't know any better she could have sworn that the driver did it on purpose.

She kept walking, not sure where her feet would take her when she came up behind a boy who was standing in her way.

"Hey move your fat-ass!" She shouted at him. The boy, who practically towered over turned and looked at her.

"You talking to me?" he asked in a deep voice.

"Unfortunately yes," Shiki sneered at him.

"You got a lot of nerve there girl," said the boy pushing her back.

"And so do you!" said Shiki.

Shiki gave the stupid boy one last kick in the gut before she kept walking on. She stopped when she heard a car pull up behind her.

"Miss here you are!"

Shiki groaned.

'He's getting quicker at finding me' she thought as she turned around and headed to the car.

"Your father's worried about you. You can't keep running away from the mansion," said her driver opening the door for her.

"Oh I'm sure he was," said Shiki as she combed into the back seat of her limo.

"You weren't hurt were you?" asked her driver.

"Hmm, I guess I did hurt my hand a little," said Shiki.

"Oh dear, your father's going to be so mad. Who hurt you?" asked her driver.

"Him, when his face was stupid enough to hit my fist," said Shiki pointing to the man who was still lying unconscious on the ground.

"Oh well, I suppose we should at least call an ambulance for him," said her driver.

"Do what you want, we just get home before the old man worries himself to death," said Shiki as she pulled the door shut, ready to come home and face whatever bullshit her father might yell at her this time. She knew her old man was all talk.

She folded her arms and didn't say a word the entire car ride, staring out through window until the Villa Estate came into her view. "We're here, mistress" "Whoopee" she said caustically, twirling her finger in the air and rolling her eyes but hopped out anyways

She didn't even wait for the driver to open the front doors for her as she burst them open herself. She walked down the hallway until she came to the grand waiting room. There she found her father pacing around while her step-mother watched him.

"Well here you are!" shouted her father when he saw her.

"Arata you promised you wouldn't yell at her," said her step-mother.

"Well she had me worried," said her father.

"Yeah I bet I did," said Shiki as she flopped down on one of the plush couches.

"Where have you been this time?" asked her father.

"Out," said Shiki.

"I figured that much, but where did you go out to this time?" asked father.

"I don't know, some street," said Shiki. Her father groaned.

"Not only did you go out without permission or telling anyone, you're still not familiar with this town so you don't know where it is you're going. Plus you took a knife from my collection again!" he said.

"What this thing?" asked Shiki pulling it out of her pocket.

"I've told you to stay out of that!" said her father.

"I should have known," said Shiki as she stabbed the knife into the table next to the couch, "You more worried about this stupid knife then me!"

"That's not true, we worried about you," said her step-mother.

"Oh what do you care? You're not my mother, Maki," said Shiki.

"Don't you talk to her like that!" said her father.

"Yeah don't want to piss off of the rich wife do you Dad?" said Shiki as she got up and stormed out of the room.

She could hear her step-mother talking as she left.

"I don't balm Shiki for all of this. You're the one that needs to learn to control your temper a bit Arata."

"I'm sorry, but I just want my life to finally be happy and peaceful for once," said her father.

"Yelling at your daughter like that isn't going to help," said her step-mother.

'What do they know?' Shiki thought as she sulked to her room.

"People," she scoffed, flopping face first on the bed, "They're so stupid." Shiki rolled over and exhaled a long sigh, and all was quiet for a moment before she was attacked suddenly by a powerful force.

"Well well, well, looks whose home,"

"Get the hell off me!" Shiki shouted as she shoved her younger sister Nao off her.

"You should have heard how mad dad was when he found out you were gone again," said Nao.

"Was that before or after he realized I had taken a knife again?" asked Shiki.

"Guess what," said Nao.

"You're going to shut up for once?" asked Shiki.

"No, they delivered all of our new school uniforms today, and look what your's looks like," said Nao pointing towards Shiki's closet. Shiki turned and saw what looked like a yellow puffball hanging on the door.

"You have got to be kidding me!" said Shiki as she sat up. Nao laughed.

"That's right, that's what you have to wear at school on Monday," said Nao.

"And what about your outfit?" asked Shiki.

"I get a cute brown mini skirt. Kind of sexy looking actually," said Nao.

"Get out of my room," said Shiki.

"Well we're both getting off lucky compared to Zakuro. Guess what her new elementary uniform looks like? It's pink," said Nao.

"Oh no, really?" said Shiki. Nao nodded her head.

"Did she scream when she saw it?" asked Shiki.

"Oh yeah, I think the neighbors heard," said Nao.

"What neighbors? We have no neighbors," said Shiki.

"Exactly," said Nao. Shiki groaned mad.

"I'm going to go talk to her," she said as she got up from her bed and headed to her youngest sister's room.

'When hell freezes over...' she thought, '...that's when I'll wear that shit. Looks like Sponge Bob had diarrhea.' She had to walk a while, due to the house being so big, but when she got in there she saw her sister dipping her uniform in blue paint. "What are you doing?" She asked her, jerking the uniform out of her hands.

Zakuro folded her arms. "I'm changing the color- don't you know that blue is the best color in the whole wide world and that nothing could possibly defeat it? And that Pink is the worst ,worst worst ,worst color in the whole wide world and that it makes me want to rip somebody's head off? I hate ,hate hate ,hate pink!" she said, jumping around and waving her fists in the air. "PINK SUCKS!" she yelled loud enough for Shiki to realize that Nao wasn't kidding about the 'neighbors' hearing.

