Author's Notes: Welcome there. Yes, it is BetweenDreamsAndReality once more. Unlike all of my previous stories, I am going to have one, yes I said one, author's notes spot, because frankly, nobody reads this nonsense. I'm speaking so elegantly, I kinda, way to ruin it, like it! I'll make this short. So I was bored, and napping, one afternoon when I stumble upon the idea of making a cardverse hetalia; and here it is! Enjoy! And I hope I didn't get your hopes up about the story being a parody of 'A Clockwork Orange' but I thought it was a witty title, because the clock is going to be a major motif. This is just a prologue in which I explain about the history of the kingdoms and set the mood of the story. Reviews are appreciated greatly!

Full Summary: On his 18th birthday, a peasant named Alfred Jones discovers he is the rightful King of Spades. What he did not expect was to replace his peasant lifestyle with one filled with a rising rebellion and a desperate romance with his Queen. Main pairings: UsUk.

Warnings: None, yet.

Disclaimer: I do not own hetalia or Cardverse AU.

There once was a legendary kingdom of Jokers in the land of Cards. The kingdom of Jokers was renowned in which all persons were free and unified under a supreme leader. Everything was pleasant and fruitful. The land was plentiful and fertile which always produced enough crops. The working class grew numerously and created many urban centers and cities. However, the power was too immense for the one royal family, the Vargas family, in which was the creation of smaller feudal families under their guidance. This eventually backfired as the families became selfish and fought amongst each other. A war broke out which ruined the balance in the land for over a century. Many were killed as well as parts of the land became uninhabitable due to the constant burning of gunpowder and powerful bombs. The war ended by the creation of four kingdoms: Diamonds, Clubs, Hearts and Spades, each different in their own various and unique ways. The kingdoms had to start from scratch. The kingdoms were ruled under the legacies of the chosen families from the Joker reign. To balance the power throughout the land, three positions were given in the kingdoms: King, Queen and Jack. The King had obligations with domestic affairs, crafting most of the laws in the kingdoms. The Queen bared the foreign affairs, controlling the military and maintaining the relationships with the other kingdoms. In no way were the Queen and King forced to be wed, rather than have a merely political relationship, unless otherwise noted. The Jack kept the other two in order and advised them, but the Jack was not to be thought of as a mere advisor. The Jack, alone, had the power to revoke any law or order passed by either the King or Queen and must be passed by him/her first. None of them had more power over the other and were revered by most of the lower classes. If any were to be succumbed, the balance of the kingdom would topple over. This is where the tale begins.

A few centuries after the Great War, the kingdoms had begun rebuilding once more. The urban centers were flocked with feverous workers and the topsoil had begun to replenish. All of the kingdoms had built up their royal cities in the hearts of their lands, basking in their unique beauty. In the Spades palace, a lovely woman by the name of Elizabeth was being crowned Queen after her mother had passed away. She was quite old for being crowned Queen, as she was twenty five, but her beauty did not dim. She had luminous red hair contrasting her emerald irises. She was chosen Queen out of her other three sisters for having a magical gift in which were passed down to her three sons: Connor, Iain, and William. Now the King fell in love with Elizabeth at first sight and was jealous of her love with her first husband. He proposed that the he and the Queen would have two children to fully legitimize the his offer and nine months later she had a baby boy named Arthur who was destined to be the King of Spades. The boy grew up to resemble his father greatly, gaining his blonde hair and large eyebrows but had the emerald eyes and the partial magic ability of his mother. Four years later, the two had another son named Peter who was in line to be the Queen of Spades. He resembled much like his father, having the same sky blue eyes, dirty blonde hair and bushy eyebrows. Keep in mind those positions have nothing to do with gender rather than lineage so the King was pleased.

After twelve years, the kingdom continued to be prosperous until the Queen fell quite ill and was bed ridden. The healers did all they could to find a cure, but alas, she was too sick to travel to the land of Jokers to receive the correct herbs. Shortly after, she passed and the Spades kingdom was in need of a Queen. Since Peter was too young to be Queen, Arthur had to take his mother's place as Queen. Within a month, Peter had too fallen deadly sick. The King prayed to the Jokers to spare his son, but the King did not fully understand the situation. The herbs would in fact save his son from the fatal disease, but would turn him into a Joker in the process. Courteous of the peace treaty post-Great War, Jokers were unable to rule. The King set aside politics, and made his son into a Joker. He still comes around to the palace now and again but never for too long. Jokers were not supposed to visit the main lands too often, for other kingdoms became suspicious of an alliance between the alienated Jokers and the Spades kingdom.

Within a month, the King had been murdered inexplicably and there was no successor; except for the Queen's three children, in which was refused. The only legitimate way was through a special Clock in which only royalty can posses. The Clock would point the second hand on the rightful Jack, the minute hand on the rightful Queen and the hour hand on the King. Six years passed and both the Jack and Queen fell into dejection for ever finding a new King, but what they could not expect was who the rightful King would turn out to be.

To Be Continued...