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Something New

There was just too much to see and it was all just too exciting! Imagine the next step from here was Hollywood and being in a real movie! It was almost too much for such a young mind to hold in. And so this was why one could just make out the flashing of a young child zipping around the theatre.

This was the first time little Sarah Williams had finally gotten to come with her mother to her work. Sure her father was due to pick her up within the hour but until then she was going to see every single thing to be seen.

"Aha! There you are!" exclaimed the poor young aid who was assigned the task of watching over Linda Williams' rambunctious little girl, as she caught the child. "Your mother told you to stay with me in the lounge."

"But I wanna be where all the action is not in some dumpy old room with elevator music!" Protested the girl, "Adventure is out there!"

"Sorry but we can't have little seven year old children running around this busy theatre getting into mischief." Replied the aid, "Now come along, back we go." She said dragging the still protesting little girl behind her.

Sarah pouted all the way back and for the next ten minutes sitting in the room with the not fun at all lady. This is until said lady was needed by another actor for an errand. The aid gave Sarah a critical eye and told her to remain there and that someone else would be right there to sit with her. Sarah only mumbled an ok and continued to leaf through the magazine she had picked up. But the second the aid left the room she was at the door. She watched the woman walk to the end of the hall and poke her head into another room briefly before continuing down the walkway.

The child wasted no time creeping out of the room and seeing the coast was clear ran back to the theatre. And just in time as she heard voices behind her, one of them mentioning having to watch a child for a few minutes.

Once back in the actual theatre Sarah took care to slip around back stage peeping out from behind curtains or props wherever and whenever she could without getting caught. Looking at a castle backdrop she fancied herself a princess running away from an evil witch and her minions trying to find the good queen who would banish the witch. Getting a little wrapped up in her fantasy she was quite surprised to see a young boy carefully peeping out onto the stage from behind some other curtains.

He was clad in all black making his wild blonde hair the only thing that stood out from the shadows. He was definitely older than her but the way he was concealing himself told her he must also be on the run from a babysitter. So Sarah left her own curtain and approached this fellow kindred spirit.

"Are you hiding from an evil witch to?" she asked.

Startled the boy whipped around abruptly and his wide eyes gave her a clear view of their mismatched appearance. His face although still young was already becoming definably angular. Altogether his appearance and manner of dress was unusually exotic and this immediately caught Sarah's interest.

"Who are you?" he demanded while recomposing himself. "And you can see me?"

"I'm Sarah and of course I can see you." She answered matter of factly. And when he just stared at her and didn't answer her, she continued "So are you?"

"Am I what?" he replied a little bothered.

"Are you running away from an evil witch to?" she asked impatiently.

"No, not a witch. But I don't exactly want to be found right now. So you can run along now."

Sarah huffed at that and crossed her arms, "They're as likely to find you as they're to find me. Maybe you should dye your hair black so you won't be so obvious your highness." Was her lofty reply.

He had to smile at the girl's sass. "They wouldn't be able to see me if they tried and only if I wanted them to." He answered smugly, "But you can. So why is that I wonder?"

Shrugging her shoulders she said "Probably cause my mommy's magic is in me too. She always says I'm more like her than daddy." Her green eyes widened at the thought, "Do you have magic to?"

He smirked "Yes I have real magic and that's why they can't see me." He answered proudly.

"Really," she exclaimed, "I dare you to go out on stage then! You could move that table or something."

"Like I said I don't want to be found right now so I'm not going to risk exposing my presence." He said with a shake of his head.

"Who's looking for you?"

"My mother."

"How come? Isn't she better than some grouchy babysitter or were you naughty?"

"At thirteen in your years I don't need a babysitter!" he answered hotly "I just do not feel like dressing up and attending this ball that my parents are insisting I be at just so that others can get a good look at the heir." He added distastefully. "Really, they already know who I am so why must I be subject to a night of dull political droning and fake pleasantries?"

"Are you a prince or something?" she asked with wide sparkling green eyes.

Straightening he gave a sigh as a recited his formal title "Prince Jareth only son of High King Kieros and High Queen Dinerin, heir to the throne of-"

"You're a real prince!" she interrupted excitedly, "Wow you're lucky!"

"Lucky? You call boring state dinners, tedious long meetings, never ending social rounds, and stuffy formal presentations just to name a few, fun?" He listed off.

"Well I guess that would be boring." She agreed.

"And so they are." He stated with finality.

