It was lunchtime on Monday.

And the first thing Rose did when she sat down with Wanda was ask, "What do you want in a home?"


Rolling her eyes, Rose repeated, "What do you want in a home?" She went on to explain, "I've never given much thought to what I want in a house, and whatever place I get will be as much yours as mine."

"I...I don't know," Wanda admitted. "I mean, when I was in the Asylum, the only thing I thought about was what I would do when I got out. And ever since I got out, I've focused on finding my father and paying him back for locking me away. Then Kurt and I got involved, and then this," she explained. "I guess, I guess I just want someplace where I can relax, were my child can grow up safely. Someplace were I would be allowed some time to myself."

Rose nodded. "So this is what I have in mind..."


Rogue was suspicious when Rose and Wanda stopped talking as she approached them. Of course, Wanda was probably asking how their date went. "Have a good mornin'?" she asked as she sat down with the two of them, next to Rose.

Rose smiled, "Yes, though it wasn't as good as yesterday."

"I think I'm gonna be sick," Wanda muttered.

Rogue caught a brief flash of concern in Rose's eyes, before they flickered briefly to the other woman. After a moment they returned to Rogue. "So how was your morning?" she asked.

The southern mutant sighed. "Horrible." She poked idly at the food on her tray. "Kitty got in the bathroom first, and ah swear she used up all the hot water. And Kurt's been in a mood," she missed the look of guilt that briefly crossed Wanda's face. "Not ta mention the essay assignment ah got in Government today and the three pages ah gotta do in Geometry."

Rose gave her a sympathetic look. "Sounds horrible. But maybe your afternoon will be better. And if not, you can always stop by the shop after school."

Rogue smiled, "Ah might stop in anyway."

"Uggh," Wanda groaned. "I'm gonna have to see you two make goo-goo eyes after school too," she complained.

The other mutant gave her a funny look. "Why yah have ta do that?" Rogue asked.

"She's working for me," Rose explained. "I hired her so I could take a couple nights a week off."

"And yah didn't offer me the job?" Rogue asked, feeling a bit hurt. She was surprised when Rose grinned.

"Considering I hope you have nothing to do on those nights off, I didn't think it was a prudent idea," Rose said.

Rogue lightly blushed. "Ah hadn't thought of that," she mumbled.


Meanwhile, an owl in Scotland was winging it's way down to Crawley to deliver Hermione's weekly letter home


"Where were you yesterday?" Pietro asked from behind.

Wanda turned from her locker to look at her twin. "That is none of your business," she said icily. She went to turn away, only for her brother to be standing in front of her thanks to his super-speed.

"As leader of our team, it is," he said.

"Leader," Wanda snarled. "You're only 'leader' in your own head."

"Hey, Magneto..."

"DON'T EVEN SAY IT!" Wanda snarled. The lockers in the hallway began to shake as her temper began to flare. Pietro's eye's widened and he ran away, in fear of his sister's temper.

Clenching her fist, Wanda took a few deep breaths, clenching her teeth, and the lockers stopped shaking. Screaming, she punched one of the lockers.

Pietro should have known better than to mention Magneto. It wasn't as if her opinion about the man was a secret.

The fact that Pietro not only looked up to him but was obviously cared about the man only made Wanda angrier. As far as she was concerned, her brother was an arrogant pin-head. And the only thing the two of them had in common was the fact they were mutants. She would say they shared tempers, but her powers made hers a whole lot worse when she went off.

And yet, because her brother's powers weren't volatile like hers, he got to grow up somewhat normally.

While she was locked away in an asylum because her father didn't want to take the time to teach her to use her powers, and was to prideful to send her to Xavier.

She hated both him and their father for that crime against her.

"You need to calm down," Rose gently said, drawing Wanda's attention. "Stress isn't good good for you, either of you."

Wanda turned to find Rose standing to the side. And she wondered how the other girl had gotten so close without her realizing. "I know," she growled out softly, not wanting to take her anger out on her friend. "But I am an angry and bitter woman," she admitted. "There are times I can't help but let it out."

Rose's eyes hardened. "Well then you need to learn," she said seriously. "Before your child is born. Believe me, you don't want them to grow up with you angry and bitter, it will cause them nothing but pain."

Wanda looked at her friend in a new light as she realized what Rose hadn't said. "You grew up like that, didn't you?"

Rose nodded. "My aunt and uncle were...horrible people. For the crime of being their orphaned niece, I was treated like a slave. They detested anything out of the ordinary, and as a witch, even though I had no idea what I was then, I was a symbol of everything abnormal."

The two girls were silent for a few seconds as Wanda processed what Rose said.

"Rose, I...I'm sorry you went through that," Wanda said. She smiled sadly. "I guess we both had crappy childhoods."

"There's nothing to apologize for," Rose said, pulling the other girl in a hug. "All we can do know is ensure, to the best of our abilities, that you child, and hopefully my own one day, never know the pain we did."

"You're right," the mutant acknowledged.

Rose grinned. "Of course I am. Now come on, I need to show you how to stock White Owl."


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