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Twelve year old Rose Potter smiled sadly as she picked up her wand, before collapsing to the ground, breathing heavily. Her breathing was heavy, a result of the basilisk venom running through her system, Fawkes it seemed, had shed his tears too late to help the young girl.

And so, despite her victory of the basilisk and Tom Riddle, despite having successfully rescued Ginny Weasley, she was going to die.

But at least she would die with her wand in her hands.

Even if she was alone.

She had already sent Ginny away, giving her the directions necessary to reach her brother, who would hopefully be able to figure out a way up the pipe that lead to the Chamber.

Fawkes was her only company.

She smiled sadly at the phoenix. "I guess...this it...huh Fawkes."

The phoenix trilled sadly.

"You did your...best. Thank you..Fawkesssss," the hiss at the end of his name was the phoenix's only warning before the young witch collapsed even further onto her side as she passed out.

Fawkes was racking his brains trying to figure out how to help the young witch before him. He couldn't stand the idea of her dying...she had a good soul. With only seconds to decide, Fawkes made the only decision he could think of.

Climbing onto Rose's body, Fakes forced himself to burn, beginning his cycle of rebirth prematurely, and dragging Rose with him. Along with Rose, he took everything on Rose's body; her wand (holly with Phoenix feather, one of Fawkes own), the basilisk blood splattered upon her acromantula silk robes (specially ordered to get away from the clothes of the Dursleys) The robes themselves, the basilisk venom and phoenix tears running through her blood, and the horcrux bound to her scar.

It took hours, much longer than the near instantaneous burning if he had just been burning himself. And the strain of pulling the young girl with him threatened to kill them both, permanently, but still Fawkes continued the process.

Until there was nothing but a large pile of ash where the phoenix and witch had laid.

Slowly, the ash fell away, first to reveal Fawkes, once more a chick. Soon the rest of the ash fell away, to reveal a naked Rose. But she wasn't the same Rose that she had been before Fawkes burned her. Unable to take anything into himself, everything that Fawkes had taken into the burning with Rose had merged into her body, changing it, along with the healing and regenerative abilities of the fire itself. Her skin, once scared from her years at the Dursleys and her various adventures at Hogwarts the past two years, was unblemished, flawless. Her skin was also imbued with the resistance of basilisk hide and acromantula silk combined. Her body, once malnourished and short from her time at the Dursleys, had filled out and grew to the proper height of girl her age. Her muscles were imbued with the strength of the phoenix and Basilisk combined, her bones had hardened, yet become hollow, rendering her incredibly light and durable. Vocal chords became imbued with the likeness of a phoenix, giving her a melodious, and hypnotizing voice, able to inspire courage and confidence, or sheer terror. Her tear ducts changed to produce healing tears, her tongue to and sense of smell became so enhanced that she could pick smells she had never before imagined. Her canines became retractable fangs, capable of producing potent venom. Her hair, had instead become silky and feather-like. And her eyes, her eyes would become the most obvious characteristic that showed she was no longer entirely human. The had become slitted, and had picked up the sharpness of a phoenix's sight, with the deadly gaze of the basilisk, when she chose of course.

But the combined magic of her own core, the magic of the horcrux, and the magic of her wand merged, rendering her even more powerful, and giving her an innate talent for wandless magic. The knowledge from the horcrux also melded into her mind, and sharpened it even more than it already was.

And when Albus Dumbledore, along with Minerva McGonagall and Severus Snape happened upon the still unconscious forms of the exhausted phoenix and the girl-who-lived, they were shocked to see the body of a sixty foot basilisk


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