"But doesn't it have to be that way so you can learn how to run your kingdom the right way? I mean you can't go around making things better for people if you don't know what they need. "She pointed out. "My mommy always says you can only truly be great if the people love you."

He could only stare at her. How could this little human girl comprehend the responsibilities his mother and father were always nagging him about?

"Touché." He said with a crooked smile. 'Magic perhaps not, but special definitely' he thought as he leaned down to her height. "Do you want to see something?" he asked?

"Anything if it's magic." She nodded her head enthusiastically.

"She'll probably find me for this and I will more than likely get in trouble for coming up here, but I want you to have this." He said seriously. It took a bit of concentration but within his hand a beautiful crystal sphere appeared.

"Wow" she breathed.

He smiled and then with his other hand covered it briefly and the crystal glowed a brilliant blue just for a few seconds before returning to its normal looking state. He held it out to her watching as her eyes seemed to turn into emeralds of fire.

"Wow, you really are magic!" her eyes couldn't be any brighter and he had to chuckle as she reached for it. "Does this make us friends than?" she asked looking back up at him.

"Yes I believe you can say that." Was his response after a moment's thought.

"Does it do anything?" she asked looking at the crystal again.

"Well if you twist it this way it will..."

"So there you are Jareth." A feminine voice interrupted.

"Mother" Jareth sighed straightening up.

Sarah could only stare at the beautiful woman who suddenly appeared behind them. She'd never seen a woman like this whose features looked as if they'd been carved from polished marble.

"Here in the aboveground shirking your duties again and not only showing yourself to a human child but performing magic for her as well?" the blonde haired woman reprimanded.

"I didn't… that is she saw me…" the boy stammered, a hot blush of embarrassment staining his cheeks from being scolded like a child.

"Never mind, we must go back immediately." His mother said.

Quickly Jareth bent back down and said "I am glad I met you. Be sure to keep it safe and we will meet again." He whispered that last part.

Sarah nodded and whispered goodbye to her new friend.

"Now Jareth." his mother demanded. And with a roll of his eyes he stood up and disappeared with a small swirl of glitter.

The woman turned to Sarah and quickly plucked the crystal from her hands before she could hide it. "Hey!" protested the girl, "That's not fair!"

"My son should know better than to leave magic with such a young human." She stated

"But it's mine, he gave it to me for being his friend." Sarah angrily continued to protest almost on the verge of tears.

The woman looked back at the little human child, eyes alight with indignation. She certainly did have quite the spark. "Very well then you may keep it," she said "but one thing first." She put her other hand over the crystal, looked into it, and with a quiet "hmm" and small flash of light returned it to the little girl who quickly hugged it to her chest. "It should make a good paper weight." She said as she placed a hand on Sarah's head, "And now you should go back to your own mother." With that she stepped back and disappeared.

Sarah stood there for a moment holding her crystal and staring into nothing. But as she regained her wits she slowly walked out from behind the curtains back towards the lounge putting the crystal instinctively in her sweater pocket.

"There you are!" exclaimed the first woman who had been watching Sarah as she stormed over to the little girl. Stopping in front of the child with her hands on her hips she scowled, "You were told to stay here in the lounge! Your mother left you here with me, God help me, and if anything happened to you…" she sighed in frustration. "Oh never mind, I've found you now so come along back to the lounge." The woman grabbed Sarah's hand muttering under her breath "Since when did I become a babysitter?"

They sat quietly in the lounge for awhile, Sarah quietly and curiously examining the crystal sphere not quite remembering where it came from but having the strangest feeling that it was for herself only. And then suddenly Linda Williams was there in the doorway.

"Mommy!" Sarah exclaimed jumping up tucking the crystal back into her pocket.

"Come on honey daddy's here." Linda said taking her daughters' hand. "Oh and Jill thank you so much for watching her." She added towards the aid.

"Not at all." Jill said with a smile.

"Were you good for the nice lady?" Linda asked her daughter as they walked into the hallway.

Sarah thought for a minute trying to remember her day but for some reason all she could remember was the excitement of getting to come with her mother to the theatre, so she settled for a simple "yes".

And as she sat in the back seat of her father's car she took the crystal out to look at it again wondering that it stayed so warm on such a cool day and was so very light. It didn't seem like anything more than just another piece of glass yet something was telling her to keep it safe. Suddenly tired and being rocked by the car she tucked it away back into her sweater and leaned back, closing her eyes and dreaming of magic and far away kingdoms.

The end? Originally conceived of as a one shot but sometimes inspiration hits a bit harder. Possibly 2 or 3 more installments?