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Chapter Theme - Watch (Number XVI)

Summary - Keep your eyes on me.

Cid and Aerith had brought over pretty much everything from the old house. Leon was wholeheartedly surprised that everything actually fit, too. He was currently up in his room with Cid, setting up his bed, dresser, and video games. Ven was in Sora's room setting his bed up while Aerith helped the six-year-old organize everything. It was starting to actually feel like a permanent home for Leon, now, and that was enough to have him smile every so often.

That is until Aerith gave him his father's watch.

"I don't really see the point in having this," He had tried to argue, holding the silver watch back out to the older woman in front of him. "There's a clock in almost every room, and I'm sure all the classrooms when I start at the University will have clocks, too."

"I know you don't want your memories, but your father wanted you to keep this," she spoke softly, closing Leon's fist around before pulling his hand down to his chest. "Trust me - you will need this someday."

"Whatever you say..." the brunette let out a low sigh before heading back up to his room, unceremoniously dropping the watch onto his comforter. It was left there for the next few hours which the teenager used to finish setting up his room, eat dinner, and play his Wii before he took a shower and went to bed.


"I missed my old bed," Sora told his Aunt Aerith while Ven finished setting it up in the corner of his room. She giggled softly before ruffling the six-year-old's messy brown hair and going back to packing away his clothes into his dresser on the opposite wall. Sora was hanging up some of his clothes in the closet next to it. Every once in awhile he'd look over his head to watch the box sitting on his little table that Uncle Cid had left there. He wanted to know what was inside of it but the older man had told him that he couldn't have what was inside until he was older - something about being able to take better care. It must've been very important, the brunette immediately thought, but still, he couldn't shake the wanting to know what was inside. So for now he simply packed away his things while stealing glances every so often at the small box. He even went as far as to set up some of his toys to watch it when he left his room.

"Yay, my room is done!" He shouted excitedly once everything from the old house was set up perfectly; his dresser next to his closet, bed on the opposite wall with a desk next to it by the window, and his table, chairs, and toys taking up the rest of the floorspace. Aerith giggled softly at his enthusiasm before patting his head softly and ushering him downstairs to eat dinner, and about an hour later he was in the shower and then tucked into bed.


My eyes shot open at the sound of Dad calling. They immediately took in the surroundings - that big, empty area from the other night, the gun a few feet away from me on the floor.

Dad's watch... was sitting in the center of the platform.

I quickly got up and scurried my way over towards it, tentatively reaching a hand out to grab a hold of it. My thumb ran along the edge of it, where it found... a button? Pressing it, the top of the watch flipped open, the numbers and hands of it on the flipped open piece, while a stylized, ornate lion head was on the bottom. My breathing caught in my throat as I traced over it with my fingers, and my eyes widened when it began to emit a faint glow. From my peripheral I could see the gun glowing in a similar way, while the hands and numbers on the upper side of the watch began... peeling away...

They formed a circle, floating above the lion's head - the hands spinning around slowly as the numbers went around in different elliptical patterns. I could hear something winding up after a while, and the slow trill of piano keys beginning to play...

Dad's watch and the gun flew up into the air and clashed against one another, in their place another Key. Except this one was glowing like it was made entirely of a silver-grey colored light. And it just... continued to float there.

… And then it came crashing down into the white platform, where the watch took back it's shape before stretching up into a large clock tower.

"What in the..." my breathing caught again and I stopped, hearing the sound of metal clinking into something. I stood completely still and strained my ears, trying to pick up where the noises were coming from, and my eyebrows rose at the sound of a little girl's voice.

"Sora, come on!"



I'm back in that dream world, again. And the girl from before is here, too. But something feels different. It's like... there aren't any bugs here, or the bad-guy. But the girl is holding mom's Key. And the monsters will come soon, because they all want it. But I think we're safe, because they're all scared of this girl and if she's holding mom's Key then they won't wanna get it.

"The Lion is here," she spoke softly, and I nodded before getting up to my feet. She gently grabbed my hand with the one that wasn't holding the Key and we began walking to the edge of the circle. Like before the clear stairs came and we quickly started going up them. Now, you might be confused on what she means by 'the Lion is here'. Well, there's apparently this Lion-guy that can protect us from the shadow bugs and the bad-guy. He's supposed to protect my light. I don't know what my light is, though. Maybe it's mom's Key. Or this girl.

"Oh no..." We both looked back and saw these bigger shadow monsters begin to climb up after us, so we started to run. She passed me mom's Key when we got to the top of the steps and I stood there ready for the monsters. As soon as one came up I hit it in the head, or what I think was its head. It didn't make them disappear like the bugs, though.

"They're tougher than the bugs!" She exclaimed before we moved backwards a little, because they jumped up from the stairs onto the sidewalk-thing. The first one I hit looked really mad, and tried to hit us with it's big claw hand, but I blocked it with mom's Key. We kept getting pushed back with every hit to the side of the key, and it was getting harder to clock these monsters' attacks.

"Sora, come on!" she shouted, grabbing the back of my shirt to pull me away before turning me around and dragging me forward. It looked like she was taking me to this big clock tower that was a little farther from us. It looked really cool.

"It has the Lion's head," she pointed to where the clock hands were, and there was a cool-looking Lion head carved out of the clock's face. The Lion-guy must be there. It's probably his home or something.

"Let's go!"

I stood at the base of the tower with my arms crossed over my chest, glaring forward at the pathway ahead of me. I know I heard a little girl calling my brother just now. And it sounded like they were coming from this way...


"... Huh?" I looked up and saw Sora and some red-headed girl leaning over a ledge, looking down at me. His face broke out into a wide smile before he threw down a large Key into my hands and then jumped down with the little girl. "What are you doing here?"

"... What the Hell is going on?" I stared down at the two kids before shifting my gaze to the Key, then back to them, then over to the clock tower. "What are you two doing?"

"Running from shadow monsters," Sora explained with a shrug of his shoulders, as if trying to say that this kind of thing was normal. Well, for his dreams it might be... "Me and my friend have been trying to avoid them."

"And does this friend have a name?" I questioned, crossing my arms back over my chest to glare down at the two children. Sora opened his mouth to say something, but quickly shut it and turned his gaze to the redheaded girl. "Oh yeah, I don't think you ever told me your name."

"My name's-" Before she could finish the ground began to shake, and the glass platform began to crack. I took a defensive stance in front of Sora and the nameless girl, holding the strange Key up in a ready-to-attack yet ready-to-defend kind of pose, staring ahead as smoke began to rise out of the cracks in the floor.

"Watch out for each other, and get moving. I'll hold off... whatever's coming," I spoke down to the two of them and I saw they had nodded before running off to the other end of the platform. A staircase appeared when they reached it and they started to climb up as a figure hidden underneath a black cloak appeared, looking through me at Sora and the girl.

"Hey, keep your eyes on me, buddy. I'm the one you have to watch out for." I smirked when he took on a battle stance and seemed like he was glaring directly at me, before we ran at each other. He summoned two long, red blades from his gloved hands when we got closer and I readied the Key Sora gave me to attack.

"Good luck getting past me."

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