"Leiko, Chill."

"You know I hate that nick name!" Zakuro shouted as she grabbed the closest thing she could and threw it at Shiki. Shiki groaned mad.

"That's it!" she shouted, "I don't want to be here anymore! I want to go home!"

"You mean home to Mom?" asked Nao.

"No, I just mean home, our real home. I don't care if Mom's there or not. She wouldn't care if we were there remember?" said Shiki.

Not too long ago Shiki and her sisters lived in a nice small town where it wouldn't matter if they went out late at night. They knew everyone and trusted everyone and there Shiki could wear a normal school uniform, not something that made her look like a female Big Bird. Even when her parents divorced she and her sisters were still treated well by the community. But then her dad had to find those stupid kitchen knife set that some multi-billionaire wanted. When he and his daughter came to look at them, the daughter and her dad started to fall for each other to the point she asked him to come with him back to the big city. She also invited Shiki and her sisters to move with their dad with the promise of a better life and great educational opportunity. Shiki couldn't help but think the whole reason Maki had invited them to come live with her as well was because she wanted to play Susi Homemaker or something like that. Their real mom only agreed to let them go after Maki offered her a check with enough money so she'd never have to work another day in her life. That's what brought them to this stupid town, in this overly huge house where Shiki was still getting lost in and couldn't go out whenever she wanted without some sort of escort. That and it seemed that her dad was more concern about the knife set he had then her or sisters, as if they would cost him his new happy rich life.

"I want to go home too," said Zakuro.

"But this is our home now remember?" said Nao.

"That's easy for you to say. You've always acted like a spoiled rich princess," said Shiki, "and Leiko you're not dying your uniform. If I have to wear something that makes me look like a lemon, then you're going to wear that and I don't care how pink it looks!" She turned around about to leave the room, only to get knocked to the ground!

Shiki tired not to smile and stay angry. "Get off me, Hooch!" she said to the massively huge dog, which was grinning and lying on top of her, licking her face. "No! I'm mad! I don't want your kisses! Bad dog!" Hooch didn't seem to care that he was being bad.

"Hooch come on, get off!" said Nao as she tried to pull their huge dog off. Hooch in turned went and knocked her down to the floor, licking her merciless.

"Hooch!" said Nao trying to sound mad no matter how much the dog was making her smile. Shiki sat up and had to smile as she petted her big dog.

"Hooch, Hooch, come here!" Zakuro called out. The dog immediately abandoned Nao and jumped at the small girl knocking her down as well.

"Oh good boy Hooch!" said Zakuro as she rubbed her dog head. Just then Shiki noticed a look in her sister's eye. The kind of look she only gave when she was thinking of something evil.

"Hey Hooch, want to play tug-a-war?" Zakuro asked grabbed for her pink uniform.

"Forget it Zakuro," said Shiki as she grabbed the uniform first.

"Oh come on why not? He can play tug-a-war with your ugly uniform next," said Zakuro.

"I'm all ready in enough trouble after sneaking out with Dad's knife again," said Shiki.

"Oh Hooch who let you back in?" asked Maki walking into the room. Hooch immediately ran over and jumped up at her. Fortunately Maki was able to keep her balance and not fall over.

"Oh you little hell raiser!" said Maki as she petted him. Shiki frowned. Why was this woman always so sweet and nice no matter what? It was so annoying!

"So anyway I think its Zakuro's bed time and, why is there a thing of blue dye in your room Zakuro?" Maki asked.

"Because I won't wear that stupid pinkā€¦.," Zakuro tried to protest, only to have Nao cover her mouth.

"She's just playing with water colors," she said. Maki frowned.

"You don't have to lie to me about not liking your uniform. I remember what you said when you first saw it," she said.

"Nice going Leiko," said Nao.

"You know I hate that nickname!" said Zakuro.

Nao laughed at her sister and Shiki shrugged. "Whatever. I'm going to bed." She said, looking away from Maki.

Maki smiled, "Alright, sweet dreams!" she said, giving her a quick hug before she could reject. She glared at her.

"Don't touch me." She snapped, and walked away to her room in a huff. She didn't bother taking off her clothes and flopped onto her bed, reaching to her nightstand and pulling on her headphones over her still damp hair. She sighed, putting her arms behind her head and closing her eyes. As she was finally getting off to sleep she heard Hooch walk in through the doggie door and jump up onto her bed, which made her bounce upward just from him sitting down. Every single room in the mansion had a doggie door, because they found out even when Hooch was a puppy that if he wanted to get into a room a mere door would not stop him.

Shiki laughed and scratched his head, "You wouldn't leave me, would you Hooch?" He rested her head on her shoulder, his hot breath on her cheek when he inhaled and exhaled through his nose. She could feel the drool running down her arm, but it just made her love him even more. She moved her hand to his ear; which was one of his pleasure spots. "You're my best friend. Did you know that?" He moved his head a little as if he were indicating that he were listening. "You don't get into fights with me. You'd never betray me. You'd never hurt me." She moved her head to lie on his stomach. "Would you?"