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The Way It Is

"Gavin Griffin put your brother down please." Sarah told her twin fourteen year old boys as they teased their younger brother. Her youngest son and the only child who looked like her had just recently turned eight and try as he might he couldn't keep up with his brothers as their magic was more developed than his. She was constantly reassuring Ruarc that his magic would get better with age as had all his brothers and that he just had to wait. Having such a handful of kids made Sarah glad to have been granted powers of her own after marrying Jareth. He certainly taught his sons well having taken to being a father very naturally. It was just too bad all the boys seemed to inherit their fathers' knack for finding mischief. At least now her oldest at nineteen could be counted on most of the time to help settle things between his brothers whenever her husband wasn't around.

Jareth did have a way with the boys and they would listen to his commanding presence a little better than their mother. She knew she could be a softy with her sons but didn't mind as they always eventually listened. But recently both Jareth and Kyron, who was now seen as old enough to start learning how things were kept in order throughout the kingdom were away a lot during the days leaving Sarah with three rambunctious boys and a newborn.

"Boys always seem to run in this family line you know. That's why I stopped at three." A voice laughed behind Sarah.

"High Queen Dinerin." Sarah greeted her mother-in-law with a small bow while holding the infant she had just rocked to sleep. She was just about to go and put the baby down when the High Queen appeared without announcement. "Well I definitely think five is good especially now that this little lady is finally here." Sarah chuckled in agreement.

"May I see my newest grandchild?" The High Queen asked Sarah who smiled a yes and handed her sleeping daughter to her grandmother. "Little Alana." The woman whispered lightly as she was handed the baby girl. The High Queen moved to sit down with her granddaughter and Sarah asked a servant to bring some refreshments for the High Queen and herself as they began to chat.

She was glad they ended up getting along so well. When Jareth had first brought her back with him and she was a bit nervous about meeting his family he had assured her that her courage, determination, and strength would fit right into this Faye world. Not to mention the sharp tongue she had developed while in competition for her theatre classes and roles.

Of course both his father and mother had been surprised at first when he had introduced them to a human girl but his mother on remembering the bright green eyes set against dark brown hair fixed in determination was probably even more surprised. And after a brief recount of the circumstances on how they'd met again she had said something about fate and Sarah had been welcomed as the young woman who had Jareth finally settling down. His younger brothers who had families of their own had both joked about how they had given up on Jareth ever finding anyone to match him.

Time went by differently in this world and she had been back a couple of times to see how her family and friends were doing but as the magic kept her permanently so youthful she could never be a part of their lives again. It had been a little hard at first but getting to know the wives of Jareth's brothers and making other new friends as well as talking with her old friends, who were more than a little surprised at first but happy to have her back, she adjusted quite well to her role as Jareth's Queen.

And after three years there learning how things were done including getting a hold of her own powers their first born came along. Jareth was of course happy to have his heir and even though his brothers had boys of their own his father was still happy to know that the first line of succession was in place and secure.

Just as the High Queen was leaving Jareth and Kyron appeared. Both greeted their mother/grandmother who stopped to talk with Jareth for a minute as Kyron went to see what his brother's were up to without him.

"Hi mom." He said when he passed by as Sarah was coming out after putting her daughter to bed.

"Your brothers are out back." She said with a smile already knowing who he was looking for and always happy to send him after them with his newly discovered sense of responsibility.

"Good day?" Jareth asked as he came over and wrapped his arms around her.

"Always, but now even better." She replied as she happily leaned into him. After every child she got a break for awhile from her duties as a Queen. And as he kissed her she knew she wouldn't have been this happy in any other life.