Hardest chapter to write!

Headline in the FORKS TRIBUNE...

Lover's Tragedy

Forks has been dealt another blow, with the media naming this "A Romeo and Juliet tragedy."

Forks High School English teacher, Jasper Hale, age 26, was found in the arms of his teenage lover, Miss Alice Cullen, age 17, daughter of Forks General's Dr. Carlisle Cullen.

Miss Cullen left a note saying they couldn't stand to be apart any more.

Mr. Hale, who was new to Forks, was supposedly mourning the loss of his fiancée, an unnamed source said, but no one could comment on whether Maria Pasqual, who died of fatal injuries from a car accident, was indeed engaged to Mr. Hale. Although Ms. Pasqual's death was deemed an accident, the toxicology report found traces of a homemade poison containing Deadly Nightshade. This is still under investigation.

Miss Cullen was also mourning the loss of her brother,Emmett Cullen, who had been awarded the Medal of Honour, his own life having been taken over enemy lines somewhere in the Middle East, a year ago to this day.

The exact cause of their deaths is not yet known, although foul play has been crossed out.

Let's hope these two star crossed lovers are finally at peace.