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Chapter Theme -Beginnings (Number I)

Pairing -Leon/Sora

Rating -T

Summary -Some of the best things come in small packages.

"Where's mom going?" a short, 11-year-old brunette boy was looking up at his frantic father, trying to get a word of conversation in with him to no avail. He was practically tearing apart his and his wife's room, looking for more things to go in the open bag that was sitting on the large bed. The young boy looked over towards his mother, who held a hand over her swollen stomach while she rested on the chair a few feet away, a lot more calm then his Dad was right now.

"I'm going to the hospital sweetie. It's time for your little brother or sister to come," She spoke in a soft voice with a light smile, which made the small boy grow a much larger one. He was now excited.

And that's what made him yell and start running around the room, grabbing whatever he thought his Dad was looking for before tossing it at him. This went on for a few more minutes, before his Dad gathered up the now full bag and ran downstairs, and out of the house, into his car. The little boy went over to his mother and helped her to her feet before they made their way downstairs, finding his uncle and cousins waiting in the living room.

"Your husband just left without you," His uncle, Cid, let out a small laugh before they heard the loud screech of tires, and the other man came running back inside for his wife.

"Squall you be good for your uncle Cid, alright?" Rinoa chided softly to which the youth nodded his head vigorously, before she left to go to the Hospital. He then turned to look up at his uncle and cousins for a few moments before the three young boys ran off to his room to play video games.

"Uncle Cid, how much longer until we get to go see mom and dad?" Squall looked away from the television at his uncle who was currently chewing on the end of what looked like a twig. The older man looked up at the clock that was hanging on the wall before turning to his nephew. "Whenever your pops calls and says the baby's here."

Squall nodded in understanding before going back to his cartoon, looking over at his sleeping cousins briefly before he yawned and leaned himself more into the couch, starting to drift off. He wasn't sure what time he fell asleep, but he was woken up by a rumbling sound and slight movements, seeing that he was in his uncle's car, with his cousins in the back seat, both still asleep as well.

"How long was I out?" He mumbled sleepily at which his uncle chuckled, before looking down at him. "Just an hour. We're headed to the Hospital."


And now all three young children were up and bouncing in their seats excitedly.

"Patient's name?" The dark-haired nurse behind the desk in the 'lobby' area of the Hospital was scribbling down a few things in a book, while checking things on her computer screen.

"Rinoa Leonhart, think she was in E-105."

She nodded before scrawling down the room number on a Visitor's Pass, handing it to the blond man before doing the same with three more for the younger boys. Cid thanked her silently before he ushered the three boys through the double doors behind the desk, heading off to Rinoa's room. A few hallways and turns later and they were at an area that had five doors on one side, all different colors. Next to the purple door was a sign reading 'E-105', which all four men entered, immediately seeing Rinoa sitting on the hospital bed a little ways in, holding a bundle of blankets they assumed was the baby.

"You've got a baby brother, Squall. And you, Cloud and Ven, have a little cousin," She cooed, making the three boys appear at her sides immediately, looking at the small brown-haired, blue eyed baby in her arms.

"He's so cute," Ven remarked happily, gently holding his finger out to which the baby immediately grabbed, making gurgling sounds as he tugged on it. Cloud reached over and softly rubbed the top of messy brown hair that was the baby's head, which made it giggle lightly. Squall decided to go on the other side of his mother to get a better look at the little child.

"Do any of you want to hold him?" She looked between the three boys and Squall immediately raised his hand, bouncing up and down in place slightly. "I do mom."

She chuckled softly before Cid sat him down in the chair closest to the bed, before he lifted the small baby into the boy's arms. Squall's face took on a serious expression as he held the baby close to him in a protective stance, keeping his head elevated slightly before he looked down at him.

"What's his name, mommy?" He looked back up to his mother who had a soft smile on her face, before she reached over and ruffled his brown hair.


Chapter Word count: 846

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